Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Silber Releases.

Remora - I Came To PartyPlumerai - MondegreenIrata: Vultures

Silber Records have three new releases coming up in November. First of all there is a five track E.P. from Remora which manages to check in a just five minutes which is handy considering it's the first release in Silbers "five songs in five minutes" series which apparently is going to be a weekly thing with forthcoming releases by the likes of Northern Valentine, Sarah June, From Oceans To Autumn, Drekka, Electric Bird Noise, Moodring, Small Life Form and Mister Science.
November will also see a new releases from Plumerai and Irata, the latter being a bit dangerous to listen to while cycling as I discovered yesterday when I very nearly ended up beneath a bus carrying lots of old people. 

Irata - Keepers Maker (taken from the new album "Vultures")
Plumerai - Come And Go (taken from the new album "Mondegreen)
Remora - We're All Filled With Blood (taken from the new e.p. "I Came To Party"

All these releases are available now and should be acquired from the Silber Records Website

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