Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Ninety)

XAHA cover art

1. Mr Moccasin - Black On Black (Bleek)
This is the first single from the album "XAHA" which will be released on 15th January through Bleek Records.

And I'm Up B/w Don't Stop [7" VINYL]

2. A Place To Bury Strangers - Don't Stop (Dead Oceans)
This is the b-side of the new A Place To Bury Strangers single "And I'm Up". This is actually the track I prefer.

Computer Club

3. Computer Club - Nerdin Out In The Trap (Self Released)

Retro Candy Mecca cover art

4. Retro Candy Mecca - Look At You (Self Released)
This is a track from the Atlantic City duo's new album "Retro Candy Mecca" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk cover art

5. Kid Flicks - Dirty Utopians
Taken from the album "By Typing "I Talk, You Don't Talk"" which is available now on CD with the promise of a vinyl release in the near future.

5. White Pages - Loose Lips Eat Chips (La Parca)
A superb new single from White Pages. It's part of a double a-side release with another track called "Just A Warm Home To Fill".

By Typing "I Talk", You Don't Talk cover art

6. Kid Flicks - Dirty Utopians (Inner Ear)
Taken from the album "By Typing "I Talk, You Don't Talk"" which will soon be available through Greek label Inner Ear.

Smart Bar Chicago 1985
7. Sonic Youth - I'm Insane (Goofin)
I'm not a big fan of retrospective live albums in general but this one is a bit different. Firstly it's by Sonic Youth, one of the few bands for whom the term "pioneers" is actually appropriate and this record demonstrates exactly why. It's the Youth in full flow before they got tainted by the David Geffen company. Some of the sounds you will experience on this record you simply won't hear anywhere else.
The set was recorded (as you might detect from the sleeve) at Smart Bar in Chicago and consists largely of material from their "Bad Moon Rising" album of around the same time although a couple of tracks from "Evol" are also present along with something called "Kat n Hat" which I've never heard before.

8. Karenn - Nicotine Window Netting (Sheworks)

The Mild Awards cover art

9. The Wind-Up Birds - Some Gimmicks For You (Sturdy)
This is the b-side of the new single "The Mild Awards" from the Leeds band. The seven inch is limited to just two hundred copies and can be purchased from here.

Peruvian Poncho/International Dialling Codes cover art

10. The Seven Inches - I Wanna Be The Second Coolest Person In Town [After You] (Sturdy)
Another new release on Sturdy Records is a new from fellow Leeds band The Seven Inches. It's available on CD or download and both can be acquired from The Seven Inches Bandcamp page. This track however comes not from the single but from their forthcoming album which will hopefully be released very soon.

The Twilight Sad – N/O/C/E/K Tour EP (2012)

11. The Twilight Sad - Idiots [Demo] (Self Released)
Taken from the Scottish bands latest tour CD "N/O/C/E/K" which unsurprisingly is available at their gigs. I really do like this version of Idiots.

Teeth Blue, Lips Red cover art

12. Runaround Kids - Blush (Blue Heart)
Taken from Runaround Kids new singles compilation album "Teeth Blue, Lips Red" which will be released on 10th December.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ciro Madd - Sleeping In The Rough Sea

As promised here's the debut album from the wonderful Ciro Madd released on Pug Records as a CD-R, Cassette and a very generous free download. It's a bit good as well but enough of me rabbiting on about it simply download it and enjoy.

Download Zip File

1. Long Time
2. See You
3. Swallow That Dirt
4. Rainbows Fall
5. The Call
6. I Don't Wanna Realise
7. Experiment
8. Hold Down
9. Candy Song
10. Friend Will Go
11. The Color Of Your Mind
12. Window Lane
13. Strange Way Of Love
14. She's Waiting For The Sunlight

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Nine)

Happy With You

1. Blackbird Blackbird - It's A War (Lavish Habits)
Taken from the new "Boracay Planet" E.P. which is available now on Lavish Habits.

4 Songs For Alan McGee

2. Ciro Madd - The Call (Pug)
Taken from a curious four track E.P.entitled "4 Songs For Alan McGee" which can be downloaded if full further down this page. The tracks appear to come from Ciro Madd's forthcoming album "Sleeping In The Rough Sea" which according to the Pug Records website will be released soon on cassette,  CD-R and free mp3. I'll keep you posted.

Catharsis Pt. 1

3. Maelstrom - Lux (BNR Trax)
Another winner from BNR Trax. This time it's a three track E.P. by Maelstrom. You always know what to expect from a BNR record but always pleasantly surprised at the same time.

4. The Perfect Needle - Keep Out (Self Released)
Brand new and fantastic new song from The Perfect Needle. I like to think they named themselves after The Telescopes classic...

Telescopes, The - The Perfect Needle

5. The Telescopes - The Perfect Needle (What Goes On)
It's been a while since I last heard this record and it still sounds as good as the day it was pressed. It really does need to be listened to at ear dissecting volume though for maximum effect.
Released back in 1989 on the long defunct What Goes On label who if memory serves provided a home for Yo La Tengo for a while. The Telescopes are of course still making records as demonstrated by their recent "Black Eyed Dog" single which featured in a recent Fodder.

Like One cover art

6. Silkies - Like One (Self Released)
This is the debut offering from Austin duo Silkies.

Photo: Cover for All I Need to Say released through Bad Panda Records. Photography credits to Casey Roberts.

7. Turquoise Memories - All I Need To Say (Bad Panda)
Very nice indeed. This is a free track from New York based Turquoise Memories aka Paul Lenda. Hopefully more records will not be too far away.

Lotte Kestner Extra Covers Collection album cover.jpg

8. Lotte Kestner - Black Metallic (Self Released)
How lovely is this. Lotte's version of Catherine Wheels's "Black Metallic" could hardly be any more beautiful. I suppose the song always was a little bit haunting but this version really is something special. It's taken from the album "Extra Covers Collection" which is... well a collection of covers and amonst them her version of "Harmless Sparks" is also pretty nice and might well end up in a future Fodder. The album can be downloaded in exchange for $13 from her Bandcamp Page.

9. Sambassadeur - Hours Away (Labrador)
This fine track is the b-side of the Swedish bands new seven inch single "Memories" which will be released on 20th November limited to just five hundred copies.

10. S W Z K - TC4 Variant (Tresor
I always get a bit over exited about a new Tresor release, well they never let you down. The Berlin label has been releasing quality techno for years by the likes of Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Surgeon, Holy Ghost, Cristian Vogel... need I continue! Anyway the latest release is a twelve inch by s_w_z_k and this is the fine piece of doodling on the a-side. The other track is called "Second City Of The Empire" and the whole thing comes under the catchy title of "Variant And Empires E.P.". Now, never let it be said I don't give you the facts.

11. Radio Control - I Won't Bleed (La Parca)
I was lucky enough to receive some new stuff during the week from La Parca Records and amonst them this relaxing little number from Radio Control.

12. Thick Shakes - I Said So (La Parca)
This new thick Shakes track forms the November edition  of the La Parca singles club. I also have a pretty storming new track from White Pages but that will have to wait until next week now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wedding Present - Seamonsters In Dublin

Probably the best recording from the current Seamonsters tour I've heard so far. Gedge and co. roll into York this evening so hopefully someone will be recording that one too. 

End Credits
Sports Car
The Girl From The DDR
You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
Don't Touch That Dial
Deer Caught In The Headlights
Click Click 
What Have I Said Now?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Airling E.P.

Airling EP cover art

What a great sound. I know absolutely nothing about Airling beyond the fact that they come from Melbourne, Australia and have made this wonderful E.P. available to the world.

1. Rucksack
2. Russia And Mongolia
3. Watercolours
4. For All The Ladies Hire
5. Community Rallies Around Sick Youth 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Eight)

Download Zip File

Dirty Shirt

1. Metz - Dirty Shirt (Sub Pop)
A track from a new seven inch single on Sub Pop from the superb METZ. Neither track on this single is on the Canadian band's recent self titled debut album. The other track on here is called "Leave Me Out" and is also a bit of a monster.

BG030 | Tougher Than A Soldier's Boots cover art

2. Songs For Walter - Tougher Than A Soldiers Boots (Bleeding Gold)
This is the first of two tracks on a new digital single on Bleeding Gold Records by Songs For Walter who released their debut seven inch on the label earlier in the year. I'm ashamed to admit I don't own a copy of that but judging by these two tracks I soon will.


3. I'm Not A Band - Time Is On Fire [Steam Machine Remix] (AdP)
This is a particularly fine remix of the new I'm Not A Band single "Time Is On Fire" which is taken from their new album "BANDBAND" which was released in August on AdP.

Winterrim (an introduction)

4. Autumns Grey Solace - Mystify (Projekt)
Taken from the album "Winrerrim" which is a digital only compilation of Autumns Grey Solace tracks. That voice is just heavenly.

J09-M12 cover art

5. Scott Weatherall - 8.11 (Self Released)
One of my favorite tracks on Scott's album "J09-M12" which can be downloaded full and free from his Bandcamp page.

A Wrenched Virile Lore

6. Mogwai - Rano Pano [Klad Hest - Mogwai Is My Dick RMX] (Rock Action)
November 19th will see the release of Mogwai's "A Wrenched Virile Lore" album which is a collection of remixes of tracks from their "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will" album. I'm always skeptical about remix albums largely because there have been so many terrible ones over the years but I am pleased to report that this one is pretty much shit hot with remixes from the likes of Justin K Broadrick, The Soft Moon, and Tim Hecker to name but three. I think sometimes when people remix records they worry too much about whether or not anyone will actually like it which is usually a mistake resulting in bland, boring mixes which sound like everyone else's shit. The way to do a remix is just to be creative and do something which sounds great. This record is a collection of such works. It will be available on CD or double vinyl both of which can be ordered from the Mogwai website.

7. Zatsuon - Life End (Distort Reality)
A blistering track from the New York bands new eight track seven inch single on Distort Reality.

8. Oreaganomics - How To Strip For Your Wife-An Election Day Medley (Self Released)
Another brilliant new track from those slightly strange Oreaganomics creatures.

Psychic Hex cover art

9. Vampire Slayer - Desert Chasms (Indian Gold)
This is a track from the new Vampire Slayer album "Psychic Hex" which will be released on cassette and digital download on 26th November.


10. The Soft Pack - Saratoga (Mexican Summer)
Taken from the L.A. bands new album "Strapped" which appears to be getting good reviews everywhere at the moment.

Basic House - I'm Not A Heaven Man cover art

11. Basic House - Perishing (Opal Tapes)
This is superb. It's the first track on a cassette by Basic House which basically of Stephen Bishop who is the main man behind the Opal Tapes label on which this is their sixth release. It's an album called "I'm Not A Heaven Man" and seems to be sold out just about everywhere but you can still purchase the download here.

12. Potty Mouth - Superfriends (Feeble Minds/Puzzle Pieces/Ride The Snake)
Another vinyl release which is giving me pleasure at the moment is the debut E.P. by Potty Mouth and I can't really tell you much about it as I know bugger all  except for the fact that it contains six trackks and makes a lovely noise. What more can you ask for? Interestingly this record seems to be a split release between no less than three labels. How that works I have no idea I'm just glad someone has put this record out.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Total Boogies

ep cover art

I really like this record (Or cassette to be more accurate). It consists of six tracks, non of which have been afforded the honour of a title. It's advertised as a handmade cassette available in three separate editions each with different art and bonus audio.
If your like most people and don't have the facility to play such antiquated formats a free download version is available as you will have noticed from the link above.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Shrag - Wagon & Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham 1st November 2012

Tears Of A landlord
Show Us Your Canines
You're The Shout
Ghosts Before Breakfast
Chasing Consummations
Rabbit Kids
Flinching at Forever
Tendons In The Night

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

METZ at The Old Blue Last

Wet Blanket demo cover art

This is a superb show from the Canadian noise merchants recorded on their recent visit to Britain at The Old Blue Last in London. I really wish I had been there because they sound even more abrasive live than on their debut album which was released earlier in the year and despite searching for the last hour I seem to have lost. They are currently on a massively massive tour of just about everywhere and the dates for that can be found on their website

Monday, November 05, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Seven)

Ace Bushy Striptease return with a new album!

1. Ace Bushy Striptease - More Parts Per Milijas (Odd Box)
Great stuff from the new Ace Bushy Striptease album which is released on Odd Box Records this week. I have to say this album has formed quite a large part of my listening this week, there's just so much going on you don't get it all on first listen. The album is called "Outside It's Cold Just Like The Inside Of Your Body" but don't let that put you off. It is available on blue vinyl, limited to just 300 copies and before you all go off panic buying turntables you do get a download code so you don't actually have to play it (but you should as nothing holds more beauty than a coloured vinyl record on a turntable but don't tell my wife I said that).

08 Insect / Hooked cover art

2. Torpa - Insect (Self Released)
Yet another new tune from Torpa who seems to be churning out releases faster than something really fast. If you've missed the last few you really need to go to Torpa's Bandcamp Page and catch up because there's some great stuff in there especially "Squarelid" which was one of the tracks on the last release.

Cooper's Dream EP cover art

3. Suburban Living - I Don't Fit In (Self Released)
Taken from their "Coopers Dream" E.P. which you can download for $5 from their Bandcamp Page.

Feedback Powers The Sun cover art

4. Spring Clock Wonder - Feedback Powers The Sun (Self Released)

5. Sambassadeur - Memories (Labrador)
I've been waiting for a new Sambassadeur record for what seems like ages. This is the Swedish bands first new release since their brilliant "European" album a couple of years ago. "Memories" will be released as a double A-side seven inch single with "Hours Away" through Labrador Records on 20th November. It will be limited to just five hundred copies but you can pre-order your copy on the Labrador Website.

cd061 sleeve

6. The Sugargliders - Letter From A Lifeboat (Matinee)
This is a track from a new Sugargliders compilation called "A Nest With A View" which brings together tracks from the ten singles the Australian band released between 1990 and 1994 on Sarah Records in the UK. If you've never heard The Sugargliders this record should be your priority this month.

Silicon Ballet

7. Silicon Ballet - Slowly Slowly (Rainboot)
New single from Silicon Valley which will be released on 19th November.

1.10 cover art

8. Scott Weatherall - 1.10 (Self Released)
This is a track which appeared back in July but I've only just got to hear it. It's one of many available on Scott Weatherall's Bandcamp page including the album "J09-M12" which I have only just downloaded and plan to listen to this very afternoon.

Thea cover art

9. Splitter - The Belt Of Venus (Self Released)
A track from Splitter's fourth album which can be downloaded from Bandcamp for a very small amount of money. Very nice indeed.

10. Toy - Dead And Gone [Andrew Weatherall Remix]
I know this mix has been knocking around for a while but it seems not everyone has heard it so...

the boy lives cover art

11. Ghost Carriage Phantoms - Yer Boots (Marketstall Records)
This is a track from an album called "The Boy Lives" which is according to the press release is the first installment in a series of releases from Merthyr Tidfil songwriter Michael James Hall. On the strength of this offering I'm really looking forward to the rest.

12. Ghost Of Chance - Wooden Tambourine (Obscure Me)
A track which I originally included in the ill fated Pod Fodder 186 which for some reason kept getting taken down by the might Mediafire. Hopefully this one will not face the same fate.
This is a track from the New Haven bands debut E.P. on Obscure Me. It's called the "Paddleboat E.P." and will be available on vinyl from 15th November.