Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Primitives - Sheffield 1989

It's good to have a bit of nostalgia now and again. This is a great recording of The Primitives from Sheffield University on 10th November 1989 while they were out and about promoting their second album "Pure" which despite it's poor reviews in the press I thought was a bloody good record. 

Summer Rain
Thru The Flowers
Out Of Reach
Can't Bring Me Down
Stop Killing Me
I Almost Touched You
I'll Stick With You
Way Behind Me
Dreamwalk Baby
Keep Me In Mind
Really Stupid
All The Way Down

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Re-Drum - Illegal Narcotic Ride

Illegal Narcotic Ride cover art

What a great record. It was released in December as a CD-R limited to just one hundred and fifty copies which have all now sold out. I 've always had a bit of a thing for records which use samples in the right way. My mind goes back to a particularly blinding album by Keith Le Blanc called "Major Malfunction" which was released sometime in around 1990 I think. If you've never heard that record you have missed a real treat and I'll try and find my copy at the weekend and possibly put a bit of it in a Fodder at some point.
 This is the first release I've heard from Re-Drum but it seems there was another album released last October on Recycled Netlable entitled "Hidden Dimension" which I'm going to need a copy of. 

1. Intro
2. The Genius Of The Crowd
3. E.B.E
4. So Many Stars
5. Riders
6. Lizard King (Dub)
7. Vapour Organic Beauty
8. Sweetness And Light (Re-Drum 33rpm Haze Remix)
9. They, All Of Them Know
10. Give Me Some Time
11. Neverending Trak
12. Edge Of The World

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Cherry Wave

Blush EP cover art

This is the excellent new E.P. from Glasgow band The Cherry Wave, following up their debut E.P. released last summer and still available for download from their Bandcamp site.

1. Blush
2. Drown
3. Melt
4. Cave/Wave

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety Nine)

The Capsules | Northern Lights & Southern Skies

1. The Capsules - Time Will Only Tell (Vespera)
Taken from the superb album "Northern Lights And Southern Skies" which brightened up yesterday's working day no end. I have seen a few less than complimentary reviews for this album but I enjoyed it tremendously and don't mind telling ya. It was released last week on Dallas label Vespera Records.

2. Ex Cops - James (Fat Possum)
Taken from the album "True Hallucinations" which has been released this week on Fat Possum.

Arcanoid - Aging. SEMANTICA X cover art

3. Arcanoid - Sad/Talking About (Semantica)
This record has been around about a year but I've only just got my mitts on it. It's a five track E.P. called "Aging" which is available to download for just under 5 euros from their Bandcamp page.

4. King Of The Slums - It's Dead Smart (Midnight Music)
Nobody ever seems to mention King Of The Slums anymore. I mean they were never the most fashionable of bands when they released records twenty odd years ago but as you will discover from this track they were rather under-rated. This is the lead track on one of their twelve inch singles from 1990 released on the then super cool Midnight Music lable which also provided a home for The Popguns among others. If memory serves (unlikely) their previous single was "Once A Prefect" which I have somewhere one one of those one track, one sided seven inch singles that Midnight used to put out for £1. I'll try and dig it out later if I don't get too sidetracked by the football.


5. Sadesper Record - Soon (High Fader)
How do you recreate possibly the best album of all time? Well it's always going to be a bit tricky but it seems if you leave it to eleven Japanese bands the result will be pretty good. "The Yellow Loveless" is exactly that. The My Bloody Valentine masterpiece re-created track by track with mixed results. I couldn't say there is anything wrong with any of the tracks on here but I prefer the tracks which are not just straight covers. The highlight is Lemon Chair's eleven minute shimmering take on "To Here Knows When" which will always be a git to cover as no-one has a cue what the lyrics are as they are so low in the mix on the original. All in all then a good effort but the track i've chosen to share with you is Sadesper's version of "Soon" which isn't really that far from the original but seems to work.
"The Yellow Loveless" is released this week on High Fader Records.

Filthy Huns

6. Filthy Huns - (Not Not Fun)
A track from a new release from Filthy Huns which is available from Not Not Fun on cassette or download. There seemed to be quite a lot of releases on cassette last year, especially from America. I would hazard a guess that most people can't play them anyway but perhaps that's not the point. I still have a cassette player in my car actually which finally went over the milestone 100'000 recently and will hopefully do the same again before it falls apart (or I do).

7. Ducktails - Planet Phrom (Domimo)
Taken from the album "The Flower Lane" which will be released on 29th January. There's little point in telling you about the limited edition hand made letter pressed sleeve of which there are only 300 because according to the Domino Records website it's already sold out. So I won't mention it. What I will say though is that this is possibly the best Ducktails record yet.

Crash & The Coots (600p)

8. Crash & The Coots - Don't Kill Bugs (Once Upon A Time)
A nifty little number from Crash And The Coots second record. It's called the "Hill Rise E.P." and is the follow-up to their impressive debut E.P. "John Coles Park" a track from which was probably featured on this site at the time (my memory is shocking). The new E.P. is named after the council estate in Chippenham where their dad grew up and was recorded in a bedroom in their mum's house. 

Mood Music cover art

9. Upside Drown - Go (Antiquated Future)
This is the new single from Oakland female garage pop duo Upside Down. It's taken from last years album "Mood Music" which can be downloaded for $5 from their Bandcamp site. Oddly enough it's also available on limited edition cassette which is limited to 200 copies.

The Perennials cover art

10. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - The Chord And The Center (Boomkat Editions)
New stuff for 2013 from Rachel Evans aka Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. This is the final track on a new five track E.P. entitled "The Perenials" initial copies of which come on lovely purple vinyl so don't hang about for this one.

I Can, I Will

11. Gospel Claws - Looming Darkness (Common Wall Media)
Taken from the album "Put Your Sunshine Away" which was released a couple of months ago.

Transferability cover art

12. Suffering Astrid - Transferability (Self Released)
A brilliant way to finish this weeks Fodder is with a new track from Suffering Astrid which they have made available free to all through their Bandcamp page. How did we ever survive before Bandcamp?  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daniel Land and The Modern Painters - Sleeping With The Past

Sleeping With The Past EP cover art
This is a collection of mixes commisioned in the run up to last years fine album "The Space Between Us". Most of these versions have never been released before which makes this a nice little collection. It's also going to be the last release from Daniel Land and The Modern Painters as Daniel has decided to drop The Modern Painters bit and be simply Daniel Land.
There are a couple of shows coming up:-
14th February - Manchester, Band On The Wall
(supporting Robin Guthrie Trio + Mark Gardner)
15th February - London, The Hope And Anchor, Islington
(with Suns Of Rest)
1. Sleeping With The Past (Radio Edit)
2. Eyes Wide Shut (SPC ECO Mix)
3. Sleeping With The Past (Moses Gold Remix)
4. Cherry Bark And Almonds (Jap Jap Remix)
5. The Silver Medal (Bing Satellites Remix)
6. Lovelife (Corvid Hill Remix)
7. Starcrossed/Butterfly Lovers (Vei Remix)
8. Eyes Wide Shut (Deep Cut Vocal Mix)
9. Echo & Narcissus (Wil Bolton Remix)
10. Starfish Fucking (Riverrun Deconstruction Mix)
11. Sleeping With The Past (Instrumental)
12. The Hawk & The Nightingale (Jonathan Mono Avalon Mix)
13. Cherry Bark & Almonds (Piper Ben Remix)
14. Starfish Fucking (Acapella)

Monday, January 21, 2013

barlow* - Fell Asleep E.P

Fell Asleep EP cover art

This is the debut E.P. from barlow* which has recently been made available on the bands Bandcamp page. I particularly like the last few tracks on here, which were all apparently recorded on a four track cassette recorder.

Ethan - Guitar, Vocals
Jake - Bass, Vocals
Jay - Guitar, Vocals
Andy - Drums

1. In The Air
2. Downer
3. Saint Walker
4. Fortuneteller
5. Laundromat
6. Never
7. In A Field

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety Eight)

1. Piatcions - Heaven's Sins (Fuzz Club)
This is the superb new single from Italy's Piatcions. It will be released as a three track E.P. on 10th February through Fuzz Club Records and celebrated with a release party at the Shackwell Arms in London on 15th February. For more details go here.


2. Hacker Farm - Deterritorial Army (Exotic Pylon)
Taken from the album "UHF" which is released this week on Exotic Pylon Records.

3. Gayze - All Night (Bleeding Gold)
This is the first track on a new seven inch E.P. from Idaho band Gayze. It's available through Bleeding Gold on splatter effect vinyl as ca be seen above or if you prefer digital you can download the whole thing here.

Sleeping With The Past EP cover art

4. Daniel Land and The Modern Painters - Eyes Wide Shut [Deep Cut Vocal Mix] (Self Released)
This track comes from a free album, downloadable from Bandcamp featuring various versions of the new single "Sleeping With The Past" along with a host of other superb mixes including this one of "Eyes Wide Shut" which to my ears sounds incredible and if you like this you should investigate last years "The Space Between Us" album which is also pretty special.

Fell off the penalty spotty spot

5. Forkeyes - Fell Of The Penalty Spotty Spot
One of the best tracks from 2012 and no mistake.

Mad Ones - Burning Windows

6. Mad Ones - Face Of Love (Self Released)
I don't know very much abou Mad Ones beyond the possible fact that they might come from Canada and they have this very nice five track E.P. entitled "Burning Window" which will be released on 29th January. What is for certain though is the fact that they make a very nice noise in my headphones.
Taken from the album "Burning Window" which will be released on 29th January although where you will be able to get a copy I'm not sure but will try and find out.

XAHA cover art

7. Mr Moccaasin - Blue Light (Bleek)
Taken from the album "XAHA" which is released this week on Bleek Records.

Desert Love For Lonely Graves cover art

8. Weird - Echo And The Lullaby (Self Released)
Another great album you can download from Bandcamp is the new offering from Weird. It's a shimmering seven track collection which celebrates under the strange title "Desert Love For Lonely Graves".

Broken Beats

9. Horace Andy - Bad Man [Rob Smith aka RSD Version] (Echo Beach)
Great stuff from the album "Broken Beats" which will be released this week on Echo Beach.

The Violence

10. Darren Hayman and The Long Parliament - I Will Hide Away (Fortuna Pop)
Another track from the brilliant new record from Darren Hayman this time accompanied by The Long Parliament.

Image of Altered Boys - S/T 7"

11. Altered Boys - Crashing Down (Katorga Works)
Another terrifyingly good release from Katorga Works. It is of course available as a seven inch E.P. and you can download the whole thing here.

Make It Mine

12. Toy - What Goes On (Heavenly)
A perfect track to end any Fodder let alone one which has been put together on a snowy Saturday. This is one of four tracks on the new Toy single "Make It Mine". It also features an edited version of the title track, the original can be found on the London bands superb debut album of last year, a "Fearless Remix" of "Drifting Deeper" and an interesting ten minute mess of noise called "Live Electronics" which is undoubtedly exactly what it says it is. This track is the final track on the E.P. and was recorded as part of a BBC 6 Music session last year. It's a version of the much covered Velvet Underground track which I don't think I've ever heard a bad rendition of.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Four Tet - 0181

Well this is a nice new years present to us all. Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet has just issued this free album for us all to enjoy. It's made up of bits and bats recorded between 1997 and 2001. It will released on vinyl later in the year on Kieran's Text label as usual but for the time being this will do nicely. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety Seven)

The Dirty Nil/Northern Primitive Split 7" cover art

1. The Dirty Nill - Zombie Eyed (Indoor Shoes)
This is The Dirty Nil's contribution to a split a seven inch single released this week which features a much more subdued track from Northern Primitive on the other side. There's nothing subdued about this track though. It constantly screams at you for more volume and I can verify it sounds damn fine at the point when your speakers are about to turn into dust. There are only three hundred copies of the record available so don't dawdle.

Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth (2013)

2. Beach Fossils - Clash The Truth (Captured Tracks)
This is the title track from the new Beach Fossils album which is absolutely brilliant and should be purchased immediately upon it's glorious release on 19th February.

White Blush cover art

3. White Blush - Jolene (Self Released)
A great track from a great E.P. from White Blush (aka Carol Rhyu). It's available from the White Blush Bandcamp Page for a price of your choosing.

4. Imugem Orihasam - Untitled 280.3 (Statik Entertainment)
Taken from a four track E.P. called "The Nippon Express Record 1" which is the first record in a two record series.

Shit Talk cover art

5. French Club - In The Basement (Self Released)
Taken from the Ohio bands debut album "Shit Talk" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp site.

6. Magiks - Lullaby (Self Released)
A nice version of The Cure classic from the last century when people didn't need to be permanently secreted to a phone to survive.

Dead pop stars cover art

7. Flies On You - Dead Pop Stars (Self Released)
...while we're on the subject of cover versions this one came to my attention last week. It's by those Flies On You chaps who released their debut album "Nothing To Write Home About" back in September, a track from which can be found in last weeks Fodder. This is their version of Altered Images "Dead Pop Stars" which was a hit way back in 1981.

8. 214 - Submanouvers (Frustrated Funk Holland)
This is the title track from a new twelve inch E.P. on the wonderfully titled Dutch label Frustrated Funk.

Huntronik cover art

9. Huntronik - No Deceiver (Self Released)
Huntronik are a trio from Brooklyn who very kindly sent me their debut album which is released this very week. The good news is you too can download the whole thing from their Bandcamp Page. I'm sick of typing the words "for a price of your choosing" but that's exactly what it is.

Image of Lotus Fucker - Forever My Fighting Spirit LP
10. Lotus Fucker - Thread From Heaven (Katorga Works)
Lovely stuff from an album (very short but it does contain ten tracks) called "Forever My Fighting Spirit" which you can download in it's entirety from the Katorga Works website.

11 773 / Circuit Board Tears cover art

11. Torpa - Circuit Board Tears (Self Released)
I was thinking just the other night that we must be due a new Torpa track very soon and the very next day two appear. I could easily listen to this track all night long, one of his finest yet I think. As usual both tracks are available from Torpa's Bandcamp site which is rapidly becoming saturated with excellent tunes, all of which can be downloaded free and all of which need to be heard. Probably my favorite electronic artist of last year.

Psychotic Syndrone cover art

12. The Citradels - Here To Know (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Psychotic Syndrone" which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp page.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety Six)

Nothing to write home about cover art

1. Flies On You - Slashing It Down (Self Released)
What a Record. It's the debut album from Leeds band Flies On You. Entitled "Nothing To Write Home About" it was released back in September but I missed it completely until a Scotsman showed me the error of my ways. It does make me wonder how many great records I don't hear every week, quite depressing really so my new years resolution is to search even harder for new records because I'm not having records like this slipping through the net. "Nothing To Write Home About" can be purchased from their obligatory Bandcamp Page for just £2.50 which let's face it is a bit of a bargain.

Shine Again cover art

2. Terracotta Blue - Heatseeker (Self Released)
Taken from the new Terracotta Blue album "Shine Again" which is available for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp Page.

That's Just Fine / I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan by Spacemen 3 / Sun Araw

3. Sun Araw - I'm Gonna Cross That River Of Jordan (The Great Pop Supplement)
If you were paying attention last week you would have noticed that fine Spacemen 3 track taken from a split seven inch with Sun Araw who contribute this track to the record. It might be nine minutes long but I could easily listen for another twenty!

Right Now

4. Barry Brown - Sister Magling (Greensleeves)
A brilliant track which is the first on the album "Right Now" which is available on the legendary Greensleeves label. There is also an awesome dub version of this by We The People band on here which also needs to be heard and is reason enough to buy it in my opinion.

United We Fall

5. C-Doc - Braggadocio [Dandimite Riddum Mix] (Self Released)
I haven't heard nearly enough rap records in 2012 and certainly aim to listen to a lot more in 2013. This is particularly good in a bit of an old school way. It's a track from the new E.P. from C-Doc entitled "United We Fall" and actually has quite a diverse mix of styles across the nine tracks. This one is pretty straightforward but there is another track called "Robot House" which is also pretty stunning and may well pop up in a future Fodder. You can download the whole thing completely free (and legal) here.

The Violence

6. Darren Hayman and The Long Parliament - Rebecca West (Fortuna Pop)
Probably the most listened to record in my house at the moment is the new offering from Darren Hayman and The Long Parliament. It's called "The Violence" and chronicles the Essex Witch Trials which happened between 1644 and 1646 during which hundreds of women were executed for being potential witches. The album is available on all of the expected formats but the double vinyl version is particularly sexy.
Darren Hayman and The Long Parliament will play at The Lexington in London on Thursday 10th January with support from Shrag and Hauku Salut. If only I could be there.

Shepherds & Angels cover art

7. Iroha - You Reap What You Sow (Denovali)
Taken from the Birmingham bands second album "Shepherds and Angels" which was released in December on Denovali Records.

8. Fur - Another Satellite (Self Released)
Taken from the Detroit bands great album "Image on The Reverse" which can be purchased on digital, CD or limited vinyl from their Bandcamp page.

9. Grouper - Vanishing Point (Kranky)
This is a track from an album of previously unreleased Grouper tracks called "The Man Who Died In His Boat" and will be released on Kranky Records on 4th February.


10. Galoshins - Chank (Armellodie)
Fighting out of Gourock on the western side of Scotland come Galoshins with what I suppose is a double release. "E.P.1" and "E.P.2" were both recorded last summer and will be released as an eleven track album  by the ever reliable Armellodie label on 4th February. Excellent stuff and apparently there will be more E.P.s as the year goes on.

Push EP cover art

11. SPC ECO - Push [Lady Barcelona Remix] (Self Released)
A fine remix of the current SPC ECO single which can be downloaded for just £2 from their Bandcamp page.

7777777 cover art

12. Allo Darlin' - Dear John (WIAIWYA)
This is a track from the December release on the Where It's At Is Where You Are singles club. This time it's the turn of Allo Darlin' who released one of the best album of 2012 with their second album "Europe" and hopefully a third may grace our ears in 2013. This single comes on red vinyl is very limited and in fact has now sold out but you can still purchase the download from their Bandcamp Page.