Friday, December 07, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety Two)

I actually think this is the best Fodder yet and hopefully it might stay up a bit longer than the last one.

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1. The Helmholtz Resonators - Clipper Ship (Self Released)
The first of three tracks on a free single which you can download in full here.

2. Bullet For My Bloody Valentine - I Only Hit The Floor (Self Released)
While we wait for the new My Bloody Valentine album to put in an appearance this is well worth checking out. It's not the first time a band have covered the entire "Loveless" album, it was done a few years ago by Japandroids but not as well as this. I don't know who Bullet For My Bloody Valentine are and to be honest I don't care either, I'm just happy listening to their takes on some of the best music ever recorded. To be fair calling them "covers" is probably a bit harsh because most of them bear no resemblance to the original so it's almost like a whole new "Loveless" in a way and you can download "The Loveless Poison" in full here.

By The Sea - By The Sea

3. By The Sea - Waltz Away (Dell'Orso/Great Pop Supplement)
Taken from the Wirral bands excellent self-titled debut album.

4. Oreaganomics - Reading Is Free (Self Released)
They never stop do they. It seems like almost every couple of weeks Oreaganomics are pestering my inbox with another top tune. I'm not complaining of course... actually I am, they should be pestering it more!

5. Basti - Man At C.I.A. (Way Cool)
What a track. I remember buying this seven inch years ago and then managed to lose it again. However thanks to Mr Ripley another copy has been purchased and it sounds great. I love it when the guitar bit comes in at the start.

6. Moon Wiring Club - The Woombwood Pattern (Gecophonic)
At long last we have a new album from the strange and mysterious Moon Wiring Club who you might recall entertained the planet, well me anyway with their brilliant "A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding" album a couple of years ago. Well now they're back with an equally sublime effort called "Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets" which is available on vinyl and CD from their Blank Workshop website.

Split 7″

7. The Underground Youth - Juliette (Songs By Toad)
Definitely one of my favorite tracks of the week. So is the track which appears on the other side of this seven inch single actually and it took some pondering to decide which track to include here. It's from a split single with Miami band Lil Daggers who have appeared on this site previously. I can't tell you anything at all about The Underground Youth beyond the fact that they sound great, come from Manchester and if they don't get some more records out pronto I'll be hiring someone to poke them with sharp objects until they oblige.
You can purchase the single from the Songs By Toad website for a mere four quid which could be the best four quid you've spent all year.

8. Beach Fossils - Careless (Captured Tracks)
Taken from the new album "Clash The Truth" which will be released on Captured Tracks on 19th February.

9. Yall - On The Curb (Self Released)
How good is this! It's a track from the new Yall album "The Sword Of Western Infuence" which can be downloaded in full below.

Emerald City cover art

10. Cliff Dweller - Healing Line (Self Released)
This slightly disturbing track comes from a new record frpm Cliff Dwellers entitled "Emerald City". There is another track on here called "Big Black Red Hole" which is also astoundingly good. You can pick up a copy of "Emerald City" from their Bandcamp page but beware only fifty copies of the CD exist so don't hang about.

11. Veronica Falls - Under My Thumb 
Another track from the Veronica Falls covers E.P. This time a version of The Rolling Stones "Under My Thumb". That new album can't come soon enough.

Citizen cover art

12. Future - Citizen (Self Released)
Been around for a couple of months but only just come to my attention is this great new track from Paris band Future. The track is available free from their Bandcamp page along with another track called "Youth Conspiration" which I haven't heard yet but will have by the time you read this.