Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Codist - Vantage E.P.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Housewives - Medicine Bottle

Taken from Housewives' self titled debut release, released December 9th on limited edition tape cassette and digital download via Faux Discx.
Stream the whole EP, or pre-order now and get an immediate download of the whole thing here: fauxdiscx.bandcamp.com/album/housewives

The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car (Live At Paisley Abbey)

"This past October as part of the Spree Festival we performed with The Royal Scottish National Orchestra in Paisley Abbey. As it’s the season of good will and all that shite we thought we’d give everybody a wee present. From us to you here is our performance of The Wrong Car with The RSNO arranged by John Logan..." – James Graham, December 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Festive Torpa release!

It wouldn't be Christmas without a couple of suitably festive tracks from Torpa. 

We'd like to dedicate this release to the memory and musical legacy of Lou Reed. 
Without question The Velvet Underground changed our lives. 

RIP Lou.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Neon Dream

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Nine)

Clandestines - Saturday As Usual

1. Clandestines - Lungs (Philophobia)
Taken from the album "Saturday As Usual" which will be released on Philophobia Records on 16th December.

Dynamite! cover art

2. Quiz Kids - I Want You To Know (February)
The first track on a new EP which you can download free here.

"Quiz Kids is comprised of members of Bourgeois Heroes and Boy Genius. Brooklyn, New York, based musicians Jason Korenkiewicz and Lisa Klimkiewicz (both of Boy Genius) are joined by Northampton, Massachusetts’ Jason Bourgeois (Bourgeois Heroes) to form the three-piece pop outfit."

Spring EP cover art

3. Pimmon - Ytterbium (Feral Media)
This is one of four tracks on a new EP from Feral Media entitled The Spring EP. You can download the whole thing here.
The Spring EP is the second instalment in Feral Media's Seasons EP series.

This instalment features exclusive tracks from Tim Shiel, Pimmon, Nakagin and Nimble Animal who each use Spring as the theme for their individual pieces.
The EP opens with 'General Practice', a shimmering piece of pastoral folktronica from Tim Shiel. Pimmon follows with skittering percussion and warm brass pads on his track 'Ytterbium'.
Nakagin offers up a breezy slice of down-beat electronica with 'Bloom', which leads into 'Time Scraper' by Nimble Animal, who rounds out the EP on a darker note with gurgling digital fuzz, stop-start rhythms and searing prose.

When The Nightmare Ends cover art

4. Soft As Snow But Warm Inside - When The Nightmare Ends (Self Released)
Taken from a two track digital single which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.


5. Shinies - Vitamins (Dirty Bingo Records)
Taken from the Manchester bands debut EP "Tangle" which is available on lovely 12" vinyl from the Dirty Bingo Records website. Originally I was intending to use the first track on the EP, a track called "Taste" which would have brought me on very nicely to...

6. Ride - Taste (Creation)
Yes I know that was a bit predictable but would you really expect anything less. This track is the sound of a brilliant young group at the peak of their powers as Ride were when they hit us with this single back in 1991. And still it sounds great.

SHIT & SHINE - Find Out What Happens When People Start Being Polite For A Fucking Change

7. Shit And Shine - Corvette Museum (Gangsigns)
This is one of five top tunes on the new Shit And Shine mini album/EP whatever you want to call it. It all celebrates under the wonderful title "Find Out What happens When People Start Being Polite For A Fucking Change" which tells you that a huge amount of radio play is something that it probably won't get. But with song titles like "Panther Piss" and this track they obviously couldn't give a shit which is exactly the attitude I'm looking for when I listen to a record. I'm not sure how easy this will be to find but it was released last month on Gangsigns Records catalogue number gs004 if that helps.

8. The Fall - The Remainderer (Cherry Red)
This is the lead track from the new Fall EP which is of course wonderful. The Remainderer EP contains six new tracks most of which have been heard in some form at recent shows. Mark E Smith seems to enjoy making a guttural growling noise these days which I must admit to finding a bit annoying but hopefully it will be just a phase and won't last as long as the next album which hopefully won't be too far away. In the meantime there will be a live album released in the not too distant future comprising of recording taken from relatively recent shows. I've seen a couple of different versions of the track listing so perhaps it's  not finalised yet although it was originally supposed to be released this month it now looks like it won't see the light of day until next year. The Remainderer EP will be released through Cherry Red next week.

9. Public Service Broadcasting - Elfstedentocht Part 2 (Live Recording)
New track from Public Service Broadcasting recorded at their recent gig in Edinburgh.

Strawberry EP cover art

10. A Million Billion Dying Suns - Hey Man (Self Released)
Taken from the San Francisco bands new "Strawberry EP" which is available from their Bandcamp page amongst other places.

Flowers image

11. Flowers - Never See This Place Again (Demo)
A new track from the wonderful Flowers who just might bloom into one of the best bands in the world. They are already one of the best bands in mine!

12. Kris Wadsworth - 222A (Uranus)
This is one side of the latest 12" from Kris Wadsworth On his own Uranus label. It has been around a couple of months now and has pretty much sold out everywhere I've looked.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Swervedriver - Deep Wound

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Northern Portrait - Ta!

This is a sampler of tracks from the new Northern Portrait album "Ta!". To be honest it's not really a new album at all but a collection of fifteen tracks taken from the Danish band's singles, EP's and compilations. There's a good chance you might have forgotten how good Northern Portrait are so have a listen to the tracks below and give yourself a refresher. Ta! will be released next week on Matinee Recordings and can be purchased here. Northern Portrait suggest they will attack us sometime next year with a new album. I look forward to that.

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Strain Of Origin III

Feral Media and LoFly Recordings are proud to present the third edition in the annual Strain of Origin compilation series. The labels once again act as curators, enlisting some of the most exciting artists from around the country to take part. 

The concept remains the same with each artist submitting a track to be remixed and in turn receiving a track from which to create their contribution for the release. Once again the results are nothing short of amazing and are a true testament to the wealth of talent currently active in the Australian underground music scene. 

Strain of Origin III is another uncompromising entry in the series, providing a comprehensive snapshot of both new and established Australian artists. 
With the undeniable musical talent showcased on this years effort, we can't wait to continue the series in 2014.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Quiz Kids - Dynamite

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Eight)

1. Joanna Gruesome - Tugboat (Fortuna Pop)
A lovely cover of the Galaxie 500 song. It appears on the b-side of the Cardiff bands new single "Sugarcrush" which is taken from their debut album "Weird Sister".

2. Public Service Broadcasting -Elfstedentocht Part 1 (Live Recording)
Finally a new song from Public Service Broadcasting. I suppose we shouldn't be too greedy when they have after all delivered us one of the finest albums of the year in their impressive debut "Inform-Educate-Entertain", but that seems like ages ago now and it was for the sun was high in the summer sky and the swallows were swooping. Now it's cold and the sun is seen as regularly as an endangered species so naturally more music is required to stave off the boredom of winter. To be honest I love winter and can't wait for a bit of snow so that I can find a plaggy bag and a massive hill and attempt to impale myself on an unsuspecting tree. Anyway this is a new track from Public Service Broadcasting. It was recorded at their recent show in Edinburgh which you can download in it's entirety here.

Altkat - Tout n'est pas dit - Peur Bleue Records PBR03 - PREVIEW

3. Altcat - Casino (Peur Bleue)
Taken from the album "Tout n'est pas dit".

Minus One (Extended Edition) cover art

4. The KVB - Dominance/Submission (A Recordings)
This is a track from the new KVB release "MInus One". I say new, it was actually released about this time last year on Canadian label Sans Issue Editions but there were only a hundred copies and they were all on cassette so it's safe to say the vast majority of the population will not have had the opportunity to enjoy Minus One as yet.

19 Doctor Who Theme cover art

5. Torpa - Dr Who Theme (Self Released)
Pretty self explanatory really. Dr Who seems to be everywhere at the moment what with the 50th anniversary and all that. Well now he's on Burning World due to the generally magnificent Torpa doing a job on his theme. Very nice.

6. Inspiral Carpets - Give Me Less Time
One of the rarest things, a track by Inspiral Carpets I can't remember ever having heard before. It appeared on a cassette compilation back in 1989 called Plinky Plonky There's A Donkey..." which I imagine will be impossible to find these days. It also contains tracks by the likes of The Beloved, The McTells, St Christopher, This Poison and a cast of many other jangle merchants. Well worth a listen actually and perhaps I should post it in it's entirety on here.

7. Mark Pritchard - Jack (Warp)
This is a track from Mark Pritchard's new EP "Make A Livin'" which was recently issued on Warp Records.

Kitty cover art

8. The Kaleidoscopes - Kitty (Self Released)
This is one of two tracks on The Kaleidoscopes new digital single, both of which can be downloaded here.

Dutch Barn artwork by Estelle Morris

9. Dutch Barn - So Dead (Eardrums Pop)
Another free EP well worth checking out this week is a three track digital release from London band Dutch Barn which has been made available by the nice people at Eardrums Pop.

Three - Single cover art

10. Cloud Seedling - Three [Feat. Sara Syms] (Bleek)
New single from the Brooklyn artist.

11. Crystal Stilts - Sticks And Stones (Sacred Bones)
Taken from the album "Nature Noir" which I probably featured a track by some time ago.
You can catch the band at...

23-Nov - Green Door Store, Brighton
24-Nov - Liverpool Psychfest party, Liverpool
25-Nov - Mono, Glasgow
26-Nov - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 
27-Nov - The Exchange, Bristol
28-Nov - Cargo, London

DIS cover art

12. Miniatures - Anybody Silent (Self Released)
I'm loving this EP at the moment. It's a new release by the Melbourne band and surely their finest yet. Swirling guitars, heavenly vocals and tunes to die for. What more could you possibly want? Well here's the good news, you can download it completely free from here. Although I suspect the band would appreciate a small donation but that's up to you.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Soft As Snow But Warm Inside - Asymmetry

Monday, November 25, 2013

Miniatures - DIS

This is superb. Probably the best record I've heard all week!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dutch Barn - About Time EP (Eardrums Pop)

Dutch Barn artwork by Estelle Morris
This is the new EP from Dutch Barn generously made available through the brilliant Eardrums Pop label.
1. Steal Your Jokes
2. Heart In The Middle
3. So Dead
All songs written and performed by Dutch Barn except ‘So Dead’ written by Tearjerker. Recorded with Mark Jasper@Sound Savers, produced & mixed by Simon Willey@Mudlark Studios, mastered by Richard Bignell@Area18

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Kaleidoscopes - Summer Daze/Kitty

Pale Pools

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Fall - London, Clapham Grand, 15th November 2013

Another great recording from the gear of Mr Hanleyfender. Honestly the amount of service this guy gives to Fallkind deserves some kind of knighthood. This time he has captured The Fall's recent appearance at The Grand in Clapham, London and what a great sounding gig. The exciting things here are the new songs and in particular The Remainderer which sounds incredible and must be one of the most tuneful Fall tracks of recent time. It's the lead track from the new EP which should have been with us by now but Cherry Red for whatever reason have put it's release back until 9th December. Three tracks from the new EP were played in this set Amorator, Mister Rode and The Remainderer and all sound superb.

Hot Cake
Sir William Wray
The Remainderer
Theme From Sparta FC
Mister Rode
Cowboy George
off stage
What About Us?
15 Ways

Monday, November 18, 2013

Public Service Broadcasting - Edinburgh, 6th November 2013

I was hoping to see Public Service Broadcasting in Leeds last week but alas life got in the way. It does then ease the pain somewhat to come into possession of this fine recording of the recent Edinburgh show which as you will discover when you download the file is stunning. I don't actually know who recorded this as it was sent to me by a third party but whoever it may have been deserves a brewery full of free beer forever. Most of the tracks on here are versions of tracks from their debut album "Inform-Educate-Entertain" which improved our autumn and will undoubtedly find it's way into many peoples end of year lists. There are also a smattering of new tracks on here which hopefully means a new record is not too far away. This set was recorded at the Picture House in Edinburgh on 6th November. 

Public Announcement WMPCVD
Intro Fanfare
London Can Take It
Theme From PSB 
The Now Generation
New Dimensions In Sound 
Elfstedentocht Part 1
Night Mail (Version)
Signal 30
Elfstedentocht Part 2
If War Should Come
Lit Up (Version)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Seven)

Victory Lap / The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound - single cover art
1. Book Group - The Lowdown Of A LOUD Sound (Gerry Loves Records)
This fine noise is the b-side of the second single by Edinburgh band Book Group. Following their debut "Homeward Sound" EP earlier in the year. This is their first release for Edinburgh label Gerry Loves Records and will be available from 25th November on limited edition blue vinyl and download.

Tussle cover art
2. Day Ravis - Dasher (Popfrenzy)
What a fantastic sleeve. It houses the debut LP by Sydney band Day Ravis who I must confess to not having heard before despite the fact that they released an EP sometime last year which I'm going to have to find a copy of. The album is called "Tussle" and is available now through Popfrenzy.

The Long Way Home
3. The Magic Theatre - It Was Glorious (Elefant)
This is a track from the new Magic Theatre LP "The Long Way Home" which is released this week on Elefant Records of Madrid. As well as the very boring digital formats there is a limited edition blue vinyl version which I am led to believe are limited to five hundred copies and all individually numbered. This is the second LP by The Magic Theatre following their 2010 debut "London Town" which I really must listen to again soon. Perhaps this evening while soaking in the bath with a nice mug of coffee. That sounds like a plan. 

4. No Joy - Second Spine (Mexican Summer)
Taken from the Canadian band's new EP "Pastel And Pass Out".

5. Finnmark - Branno (February)
Superb new single from the Leeds band who are allegedly currently recording their debut album which can't come soon enough for me.

6. Blueboy - Clearer (Sarah)
This was the a-side of the debut Blueboy 7" from 1991. I might be wrong but I think it also featured on their first LP "If Wishes Were Horses" which if you haven't heard it is well worth a punt, assuming you can find one. The Sarah Records back catalogue seems to have been out of print for far too long. We have seemingly all the tedious bands from the 80's and 90's making comebacks so surely the time must be right to bring Sarah Records back to the attention of the world.

Magik Markers: Surrender to the Fantasy (DC482)

7. Magik Markers - American Sphinx Face (Drag City)
If I had such a thing as an album of the week it would be this one. It's the new record by Magik Markers whose records I have enjoyed in the past but not to this extent. The new album is called "Surrender To The Fantasy" and upon first listen it reminded me of what Sonic Youth should sound like. It will be released next week on Drag City in all the usual formats including a USB flash drive version which also contains extra mixes and extended versions which I would very much like to hear. The Drag City website describes it as "truly American music" but I would say it's more truly excellent music and wherever you live in the world you need a copy of this.

8. The Wolfhounds - Divide And Fall (Odd Box)
Second single of the year from the re-invigorated Wolfhounds. You can pick up a copy from the Odd Box Records website on blood red vinyl no less.

Gentle Tempest cover art

9. Terracotta Blue - Gentle Tempest (Self Released)
A new track from Gentle Tempest which will be the last new record this year. Apparently there will be a new EP early in 2014 so there's something to look forward to. That cover reminds me of My Bloody Valentine's "Glider EP".

51:21 cover art

10. Screen Vinyl Image - The Midnight Sun (Self Released)
I've been meaning to include this track for literally months but somehow it just never happens. It's taken from the latest Screen Vinyl Image album "52:21" which has been around for ages and has even sold out of it's cassette format. To my ears this track sounds a bit like you always hoped Loop would.

11. The Just Joans - Some Boys Are Bigger Than Others (WeePop)
Possibly the best band in Scotland at the moment (something which can change from moment to moment). This track is one of seven on their new mini album "6.9 Love Songs" which is sadly to be one of the final releases on WeePop Records. It comes as a 3" CD limited to 200 copies.

12. Whirling Hall Of Knives - Longclusion (Trensmat)
This is the last track on the new Whirling Hall Of Knives album "Devisions" which has already been around for a fair while. I finally managed to get a copy this week, on lovely coloured vinyl too! I believe there is another new EP from WHOK as they appear to like being called. It's called "Selectiv Compliance" and you can have a listen to that at the Trensmat Soundcloud page.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Pod Fodder (Volume Two Hundred And Thirty Six)

A particularly good Fodder this week even if I do say so myself. The Flowers EP from which the first track is taken is particularly outstanding and the sooner I can get attached to a drip of new Flowers material the better. Check out the Odd Box website for more details on how to furnish yourself with some Flowers.

Oh and if you are in need of a more "classic" Fodder have a listen to the first volume of a compilation entitled "Wormtones" which can be downloaded here. And while you're about it their is a pretty smart My Bloody Valentine gig to be downloaded here. I'm too good to you...

Download Here

Saturday 26th October 2013: Singles Clubs - latest update
1. Flowers - Hide And Seek (Odd Box)
How good is this. Flowers are rapidly becoming my favourite band of the year, well the month anyway. This track comes from their recent7"  release on the Odd Box Records singles club which also includes 7" singles from the likes of Cars Can Be Blue, Gum, Fever Dream and Martha, all of which are superb. You can find more details on the singles club here. There will be another batch of singles released early next year which will include such talents as Bloomer, Sock Puppets, King Of Cats, Dog Legs and City Yelps.

Lucid Living cover art

2.The Almighty Rhombus - Butaine Brain (Self Released)
Taken from the surprisingly brilliant LP "Lucid Living" which can be purchased from here.

3. Four Tet - Kool FM [Container Remix] (Text)

FrontCover crop

4. The Wedding Present - Crawl (Scopitones)
The Wedding Present have just released the sixth in their "Live" series of albums. Each one represents a year in The Weddos lush history of excellence and this one is 1992. You get two shows, the first recorded at Den Haarg Paard in The Netherlands and the second at London's fine Brixton Academy. The album can be ordered as ever through the Scopitones website.

Unsafe & Sound cover art

5. Englishman - More Than Insects
This is a track from the "Unsafe And Sound" 7" EP which will be released on 19th November.

I-W + A + S (Box Cutter E.P.) cover art

6. The Illegal Wiretaps - Messenger Minus Message (Self Released)
From the six track E.P. "I-W+A+S (Box Cutter)" which you can download free here. Possibly their best work yet. The third track "Box Cutter" is a bit of a peach as well.

7. Upset - Queen Frosteen (Don Giovanni)
This is a blinder. It's the first LP from all girl trio Upset which comprises of various elements of  Best Coast, Vivian Girls and Hole. All of those previous incarnations are evident but without doubt Upset (which for some strange reason I want to keep spelling Upsett) have honed their very own noisy, melodic and abrasive sound. The fact of the matter is that "She's Gone" contains twelve of the best pop songs you'll hear this year. Do you really need to know any more. Hopefully they will at some point hop across the Atlantic to play some shows in Britain because I would bet serious money (if I had any) that they sound even better live.

The Faithful & Conscientious (Demo) cover art

8. Every Good Tree - The Faithful And Conscientious (Demo)
How nice is this. I have no information at all so I'll give you none beyond the possibility that Every Good Tree hail from California then again they might not. Regardless I'm sure you'll agree they make a terrific noise.

EP cover art

9. The Rainy Afternoons - Song For A Friend (Self Released)
I think this is the first E.P. by Dallas band The Rainy Afternoons. It's available for free download here.

10. EON - Spice (Vinyl Solution)
Simply a classic.

11. Like Like The The The Death - Cropsies (Latest Flame)
I think I listened to this LP a couple of weeks ago but must have been in a bad mood at the time as it seems to have improved itself. It's the new record from the irritatingly named Like Like The The The Death who come from Milwaukee. It's called "Cave Jenny" and is available now digitally although I think you have to wait until next week for the physical versions. Great noise.

Rattlesnake Live cover art

12. She Makes War - Disarm (Self Released)
This is a track from the seven track live LP "Rattlesnake Live" which was recorded in London in August.