Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety Eight)

1. Piatcions - Heaven's Sins (Fuzz Club)
This is the superb new single from Italy's Piatcions. It will be released as a three track E.P. on 10th February through Fuzz Club Records and celebrated with a release party at the Shackwell Arms in London on 15th February. For more details go here.


2. Hacker Farm - Deterritorial Army (Exotic Pylon)
Taken from the album "UHF" which is released this week on Exotic Pylon Records.

3. Gayze - All Night (Bleeding Gold)
This is the first track on a new seven inch E.P. from Idaho band Gayze. It's available through Bleeding Gold on splatter effect vinyl as ca be seen above or if you prefer digital you can download the whole thing here.

Sleeping With The Past EP cover art

4. Daniel Land and The Modern Painters - Eyes Wide Shut [Deep Cut Vocal Mix] (Self Released)
This track comes from a free album, downloadable from Bandcamp featuring various versions of the new single "Sleeping With The Past" along with a host of other superb mixes including this one of "Eyes Wide Shut" which to my ears sounds incredible and if you like this you should investigate last years "The Space Between Us" album which is also pretty special.

Fell off the penalty spotty spot

5. Forkeyes - Fell Of The Penalty Spotty Spot
One of the best tracks from 2012 and no mistake.

Mad Ones - Burning Windows

6. Mad Ones - Face Of Love (Self Released)
I don't know very much abou Mad Ones beyond the possible fact that they might come from Canada and they have this very nice five track E.P. entitled "Burning Window" which will be released on 29th January. What is for certain though is the fact that they make a very nice noise in my headphones.
Taken from the album "Burning Window" which will be released on 29th January although where you will be able to get a copy I'm not sure but will try and find out.

XAHA cover art

7. Mr Moccaasin - Blue Light (Bleek)
Taken from the album "XAHA" which is released this week on Bleek Records.

Desert Love For Lonely Graves cover art

8. Weird - Echo And The Lullaby (Self Released)
Another great album you can download from Bandcamp is the new offering from Weird. It's a shimmering seven track collection which celebrates under the strange title "Desert Love For Lonely Graves".

Broken Beats

9. Horace Andy - Bad Man [Rob Smith aka RSD Version] (Echo Beach)
Great stuff from the album "Broken Beats" which will be released this week on Echo Beach.

The Violence

10. Darren Hayman and The Long Parliament - I Will Hide Away (Fortuna Pop)
Another track from the brilliant new record from Darren Hayman this time accompanied by The Long Parliament.

Image of Altered Boys - S/T 7"

11. Altered Boys - Crashing Down (Katorga Works)
Another terrifyingly good release from Katorga Works. It is of course available as a seven inch E.P. and you can download the whole thing here.

Make It Mine

12. Toy - What Goes On (Heavenly)
A perfect track to end any Fodder let alone one which has been put together on a snowy Saturday. This is one of four tracks on the new Toy single "Make It Mine". It also features an edited version of the title track, the original can be found on the London bands superb debut album of last year, a "Fearless Remix" of "Drifting Deeper" and an interesting ten minute mess of noise called "Live Electronics" which is undoubtedly exactly what it says it is. This track is the final track on the E.P. and was recorded as part of a BBC 6 Music session last year. It's a version of the much covered Velvet Underground track which I don't think I've ever heard a bad rendition of.

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