Thursday, November 01, 2012

Infinity Girl - Stop Being On My Side

stop being on my side cover art

This is great. It's the new album by Boston band Infinity Girl which they have kindly made available as a free download although if you want something a bit more substantial it is also available on cassette although your chances of actually getting one aren't that great as according to their Bandcamp site there are only ten copies available. Hopefully that might be a misprint and there will be a hundred but that is what it says. Thank heavens for downloads eh.
It's probably a bit late to mention this but they are playing a gig this very evening (1st November) at The Fox Common at UML along with Harbour Lights, Ghosts Of Sailors At Sea and Adrian Sympson. Apparently it's free for students and two guests so time to get your fake ID's out.

Download Zip File

1. Poppyblush
2. Please Forget
3. Blood And Dirt
4. Walking Around
5. It's Easier Seeing You Now
6. Even If
7. By Now
8. Cellophane And Gold
9. Pulling A Smile From A Drawer
10. Void
11. Cannons

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