Monday, October 29, 2012

Dorian Wood - Pearline


"Dorian Wood is releasing his exclusively-digital EP/single, "Pearline", on November 6th! The song is another signature epic from Dorian, featuring his full band and a 45-member choir, The Difficult Women. The EP also includes a live in-studio version of the crowd rouser "Down, The Dirty Roof", along with a re-imagined version by Seattle-based musician Ben von Wildenhaus. "Pearline" is a single off of Dorian's much-awaited forthcoming album, Rattle Rattle, to be released in March, 2013"

Dorian will launch his West Coast tour on November 9th in Santa Monica:

NOVEMBER 9 - SANCTUARY (with Tom Brosseau and Correatown), Santa Monica, CA
NOVEMBER 14 - SESSIONS FROM THE BOX (radio performance), Portland, OR
NOVEMBER 15 - THE WAYPOST (with Ben von Wildenhaus and Disemballerina), Portland, OR
NOVEMBER 16 - THE RED LIGHT (with Ben von Wildenhaus), Bellingham, WA 
NOVEMBER 17 - FUSION CAFE (with Ben von Wildenhaus), Seattle, WA
NOVEMBER 18 - THE NORTHERN (with Ben von Wildenhaus), Olympia, WA
NOVEMBER 19 - THE LAB, San Francisco, CA

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