Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Silber Releases.

Remora - I Came To PartyPlumerai - MondegreenIrata: Vultures

Silber Records have three new releases coming up in November. First of all there is a five track E.P. from Remora which manages to check in a just five minutes which is handy considering it's the first release in Silbers "five songs in five minutes" series which apparently is going to be a weekly thing with forthcoming releases by the likes of Northern Valentine, Sarah June, From Oceans To Autumn, Drekka, Electric Bird Noise, Moodring, Small Life Form and Mister Science.
November will also see a new releases from Plumerai and Irata, the latter being a bit dangerous to listen to while cycling as I discovered yesterday when I very nearly ended up beneath a bus carrying lots of old people. 

Irata - Keepers Maker (taken from the new album "Vultures")
Plumerai - Come And Go (taken from the new album "Mondegreen)
Remora - We're All Filled With Blood (taken from the new e.p. "I Came To Party"

All these releases are available now and should be acquired from the Silber Records Website

Mega City Four - Aldershot 1989

A great soundboard recording of a brilliant Mega City Four gig at the West End Centre in Aldershot on 24th June 1989. This would have been around the time of  the release of their "Awkward Kid" seven inch single which was one of my favorite records that year and still gets the occasional play. 

Running In Darkness
Severe Attack Of The Truth
Dancing Days Are Over
Miles Apart
Alternative Arrangements
Paper Tiger
21 Again
What You've Got
Things I Never Said
Clear Blue Skies
Awkward Kid
Pride & Prejudice
Holiday Song
On Another Planet

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Terracotta Blue - Ravencrest E.P.

ravencrest cover art

1. Ravencrest
2. Celeste
3. Away 
4. Prism Shadows
5. Refresher
6. Shenendoah
7. Fin

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dorian Wood - Pearline


"Dorian Wood is releasing his exclusively-digital EP/single, "Pearline", on November 6th! The song is another signature epic from Dorian, featuring his full band and a 45-member choir, The Difficult Women. The EP also includes a live in-studio version of the crowd rouser "Down, The Dirty Roof", along with a re-imagined version by Seattle-based musician Ben von Wildenhaus. "Pearline" is a single off of Dorian's much-awaited forthcoming album, Rattle Rattle, to be released in March, 2013"

Dorian will launch his West Coast tour on November 9th in Santa Monica:

NOVEMBER 9 - SANCTUARY (with Tom Brosseau and Correatown), Santa Monica, CA
NOVEMBER 14 - SESSIONS FROM THE BOX (radio performance), Portland, OR
NOVEMBER 15 - THE WAYPOST (with Ben von Wildenhaus and Disemballerina), Portland, OR
NOVEMBER 16 - THE RED LIGHT (with Ben von Wildenhaus), Bellingham, WA 
NOVEMBER 17 - FUSION CAFE (with Ben von Wildenhaus), Seattle, WA
NOVEMBER 18 - THE NORTHERN (with Ben von Wildenhaus), Olympia, WA
NOVEMBER 19 - THE LAB, San Francisco, CA

The Joy Formidable - Bangor 2012

A superb set from The Joy Formidable recorded at Hendre Hall, Bangor on 25th October. I've seen the Joy's live a few times now and I very much doubt if they have ever performed badly although it has to be said they sound best at brain crunching volume. This set features a splattering of new songs which will probably feature on their new album "Wolf's Law" which will be released in January. I haven't mentioned The Joy Formidable supporting Muse because it makes my blood run cold at the thought of such a great band being second on the bill behind a bunch of boring bastards.

The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade
I Don't Want To See You Like This
This Ladder Is Ours
A Heavy Abacus
Maw Maw Song

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Colaars - Wood Arsenal E.P.

Wood Arsenal cover art

Colaars are a band from Ukraine and this is their debut E.P.

1. The Youth
2. Wood Arsenal
3. Black Fox
4. Liar Light
5. Blood And Bones

Torpa - Insect/Hooked

08 Insect / Hooked cover art

He just can't stop making records at the moment. Hot on the heels of his last masterpiece "Squarelid" which can still be downloaded along with all seven other releases from Torpa's Bandcamp page. The new release contains the usual two slices of electronic cheesecake complimented with a nice cup of coffee brought to you by a nice girl with a sexy smile, well that's the way it makes me feel anyway.

1. Insect
2. Hooked

The Deadline Shakes - Sweeten the Deal

This is the new single from Glasgow band The Deadline Shakes who seem to be kicking up a bit of fuss at the moment what with being played on Radio 1 and posh things like that. 
The single is released on 5th November on Flowers In The Dustbin Records.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Six)

1. Ghost Of Chance - Wooden Tambourine (Obscure Me)
What an E.P. This is one of four tracks on what I believe to be the New Haven bands debut release but will probably turn out to be their fiftieth just to make me look like a tool. It will be released as a seven inch single on 15th November on the Obscure Me label.

10/30/12 Mr Roboto Project Pittsburgh, PA

 11/1/12 Haymarket Whisky Bar Louisville, KY
11/2/12 tin roof Nashville, TN 
11/3/12 the nick Birmingham, AL
11/4/12 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
11/5/12 The Cave Chapel Hill, NC
11/7/12 Kraken bar Chapel Hill, NC
11/8/12 Velvet lounge Washington, DC
11/10/12 Kung fu neck tie Philadelphia, PA
11/12/12 Death by Audio Brooklyn, NY
11/14/12 Bar New Haven

2. Potty Mouth - Superfriends (Feeble Minds/Puzzle Pieces/Ride The Snake)
Another vinyl release which is giving me pleasure at the moment is the debut E.P. by Potty Mouth and I can't really tell you much about it as I know bugger all  except for the fact that it contains six trackks and makes a lovely noise. What more can you ask for? Interestingly this record seems to be a split release between no less than three labels. How that works I have no idea I'm just glad someone has put this record out.

PSY058 Samora - The Unspeakable 
The Unspeakable is a beautiful collection of Ambient tracks that feature spoken word poetry by accomplished cellist Christine Hanson. 
Enrico provides the perfect soundtrack and creates drifting washes of ambience where time seems to stand still.
Enrico Marani - After T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata), the cult post-industrial Italian band, he joined Le Forbici Di Manitù and later founded Duo Zero and 2 Blue. He collaborated with musicians such as Ursula Rucker, Tim Motzer, Christine Hanson, Dj Rocca, Maffia Soundsystem, Fabrizio Tavernelli among others. He worked even for art expositions producing soundscapes in collaboration with artists as like Andrea Chiesi and Paul Caponigro.
Christine Hanson - Music has taken Christine from touring Canada’s High Arctic with a tango trio to playing traditional music in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. While classically trained, Christine in her many roles – cellist, composer and sound designer – is eclectic in her musical explorations. Her experiences include compositional commissions, arranging, studio work, theatre work, and performing as an ensemble musician with a variety of groups that play classical, folk, pop-jazz, and experimental music. She is also an experienced instructor, teaching professional master classes in workshop settings on both sides of the Atlantic.Christine also appears with the Amati trio in Canada.
Album stream here :

3. Samora - Caos (Psychonavigation)
Check out that sleeve. Give it a couple of months and hopefully that will be the view from my window (minus the trees and add a few houses). The music just about equals the beauty of the sleeve with six ambient pieces interspersed with a rather nice voice (Christine Hanson) reading poetry as you will discover on this track.

4. Shoxx - Dark Cylinder (Demo)
Possibly not the best quality sound but I quite like it that way. This is a track from a demo cassette by Shoxx who I'm pretty sure come fighting out of New York City but as with everything I say don't take is as gospel as I have been know to have been completely wrong on more than a million occasions. I'm not entirely sure where you can get a copy of this cassette. I thought it might have been available on the c6 Recordings website but as I write this it isn't.

5. The Telescopes - Black Eyes Dog (Trensmat)
This is the lead track on a seven inch single released earlier in the year on Trensmat Records. Unfortunately the seven inch is now sold out on the Trensmat website but they do have several other records for sale which look interesting and I think an order will have to be placed.

Niña Ciboulette cover art

6. Nina Ciboulette - Nubes (Self Released)
Taken from Nina Ciboulette's self titled debut album which is available as a free download from here. Very nice.

7. Delay Trees - Future (Soliti)
Taken from the Finnish bands new album album "Doze" which is available now on Soliti Records.

My Society cover art

8. Heart Of Hearts - Grass Mask (Bleek)
This track come from the new record by Greg Hatem aka Heart Of Hearts. The album is called "My Society" and features a trio of fanatical looking birds on the sleeve which look quite menacing after a bottle of wine. It's available digitally if that's your thing or you could push the boat out and get one of the very limited (100) vinyl copies which would enable the three birds with four feet to look even more haunting.

January, February, March, Ely, Cambridge EP cover art

9. The Sunbathers - It Doesn't Matter If It Rains (Dufflecoat)
One of five tracks on an E.P. entitled "January, February, March, Ely, Cambridge" which is available from Dufflecoat Records or as a download from their Bandcamp page.


10. Russell Haswell - Aarhus, April 5, 2010, Part 2 (UHJ) (Ideal)
I finished the last Fodder with a track from the new Russell Haswell E.P. "Factual" which is probably the best electronic record I've heard all year. This by comparison is a track from a new album which is not strictly new as it was recorded live or should I say taken from live recordings made across Scandinavia in 2010 and thus has the snappy title "Scandinavian Parts (Immersive Live Salvage Supplement)" and is as noisy as my missus in a bad mood. As far as I'm aware it's only available on CD which is a bit of a rarity these days although I could be completely wrong about that.

Elsewhere cover art

11. The Pear Traps - Sister (Self Released)
Taken from a four track E.P. called "Elsewhere" which can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp Page.

Snow Light

12. Snow Palms - Index Of Rivers (Village Green)
I'll finish this weeks fodder with some moments of beauty. It is actually snowing as I write this. It's the first time I've ever seen snow in October but I'm sure it must have happened before. Personally I'm hoping for a harsh winter with loads of the stuff but perhaps I'm in a minority there.
This album sounds like it's all about snow and is the perfect soundtrack to those snowy days which hopefully won't be too far away. The record is called "Intervals" and will be released on Village Green on 19th November.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nina Ciboulette

Niña Ciboulette cover art

1. Andreita
2. Nubes
3. Rain
4. No Hace Falta
5. Ciboulette
6. Controle Z
7. Second Hand's Up
8. Autoacople
9. Nina
10. Idiotas
11. Me Fui

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Twilight Sad - Manchester 2012

A great recording of one of Glasgows finest bands of the moment recorded a couple of days ago at Sound Control in Manchester.

Kill It In The Morning
Don't Move
That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy
Dead City
I Became A Prostitute
Another Bed
Reflection Of The Television
That Birthday Present
Cold Days From The Birdhouse
And She Would Darken The Memory
At The Burnside

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Five)

Circles [VINYL]

1. Moon Duo - Circles (Sacred Bones)
The title track from Moon Duo's second album which is available now on Sacred Bones Records. It's the follow-up to last years impressive Mazes album which still gets the occasional play in my house but the new record is in my humble opinion much better and... well just listen.

07 SquareLid / Don't Leave Me Lost cover art

2. Torpa - Squarelid (Self Released)
Following on from last weeks Torpa track comes yet another new release. The seventh release in the series contains two tracks of which this is one. The full release can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from the Torpa Bandcamp Page. While your there you might as well fill your boots and download the previous six releases as all are well worthy of the effort.

Safranin Sounds

3. Ceremony - Cold Cold Night (No Emb Blanc)
Back in 2007 Ceremony released their debut album "Dissapear" on Safranin Sounds. They had also released an E.P. a couple of years earlier on the same lable. Now it seems the original masters for those records have been lost (I'd keep an eye on Ebay if I were you) so messrs Baker and Fedowitz have been hard at work painstakingly re-recording and remastering the lost gems. So we now have the fruit of their labors. A twenty track album featuring all eleven tracks from "Disappear", all the tracks from their previous E.P. and a few new tracks thrown in for good measure. I really hope there will be a proper Ceremony album pretty soon as it's been two years since they last tried to deafen us with their second album "Rocket Fire" but if they have the inclination to do this record then surely a spanking brand new album must be just around the corner.

La-Di-Da Recordings

4. Dreamscape - Finally Through (Kranky)
This is a track from the album "La Di Da Recordings" which is available now on Kranky. It consists of the two four track E.P.s the underrated UK band released in the early nineties with a couple of unreleased tracks as a bonus.

Good Don t Sleep

5. Egyptian Hip Hop - Alalon (R&S)
This track comes from the debut album by Manchester band Egyptian Hip Hop who first came to our attention back in 2009 with their debut E.P. "Some Reptiles Grew Wings" which I'm pretty sure was featured on this site at the time.

Song, by Toad Split 12″

6. Paws - Kill A Familiar (Songs By Toad)
This is one of Paws contributions to a four band split album recently issued on Edinburgh's Songs By Toad label. The other bands on here are Dolfinz, Waiters and Sex Hands but then you probably noticed that already on the cover. There's loads of good stuff on here and don't be surprised if another track appears in next weeks Fodder but if you want to purchase a copy of the record which is only available on vinyl then this is the place you need to visit.

Story Telling Again And Again

7. Worlds End Girlfriend - Story Telling, Again And Again (Virgin Babylon)
One of three tracks on the new Worlds End Girlfriend release. I just think it's a great tune.

Knots / Where It Snows (Miaoux Miaoux remix) cover art

8. Olympic Swimmers - Knots (Self Released)
New single from the Glasgow band who released their debut album "No Flags Will Fly" which was released earlier in the year which can be purchased from their Bandcamp Page.
This single which can also be found at Bandcamp contains this fine track taken from the afore mentioned album together with a Miaoux Miaoux remix of "Where It Snows" which is also particularly fine. You can catch them live at...

3rd December - Manchester, The Deaf Institute
6th December - The Bodega Social Club
11th December - Oxford, Jericho Tavern
14th December - Newcastle, The Cluny

9. Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Postcard (Rallye/New Words)
Taken from the L.A. bands second album "Untogether" which as well as the usual formats is also available on bright red vinyl which can be purchased, or at least looked at here.

I Hope You're Happy cover art

10. The Telewire - Haunting (Self Released)
"I Hope You're Happy" is a new six track E.P. from The Telewire which you can download free from their Bandcamp Page along with their three previous releases all of which are well worth checking out.

You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 7 by Windy & Carl

11. Windy and Karl - A Thousand Miles From Nowhere (Geographic North)
The seventh instalment in Geographic North's "You Cant Hide Your Love Forever" seven inch single series which has also included records by Soft Circle, Landing, Psychic Powers, Tarantel, Tussle, A Sunny Day In Glasgow and most recently Windsor For The Derby who have just released the eighth record in the series.

FACTUAL - eMego157packv2.jpg

12. Russell Haswell - Black Metal Instrumental Demo (Editions Mego)
There's nothing quite like a spoonful of strange electronic gubbins after tea and the first time I heard this I had only just finished mine. Thankfully despite Russell Haswell's best attempts it stayed down as indeed did my pudding (treacle sponge in case you were wondering). Anyway this is a particularly fine record, from the word go I was thinking words like, Jeff Mills and German but whatever you want to call it you can't deny it's a great noise. This is actually the first track on the record which incidentally celebrates under the title of "Factual" and is Russell's fifth release for Editions Mego in the last three years or so. It contains six tracks of which this is possibly the friendliest and is of course available on lovely vinyl which will sound much better than any other format because it's vinyl.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Four)

Free Reign

1. Clinic - Seesaw (Domino)
Taken from the Liverpool bands seventh album "Free Reign" which will be released on Domino Records on 12th November. As well as the usual CD, LP and digital formats there will be a limited edition UFO which apparently is some kind of super sexy glow in the dark frisbee which comes with a download code.  Tour dates and details of a new single will follow in due course. 

Emily (Hehe) cover art

2. Crash And The 'Coots - Brian Fury Wins! [Alternate Version] (Heart Throb Records)
This is an alternative version of a track on a new E.P. by Crash And The 'Coots. It's called the "John Coles Park E.P." and will be released on cassette through London based label Heart Throb Records on 15th October and digitally a couple of weeks later. 
The band will celebrate by playing a "special cassette release day show" at the Old Blue Last in London on 15th October.

3. Oreaganomics - Happy Yet True (Self Released)
Yet another great new track from Oreaganomics. 

Reveries [VINYL]

4. Maribel - Meow! (Splendour)
I'm a little bit late on this one as it was released back in February. It's the second album from Maribel following their 2009 debut "Aesthetics". This one features German vocalist Rebekka Von Markstien who certainly makes these tunes come alive. The album is called "Reveries" and this is a track which I keep coming back to. 

Red cover art

5. Silkies - Red (Young Latitudes/Heart Throb Records)
Another cassette release on Heart Throb Records is the first E.P. from Boston duo Silkies. It's called the "Like One E.P. and will be available from 29th October on cassette and digital download through Heart Throb Records and Young Latitudes respectively.

6. Obnox - Tia Vincent (Permanent)
Permanent Records are certainly responsible for some of the most abrasive records of recent time and this one is no different. It's the new record by Obnox and as usual is limited to fairly small quantities of vinyl. There will be just three hundred copies pressed with two hundred on blood red transparent vinyl which will be available from retailers and one hundred on bone coloured vinyl which will be available exclusively through Permanent Records so take your pick. The album is called "Rojo" and will be released on 23rd October.

7. Jan Jelinek - Fragment 1 (Faitiche)
Taken from the album "Music For Fragments/Music For Birds" which is available now on Faitiche Records


8. Toy - Dead And Gone (Heavenly)
How good is this. One of twelve excellent tracks on what I predict will be record pretty near the top of everyone's list come the end of the year, which now I come to think of it isn't that far away. The album, as if you don't know by now is the self titled debut from the London band who's recent session for BBC 6 Music was posted on this site a few weeks ago.

Destroyer (Trent Reznor / Allesandro Cortini / Atticus Ross Remix)

9. Telepath - Destroyer [Trent Reznor, Alessandro Cortini & Atticus Ross Remix] (Federal Prism)
Taken from a seven inch single released last week through Federal Prism.

The True Story Of House Music

10. Elbee Bad - Just Don't Stop (Rush Hour)
For a start what a great sleeve that is. Elbee Bad has been making music for longer than I can remember. This album pulls probably most of his early work together and to my ears at least sounds great. I believe this track was actually his first ever release way back in the mists of time.

Freak Waves

11. Sea Pinks - False Spring (CF Records)
Taken from the album "Freak Waves" which again is noticeable for having a fantastic sleeve. That bloke looks well peeved about his swimming pool copping an unfortunate one!

06 Neu Division cover art

12. Torpa - Every Minute Starts An Hour (Self Released)
This excellent track is track one on a new E.P. from Torpa which can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from the Torpa Bandcamp Page. I think I could listen to this constantly all day long.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Wedding Present - Vienna 2012

A great performance from Leeds finest who are currently touring Europe on their Seamonsters 20th Anniversary tour which basically means they play their 1992 album Seamonsters in it's entirety along with a few other songs. The tour continues throughout November and details can be found on the Scopitones website. It does include a date in York which I'm greatly looking forward to but you just know that some disaster will occur to stop me going, as usually happens when The Fall play in my vicinity. 
You might remember a couple of months ago The Wedding Present released a new album called "Valentina" well in a couple of weeks Mr Gedge will be releasing a book called "Valentina - The Story Of A Wedding Present Album" which apparently is a behind the scenes account of the making of the said album. You can order the book from the Scopitones website for £12.

My Favourite Dress
Deer Caught In The Headlights
Take Me

Friday, October 05, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Three)

1. Sunglasses - Cold Shoulder (Self Released)
New single from Brooklyn duo Sunglasses who will release their debut album "Wildlife" on 13th November.

Pipe Dreams

2. Whirr - Toss (Tee Pee)
For some reason it's taken me far too long to get a copy of the debut album from Whirr (formerly Whirl and I'm glad they changed their name because there was another band of the same name from years ago) which was released quite a few months ago. It's called "Pipe Dreams" and is quite stunning if you like a lot of distorted guitars in your music and let's face it the ice caps would probably melt a lot faster without distorted guitars. If you were paying attention to last weeks Fodder  you would have noticed the Whirr track taken from the current E.P. "Part Time Punks Sessions" which you can download for a price of your choice from their Bandcamp Page. Two of the tracks on that appear on this album in slightly different form along with a further eight tracks, non of which will let you down. "Pipe Dreams" was released on Tee Pee Records back in March and although you're probably all over this record and I'm the last sad sack in the world to hear it I can't recommend it highly enough.

Fantasm Planes

3. Clark - Com Re-Touch/Pocket For Jack (Warp)
Taken from the new six track Clark record which features re-workings of three tracks from the electronic masters recent "Iradelphic" album along with three possibly new tracks exclusive to this release.

New Relics

4. Errors - Ammaboa Glass (Rock Action)
This week has seen the release of the new Errors album on Rock Action of Glasgow. The band are currently celebrating the release with a quick dash around Britain.

6th October - Stirling, Tollbooth
10th October - Manchester, Soup Kitchen
11th October - Norwich, Sound and Vision Festival
12th October - Newcastle. Hoults Yard
13th October - Edinburgh, Electric Circus
17th October - Nottingham, Bodega
18th October - London, Heaven
19th October - Bristol, Exchange
20th October - Cardiff, SWN Festival

Out Of The Black

5. Boys Noize - Missile (Boys Noize)
Taken from the album "Out Of The Black" which is released on Boys Noize Recordings this week.

Light and Glow cover art

6. Los Jardines De Bruselas - Why Are We Here? (Self Released)
Taken from the Buenos Aires bands new self released album "Light And Glow" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page for whatever price to deem appropriate. Alternately there is a limited edition of one hundred CD's available for $12 each also from Bandcamp.

Fondation Sonore 01
Ancient Methods vs Kareem - Exstinctio Conscientia 
Limited edition vinyl 500 copies, 180g colored vinyl
Vinyl and digital will be distributed by Hardwax
Also available at :
Coming soon ! 
7. Ancient Methods - Zealots [Ancient Methods Interpretation] (Fondation Sonore)

At The Down-Turned Jagged  Rim Of The Sky

8. Jessica Bailiff - Take Me To The Sun (Kranky)
Taken from the new Jessica Bailiff album "At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky" which I think I'm right in saying is her first new album for six years. Let's hope we don't have to wait more than half a decade for the next.

9. I'm In You - Ex Cult (Self Released)
I can't tell you very much about this track other than it's the first taste of the forthcoming album "Trust" which will be released imminently.

Come Down cover art

10. Glish - Future Things (Self Released)
This fine track is one of five an a new E.P. from the New Orleans band and is available to download from their Bandcamp page along with last years "Blast Off" E.P. which I haven't heard myself yet but look forward to doing so later.

11. Goosebumps - I Don't Know/Shit Needle (Burn Books)
This is one of six rather noisy tracks on a seven inch single from New York band Goosebumps which is available from Burn Books Records. I say available but there is every possibility that it might have sold out. If you see a copy, grab it!

12. STL - Your Turn (Smallville)
One of three superb tracks on a new 12" entitled "Flying Saucer Attack" which is available now on Smallville Records.