Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Nine)

Happy With You

1. Blackbird Blackbird - It's A War (Lavish Habits)
Taken from the new "Boracay Planet" E.P. which is available now on Lavish Habits.

4 Songs For Alan McGee

2. Ciro Madd - The Call (Pug)
Taken from a curious four track E.P.entitled "4 Songs For Alan McGee" which can be downloaded if full further down this page. The tracks appear to come from Ciro Madd's forthcoming album "Sleeping In The Rough Sea" which according to the Pug Records website will be released soon on cassette,  CD-R and free mp3. I'll keep you posted.

Catharsis Pt. 1

3. Maelstrom - Lux (BNR Trax)
Another winner from BNR Trax. This time it's a three track E.P. by Maelstrom. You always know what to expect from a BNR record but always pleasantly surprised at the same time.

4. The Perfect Needle - Keep Out (Self Released)
Brand new and fantastic new song from The Perfect Needle. I like to think they named themselves after The Telescopes classic...

Telescopes, The - The Perfect Needle

5. The Telescopes - The Perfect Needle (What Goes On)
It's been a while since I last heard this record and it still sounds as good as the day it was pressed. It really does need to be listened to at ear dissecting volume though for maximum effect.
Released back in 1989 on the long defunct What Goes On label who if memory serves provided a home for Yo La Tengo for a while. The Telescopes are of course still making records as demonstrated by their recent "Black Eyed Dog" single which featured in a recent Fodder.

Like One cover art

6. Silkies - Like One (Self Released)
This is the debut offering from Austin duo Silkies.

Photo: Cover for All I Need to Say released through Bad Panda Records. Photography credits to Casey Roberts.

7. Turquoise Memories - All I Need To Say (Bad Panda)
Very nice indeed. This is a free track from New York based Turquoise Memories aka Paul Lenda. Hopefully more records will not be too far away.

Lotte Kestner Extra Covers Collection album cover.jpg

8. Lotte Kestner - Black Metallic (Self Released)
How lovely is this. Lotte's version of Catherine Wheels's "Black Metallic" could hardly be any more beautiful. I suppose the song always was a little bit haunting but this version really is something special. It's taken from the album "Extra Covers Collection" which is... well a collection of covers and amonst them her version of "Harmless Sparks" is also pretty nice and might well end up in a future Fodder. The album can be downloaded in exchange for $13 from her Bandcamp Page.

9. Sambassadeur - Hours Away (Labrador)
This fine track is the b-side of the Swedish bands new seven inch single "Memories" which will be released on 20th November limited to just five hundred copies.

10. S W Z K - TC4 Variant (Tresor
I always get a bit over exited about a new Tresor release, well they never let you down. The Berlin label has been releasing quality techno for years by the likes of Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Surgeon, Holy Ghost, Cristian Vogel... need I continue! Anyway the latest release is a twelve inch by s_w_z_k and this is the fine piece of doodling on the a-side. The other track is called "Second City Of The Empire" and the whole thing comes under the catchy title of "Variant And Empires E.P.". Now, never let it be said I don't give you the facts.

11. Radio Control - I Won't Bleed (La Parca)
I was lucky enough to receive some new stuff during the week from La Parca Records and amonst them this relaxing little number from Radio Control.

12. Thick Shakes - I Said So (La Parca)
This new thick Shakes track forms the November edition  of the La Parca singles club. I also have a pretty storming new track from White Pages but that will have to wait until next week now.

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