Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Four)

Free Reign

1. Clinic - Seesaw (Domino)
Taken from the Liverpool bands seventh album "Free Reign" which will be released on Domino Records on 12th November. As well as the usual CD, LP and digital formats there will be a limited edition UFO which apparently is some kind of super sexy glow in the dark frisbee which comes with a download code.  Tour dates and details of a new single will follow in due course. 

Emily (Hehe) cover art

2. Crash And The 'Coots - Brian Fury Wins! [Alternate Version] (Heart Throb Records)
This is an alternative version of a track on a new E.P. by Crash And The 'Coots. It's called the "John Coles Park E.P." and will be released on cassette through London based label Heart Throb Records on 15th October and digitally a couple of weeks later. 
The band will celebrate by playing a "special cassette release day show" at the Old Blue Last in London on 15th October.

3. Oreaganomics - Happy Yet True (Self Released)
Yet another great new track from Oreaganomics. 

Reveries [VINYL]

4. Maribel - Meow! (Splendour)
I'm a little bit late on this one as it was released back in February. It's the second album from Maribel following their 2009 debut "Aesthetics". This one features German vocalist Rebekka Von Markstien who certainly makes these tunes come alive. The album is called "Reveries" and this is a track which I keep coming back to. 

Red cover art

5. Silkies - Red (Young Latitudes/Heart Throb Records)
Another cassette release on Heart Throb Records is the first E.P. from Boston duo Silkies. It's called the "Like One E.P. and will be available from 29th October on cassette and digital download through Heart Throb Records and Young Latitudes respectively.

6. Obnox - Tia Vincent (Permanent)
Permanent Records are certainly responsible for some of the most abrasive records of recent time and this one is no different. It's the new record by Obnox and as usual is limited to fairly small quantities of vinyl. There will be just three hundred copies pressed with two hundred on blood red transparent vinyl which will be available from retailers and one hundred on bone coloured vinyl which will be available exclusively through Permanent Records so take your pick. The album is called "Rojo" and will be released on 23rd October.

7. Jan Jelinek - Fragment 1 (Faitiche)
Taken from the album "Music For Fragments/Music For Birds" which is available now on Faitiche Records


8. Toy - Dead And Gone (Heavenly)
How good is this. One of twelve excellent tracks on what I predict will be record pretty near the top of everyone's list come the end of the year, which now I come to think of it isn't that far away. The album, as if you don't know by now is the self titled debut from the London band who's recent session for BBC 6 Music was posted on this site a few weeks ago.

Destroyer (Trent Reznor / Allesandro Cortini / Atticus Ross Remix)

9. Telepath - Destroyer [Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini & Atticus Ross Remix] (Federal Prism)
Taken from a seven inch single released last week through Federal Prism.

The True Story Of House Music

10. Elbee Bad - Just Don't Stop (Rush Hour)
For a start what a great sleeve that is. Elbee Bad has been making music for longer than I can remember. This album pulls probably most of his early work together and to my ears at least sounds great. I believe this track was actually his first ever release way back in the mists of time.

Freak Waves

11. Sea Pinks - False Spring (CF Records)
Taken from the album "Freak Waves" which again is noticeable for having a fantastic sleeve. That bloke looks well peeved about his swimming pool copping an unfortunate one!

06 Neu Division cover art

12. Torpa - Every Minute Starts An Hour (Self Released)
This excellent track is track one on a new E.P. from Torpa which can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from the Torpa Bandcamp Page. I think I could listen to this constantly all day long.

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