Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety)

XAHA cover art

1. Mr Moccasin - Black On Black (Bleek)
This is the first single from the album "XAHA" which will be released on 15th January through Bleek Records.

And I'm Up B/w Don't Stop [7" VINYL]

2. A Place To Bury Strangers - Don't Stop (Dead Oceans)
This is the b-side of the new A Place To Bury Strangers single "And I'm Up". This is actually the track I prefer.

Computer Club

3. Computer Club - Nerdin Out In The Trap (Self Released)

Retro Candy Mecca cover art

4. Retro Candy Mecca - Look At You (Self Released)
This is a track from the Atlantic City duo's new album "Retro Candy Mecca" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk cover art

5. Kid Flicks - Dirty Utopians
Taken from the album "By Typing "I Talk, You Don't Talk"" which is available now on CD with the promise of a vinyl release in the near future.

5. White Pages - Loose Lips Eat Chips (La Parca)
A superb new single from White Pages. It's part of a double a-side release with another track called "Just A Warm Home To Fill".

By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk cover art

6. Kid Flicks - Dirty Utopians (Inner Ear)
Taken from the album "By Typing "I Talk, You Don't Talk"" which will soon be available through Greek label Inner Ear.

Smart Bar Chicago 1985
7. Sonic Youth - I'm Insane (Goofin)
I'm not a big fan of retrospective live albums in general but this one is a bit different. Firstly it's by Sonic Youth, one of the few bands for whom the term "pioneers" is actually appropriate and this record demonstrates exactly why. It's the Youth in full flow before they got tainted by the David Geffen company. Some of the sounds you will experience on this record you simply won't hear anywhere else.
The set was recorded (as you might detect from the sleeve) at Smart Bar in Chicago and consists largely of material from their "Bad Moon Rising" album of around the same time although a couple of tracks from "Evol" are also present along with something called "Kat n Hat" which I've never heard before.

8. Karenn - Nicotine Window Netting (Sheworks)

The Mild Awards cover art

9. The Wind-Up Birds - Some Gimmicks For You (Sturdy)
This is the b-side of the new single "The Mild Awards" from the Leeds band. The seven inch is limited to just two hundred copies and can be purchased from here.

Peruvian Poncho/International Dialling Codes cover art

10. The Seven Inches - I Wanna Be The Second Coolest Person In Town [After You] (Sturdy)
Another new release on Sturdy Records is a new from fellow Leeds band The Seven Inches. It's available on CD or download and both can be acquired from The Seven Inches Bandcamp page. This track however comes not from the single but from their forthcoming album which will hopefully be released very soon.

The Twilight Sad – N/O/C/E/K Tour EP (2012)

11. The Twilight Sad - Idiots [Demo] (Self Released)
Taken from the Scottish bands latest tour CD "N/O/C/E/K" which unsurprisingly is available at their gigs. I really do like this version of Idiots.

Teeth Blue, Lips Red cover art

12. Runaround Kids - Blush (Blue Heart)
Taken from Runaround Kids new singles compilation album "Teeth Blue, Lips Red" which will be released on 10th December.


  1. Why was it necessary to share the only new song on The Twilight Sad's EP?
    The guys are really really short of cash because even with only printing 300 copies all the so-called devoted fans haven't bought every copy yet. This is really sticking a knife in their back. Sharing readily available songs is one thing or even ripping off folks who make millions but posting the super exclusive song from an EP where a band are so broke you see them struggle to even have enough money to buy a drink at the bar that kind of makes me a little sick. Maybe I would feel differently if the EP had sold out but it hasn't because the fans let them down.