Saturday, September 08, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventy Nine)

Visitors cover art

1. Last Remaining Pinnacle - Every Night (Self Released)
Despite being around for seventeen years this is the debut album from Virginia based Last Remaining Pinnacle and I have to say it was worth the wait. It can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp page or if you prefer something with a bit more substance there is a limited  edition CD version of which only two hundred and fifty grace the planet and this too can be ordered from Bandcamp in exchange for $7.99. 

2. Ask For Joy - Hey Tracey (Self Released)
This really is a tremendous E.P. It's the second release from Texas's lovely Ask For Joy and is available for download in full from their bandcamp page. 

Untitled - Midland & Pariah - SHEWORKS003

3. Midland And Pariah - Untitled 1 (Works The Long Nights)
This is one of two untitled tracks on a new twelve inch single on Pariah's own Works The Long Nights label.

goodbyes cover art

4. The Bilinda Butchers - Teen Dream (Self Released)
This track comes from a new five track E.P. by the San Francisco band which is available digitally from their Bandcamp Page. There is also a limited vinyl run within which is advertised coloured vinyl in limited quantities but alas I have no idea what colour that might. The first hundred people to order the vinyl will apparently also receive a free CD featuring three bonus tracks.

Alpaca Sports - I was running

5. Alpaca Sports - Let's Go Somewhere (Dufflecoat)
How nice is this. It's a new single by Alpaca Sports, well this is the b-side actually which will undoubtedly make you wonder as to the joys which await you on the a-side. Well let's just say if you like this track you'll really like "I Was Running". You can furnish yourself with the seven inch vinyl from the Dufflecoat Records website although it will be released by Luxury Records in Sweden and Susy Records in Peru although I should warn you there are only 450 copies!

The Orbserver In The Star House

6. The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry - Golden Clouds (Cooking Vinyl)
What an incredible record this is. As collaborations go this is probably the best I've ever heard. Lee Scratch Perry is of course a living legend and at seventy six years is still clearly not done for he has teamed up with Dr Alex Patterson and co. to produce an incredible record. Take this track for example, Mr Perry is asked the question "Mr Perry, what were the skies like when you were young" harking back to The Orb's classic "Little Fluffy Clouds" from 1990 before hitting us with one of the best dub tracks I've ever heard.
"The Observer In The Star House" is released this week on Cooking Vinyl".

The Cherry Wave - EP cover art

7. The Cherry Wave - Dropped (Self Released)
A lovely track from the Glasgow band's debut E.P. which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page.

cùrT cover art
8. Trùc- Pierdisi (Self Released)
Taken from the album "curT" which can be downloaded free from their bandcamp page.

Blawan - His He She & She

9. Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage (Hinge Finger)
Firstly what a great title. This is the first of four tracks on a new Blawan twelve inch which will be released on Hinge Finger on 30th September.

Why Are We Here? cover art

10. Los Jardines de Bruselas - Why Are We Here (Self Released)
This is the first single from Los Jardines de Bruselas new album "Light And Glow" which will be released on 28th September.

11. Fins - Foxfire (Obscure Me)
One of four tracks on a great new seven inch single from New Milford band Fin's which will be released on the Obscure Me label on 2nd October. It's called "Lawnmower" and as you can tell kicks ass.

Moon Duo / Psychic Ills: Split 7-inch

12. Moon Duo - Zoned (Sacred Bones)
An excellent track to finish this weeks Fodder. It's Moon Duo's contribution to a split seven inch single which the New York band share with Psychic Ill's who contribute a track called "Take Me With You" which is of equal caliber to this swirling monster. The record can be purchased from the Sacred Bones website.


  1. Another superb collection. Many thanks!
    Any chance you could re-post Fodder 178? The link appears to be broken and I'd love to hear it!

  2. Sadly I can't re-post any of the links which have been taken down. It's a bit of a bugger but there you go. I always try to clear tracks where I can but there are the odd ones which aren't and someone took offence to that and instead of simply contacting me to have the offending track removed decided to spoil it for everyone by having every link on the site taken down so as we stand we are pretty much at day one. Burning World is and always will be about promoting new music I'm going to have to be more careful about who's music appears on the site.