Thursday, December 06, 2012

Yall - The Sword Of Western Influence

What a great record. This little gem appeared in my inbox this very morning and has accompanied me on various tasks through the course of the day. I can't tell you much about Yall because they haven't told me anything but all that really matters is that they have made this wonderfull mini album/E.P. thingy which to be honest you really do need to hear. They have some back catalogue stuff which you can also download free which I think is located on their Last FM page.
1. A Moth On The Sleeve
2. If You Show Me Where The Bathroom Is I'll Show You Where The Magic Happens
3. I Forgot My Name
4. On The Curb
5. Tender
6. The Moms Upstairs
7. Something Dies


  1. From Round Rock, TX (north of Austin). Featuring Travis Franklin on guitar and Andrew Richardson on drums, YALL is at a combined age of around 40 years old and we're informerly founded close to two years ago.

    With each member of this dazzling dynamic-duo complementing another through a plethora of personal influences and styles, YALL does not hesitate to compromise to any of the modern music standards surrounding our ears at any moment. Instead, Franklin and Richardson, deliver a rebellious drive of raunchy low-fi simplistic yet technically timed guitar grinds, teamed with 'anti-friendly head-bob' drum rhythms, but match each new guitar groove and provide smooth firecracker-fast segues so cemented and precise that not a peach hair could fit between the two.

    If the collaborating efforts of each member of YALL's sound were to be compared to an exhilarating and exciting flying trapeze act where the two performers constantly rely on another and swing in perfect sync yielding amazing feats high above the audience in the sonic sound sky briefly visiting the company of the great bands of their genre, then the vocal melodies on this EP would have to be the flexible although reliable swings... from which each member shares from time to time.

    "The Sword Of Western Influence" keeps promises and proves progress for the band's nearing steps ahead of them. They combined the best sounds from their last EP, and tossed in some new tricks in the mix aswell, re-imagining the genres most listened to into a swell of sounds that are constantly stretching the taut string of 'pop music's over-governed boundaries, while unknowingly providing a double-tracked vocal yelling loudly over a new generation of deaf and mutes.

    Former band mate, recording engineer, and High School buddy,

    Michael Valenti