Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty Two)

1. Delay Trees - HML (Soliti)
The first taste of the forthcoming album "Doze" which will be released on Soliti Records on 19th October.


2. Metz - Wet Blanket (Sub Pop)
What a lovely racket! This is a track from the noisy Canadian bands debut album which will be released on Sub Pop Records on October 9th. This is the sort of record we always used to associate Sub Pop with before they went soft and personally I can't wait to hear the full thing. If you pre-order the album now from the Sub Pop website you may well get one of the limited edition coloured vinyl copies which are likely to be sold out by the time the release date comes around. Sub Pop refer to this as the "loser edition" and if that's the case I must be a massive loser because I like nothing more than to hold a strangely coloured slab of wax in my hands and can stare at the thing rotating on the turntable for hours.

Part Time Punks Sessions cover art

3. Whirr - Flashback (Self Released)
What a great record. This is one of four tracks on the Oakland band's new E.P. "Part Time Punk Sessions" which you must all go and download from the Whirr Bandcamp Page immediately. Alternatively there is a limited edition cassette run which can also be ordered from the said Bandcamp facility for $6. The cassettes are bright blue apparently in honor of their tour van Big Blue which requires a new engine.

4. The Orwells - Painted Faces And Long Hair (Autumn Tone)
The Orwells consist of five seventeen year old's from Chicago who like nothing more than playing as loud as they can. Their debut album "Remember When" has just been released on Autumn Tone records and is pretty bloody good, especially at ear damaging volume which actually is the only way to listen to this record.

ballerina (remix) cover art

5. Pacific UV - Ballerina [Remix] (Self Released)
Pacific UV are in the studio recording their new album which will hopefully see the light of day early next year. In the meantime our favorite Athens band have released a ten track E.P. called "Crysalis" which features tracks from their rare 2005 E.P. along with remixes of more recent tracks including this new and particularly dancey version of Ballerina which originally appeared on their "Weekends" album from the turn of the year. "Crysalis" can be purchased from the Pacific UV Bandcamp Page on CD or digital download.

An Eagle to Saturn

6. The Leg - An Eagle To Saturn (Songs By Toad)
This is the new single from The Leg who released their brilliant album of the same title earlier in the year.


7. Ringo Deathstarr - Fifteen (Club AC30)
It seems to have taken an age but finally the new album from Ringo Deathstarr is with us. It's the follow-up to last years superb "Colour Trip" album which I thought they would struggle to follow. I needn't have worried though because follow it up they have and in some style. The new record is for one reason or another (and I don't know either) called "Mauve". It contains no less than thirteen new tracks and is quite simply brilliant. I was worried they might try and record another "Colour Trip" but no, "Mauve" certainly represents a step forward in the Deathstarr sound and if they don't get their asses over to North Yorkshire to play in the near future there's going to be trouble because these songs are going to sound unbelievable live. In the meantime I'll just have to destroy another pair of headphones.
You will not be suprised to learn that there is a limited edition of 1000 mauve coloured vinyl which is now available from the Club AC30 shop although I have a feeling they won't be there for long.

Nightrunners cover art

8. Altar Eagle - Get Over It (Digitalis)
Taken from Altar Eagle's second album "Nightrunners" released this week on Digitalis Recordings.

9. Native Mode - Control(er) (Obscure Me)
One of five tracks on a new release from Obscure Me Records. It's by Native Mode and entitled "The Disco AM" which is...
"The Disco AM is a dance club located in the basement of a residence at 18 Underwood Drive in Trumbull, CT. It is open one day per month from 4:00 am to 5:00 am. Why would anyone go to such an inconvenient club? It seems no one has ever had a bad time there in its history. "The drinks are perfect, as is the service," proclaims one thoroughly satisfied customer. The lighting and atmosphere defy explanation at The Disco AM. It's an experience that some call wondrous, and some even call healing. No matter the mix of tastes in the crowd, everyone always seems to love the DJ's selections. The unity and bliss found between these wood paneled walls can't be described properly in our language. Why else would someone park on a residential street at 4:00 am and walk half a mile to some basement?"

10.  Trapped Mice - Dance While Winter Cries (Armellodie)
This is a track from the debut album by Edinburgh five piece Trapped Mice. The album is called "Winter Sun" and will be released on 5th November on Armellodie Records. The first single from the album is called "Mona Lisa" and can be downloaded free from here.

Street Eaters cover art

11. Street Eaters - Blades (Self Released)
This excellent track comes from a new six track E.P. from Californian band Street Eaters. You can download it from their Bandcamp Page for $4 and if you wait until 15th October you will be able to purchase a vinyl copy from German label Cut The Chord That... Very nice indeed!
Manas Disrupted EP cover art

12. Suffering Astrid - Within Infinity, Neither Lost Nor Fallen (Self Released)
Suffering Astrid have just released their third E.P. "Manas Disrupted" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp Page. where you will also find their "Netherizer" album which is well worth a listen.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ringo Deathstarr - Comet Tavern, Seattle, 23rd September 2012

A recent set from the band who have just released possibly the best record of the year so far in their second album "Mauve" which was released just this week on Club AC 30 Recordings. 
This set list is made up of tracks from the new record along with stuff from last years impressive "Colour Trip" album. You have to admire the Texas bands perseverance at this gig as almost everything that could break does but with the character of a hundred wilder-beast they finally get through the set where a lesser band might have thought "sod this for a game of soldiers" and gone back to the van for a kip.  

So High
Tambourine Girl
Do It Every Time
Nap Time
You Don't Listen
Two Girls
In Love
Sweet Girl

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fall - Manchester, The Lowry, 20th September 2012

Great recording of the recent gig at The Lowry in Salford, Manchester. Great credit to the taper because the quality is excellent, both the recording and performance. There are quite a lot of old songs in the set but a couple of new ones as well with "Gray" sounding particularly fine.

What About Us?
Hot Cake
I've Been Duped
Container Drivers
Cowboy George
Psykick Dancehall
Nate Will Not Return
White Lightning

Defurbish / Strychnine / Chino / What About Us? / Hot Cake / I've Been Duped / Gray / Container Drivers / Cowboy George / I'm Not from Bury / Psykick Dancehall // Nate Will Not Return / White Lightnin

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty One)

Ten Songs About Girls

1. Tender Trap - Memorabilia (Fortuna Pop)
It's been over twenty five years since Amelia Fletcher first appeared in our headphones with her first band Talulah Gosh and their first single "Beatnik Boy". Since then hardly a foot has been misplaced, Talulah Gosh gave way to Heavenly who released several great records on the legendary Sarah label. Then we had Marine Research and finally Tender Trap. The thing is if you like one of these bands you will like the others and if you're not familiar with them then that is one great back catalogue for you to check out. To bring things up to date then, this is a track from the fourth Tender Trap album entiltled "Ten Gongs About Girls" and was released just last week on Fortuna Pop. I am proud to report that it is possibly the best Tender Trap record yet and you have to wonder whether Amelia and co. will ever run out of ideas.
It's available from the Fortuna Pop website on all the usual formats and it seems there is also a 7" single from the album called "Step One" which I don't have a copy of... and that upsets me so I must dash, I've got a record to buy.

28th September - London, Buffalo Bar
18th November - London, Lexington

2. Oreaganomics - All Thumbs And No Tounge (Self Released)
Yet another new song from the completely mad Oreaganomics.

Oxidised Matrix V1

3. K-The-I??? - Atlantis (Mush)
Taken from the album "Oxydised Matrix V1"
"K-The-I??? showcases his burgeoning production mastery with Oxidised Matrix V1. After moving to Los Angeles and completing Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow with Dubspot master Thavius Beck, K-The-I??? completely re-invented his production game. Taking stylistic tips from the LA Beat scene, and adding his uniquely twisted touch, K-The-I??? transformed his live shows from rap-only affairs to live beat-making masterclasses. This newfound approach led to his striking Fake Four released full-length, Synesthesia. The album was his first primarily instrumental affair, with the few vocals being supplied guest artists. Oxidised Matrix V1 picks up where Synesthesia left off, and features even more dancefloor friendly backing. Throbbing bass, staccato high-hats, and sub-rattling bass augment productions that highlight his left-of-center sensibilities. K-The-I??? uses Oxidised Matrix V1 to take his career in an exciting new direction."

4. Xiu Xiu - Quagga (Kingfisher Bluez)
New single from Xiu Xiu which will be released on 15th November on Kingfisher Bluez as a seven inch clear vinyl single limited to just three hundred copies which can be pre-ordered from the Kingfisher Bluez website.

//A Journey to the Heart of Matter cover art

5. //orangenoise - Clipped (Self Released)
Really liking this album at the moment. It's the debut album from //orangenoise about whom I know absolutely nothing but that doesn't matter when the music is as good as this. "A Journey To The Heart Of Te Matter" can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp page along with a few previous releases which I'm planning to check out this afternoon. Great band.


6. Seapony - Never Be (Hardly Art)
Taken from the new Seapony album which is available now on white vinyl (first run only so don't mess around) and CD.

Cartography cover art

7. The Autumnkind - Glasshouses (Self Released)
This excellent track comes from The Autumnkind's new "Cartography E.P." which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page, unless you feel like giving them some cash which I'm sure they would quite like.


8. Violetshaped - Introduction To Evil (Violet Poison)
I think this record has probably been around for a while but should still be available. It's a three track clear vinyl E.P. on the Vinyl Poison label by an artist celebrating under the moniker Violetshaped. The E.P. has the great title "The Great Mother Down The Stairs" and provides the kind of Electronic satisfaction I just don't hear enough of.

As Above So Below

9. Azure Ray - Unannounced (Saddle Creek)
Taken from the album "As Above, So Below" which is available from the Saddle Creek website on a limited edition run of two hundred and fifty pink vinyl copies.

End Of Daze

10. Dum Dum Girls - I Got Nothing (Sub Pop)
This is one of five tracks on the new Dum Dum Girls E.P. "End Of Daze" which was available on plum vinyl but I think all of those have now sold out so I'm not sure why I even mentioned it really.

Make Do & Mend EP 1

11. Demdike Stare and Billy Green - Toadstrip (Finders Keepers)
Taken from the "Make Do And Mend 1" twelve inch E.P. which features two tracks by Demdike Stare and Billy Green and one by Slant Azymuth and Bruno Spoerri.

12. Boards Of Canada - Untitled (Machinedrum Edit)
I don't know the origin of this track but I suspect it's some kind of unofficial bootleg. It's certainly some kind of live recording which has never previously seen the light of day. Anyway it's a great track with which to end this weeks Fodder.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toy - BBC 6 Music Session, 12th September 2012

Image for Toy in session

As you probably know by now London band Toy have recently released one of the best records of the year in their self-titled debut album which if there is any justice in this world will sell millions. In support of the record they popped into BBC 6 Music last week to have a chat and play a couple of tracks from the record which is available now on Heavenly Recordings.

1. Lose My Way
2. Kopter

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spectrum - Yellowstock Festival 2012


A superb set from former Spacemen 3 Sonic Boom in his Spectrum guise. It was recorded at the Yellowstock festival in Geel, Belgium a few weeks ago.

Download Zip File

The Lonesome Death Of Johnny Ace
How You Satisfy Me
When Tomorrow Hits
War Sucks 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Eighty)

Bitching Cassettes

1. Runaround Kids - Into The Light (Bitching Cassettes)
This is a track from what will be the second release on Philophobia Music's new imprint Bitching Cassettes which you won't be surprised to learn release cassettes. This release is a split single featuring Runaround Kids and The Spills and is limited to just 100 copies which will be released on 15th October.

2. Perfect Pop - Dancing Shoes (Self Released)
This is a track from the Toronto artist's new six track E.P. which can be downloaded free from his Bandcamp page.

MH-080 Dying Machines - Nicht Sprechen

3. Dying Machines- Await You (Mush)
Some moments of complete loveliness from the debu Dying Machines E.P. "Nicht Sprechen" which is available now on Mush Records.

Winter Garden Light cover art

4. Dot Dash - Countdown (The Beautiful Music)
How good id this? It's a track from the new Dot Dash album "Winter Garden Light" which has been released this week on Canadian label The Beautiful Music. It's the follow up to last years impressive debut "Spark Flame Ember Ash" which was also featured on this site. The new record however is even better there truly is nothing on here you could consider disappointing. I just wish they would come over to this side of the Atlantic for a few dates. The album can be purchased as a download from their Bandcamp page or as a physical CD from The Beautiful Music website although that doesn't seem to be working today, a bit like most of the links on this site which were taken down last week by some cretin. 

5. Guilty Ghosts - All Flesh Is Grass
This is the first taste of the new Guilty Ghosts E.P. "Trespasser" which will be released on 2nd October as a digital download with a limited edition physical release, although what exactly that consists of  I have no idea.

And IV (Inertia)

6. Grischa Lichtenberger - Uu78 (Raster Norton)
Taken from the album "And. IV" which will be released on 1st October on Raster Norton.

Namesake cover art

7. Ten Kens - Bliss
Taken from the Toronto bands third album "Namesake" which was released just last week.

5 September - Paddy Flaherty’s Irish Pub, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
27 September - The Atria, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
28 September - The Nite Owl, London, Ontario, Canada
13 October - The Garrison, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
6 November - The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ, USA
7 November - Pianos, New York, NY, USA
11 November - Don Pedro’s, Brooklyn, NY, USA
13 November - Sidebar, Baltimore, MD, USA
17 November - The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
18 November - Bernies Distillery, Columbus, OH, USA
19 November - MOTR, Cincinnati, OH, USA
21 November - Fubar Lounge, St. Louis, MO, USA

True Avenue

8. Anything After - Medicine  (Candy Shots)
This record was actually released back in April but I've only just got a copy. It's the bands third album following "There's Something Warm"and "Another Way Of Saying" both of which can be downloaded free from the bands Facebook Page.


9. Toy - Left Myself Behind (Heavenly)
What a great record. This track comes from the debut album from the soon to be huge TOY, or to be precise from the BBC Sessions CD which accompanies the album should you buy it from Rough Trade. The record was be released on Heavenly Recordings last week and will certainly be regarded as one of the best debuts of 2012.
You can catch them live at:-

Fri 19 Oct Sheffied, Plug
Sat 20 Oct Birmingham, HMV Temple
Tues 23 Oct Norwich, Waterfront Studio
Wed 24 Oct London, Heaven
Thurs 25 Oct Southampton, Talking Heads
Sat 27 Oct Brighton, Green Door Store
Sun 28 Oct Manchester, Ruby Lounge
Mon 29 Oct Newcastle, Cluny
Tues 30 Oct Glasgow, Sleazy’s

Emergency Stairway
10. Thought Broadcast - (Editions Mego)
No sooner have we got over Thought Broadcast's impressive self titled debut album released just a few months ago on Olde English Spelling Bee than another album appears this time on the Editions Mego label. That's quick work for you, if only The Fall could work that fast! The new record then is more of the same. Pure dubby electronic bliss and the beauty is you never quite know whats going to happen next. "Emergency Stairway" is available on all formats from Editions Mego but you just know the vinyl is going to sound simply superb.


11. Cuddly Shark - Overpriced (Armellodie)
Glasgow band Cuddly Shark will release their new E.P. "Body Mass Index" through Armellodie Records on 8th October. 
"The Body Mass Index EP is the first new material from the band since said album, and continues to show the trio brimming with punk attitude and spilling over with melodic brilliance. Reaffirming that they will never have an ounce of pretentious hip- fat on them. The bands forthcoming album, The Road To Ugly is due for release in January next year."

Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life cover art

12. Hammock - Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life (Self Released)
This is the first taste of the new Hammock album "Departure Songs" which I can tell you absolutely nothing about save for it will probably be released in October and may or may not be a double album. A lot of use I am!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Joy Formidable - London, The Lexington 21st August 2012

A recent set from The Joy Formidable which see's them showcase some of their new songs, presumably tracks from the new album "Wolf's Law" which apparently won't be released until January. There is a new single though, it's called "Cholla" and will be released on 15th October around the time the band embark on a UK tour although as we speak I still don't have the dates. Secretive little buggers aren't they. Incidentally the "Wolf's Law" track which was published on this site a couple of weeks ago and also appears on this set is not on the new album despite being the title of the thing. The video for that track can be seen below.

The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade
I Don't Want To See You Like This
A Heavy Abacus
Silent Treatment
Wolf's Law
The Ever Changing Spectrum Of A Lie

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attic Sky's - This Is Home E.P.

This Is Home EP cover art

This is the debut E.P. from New Zealand band Attic Sky's and I think you'll agree it's pretty damn fine.

1. This Is Home
2. Wolfpack
3. F.T.P.
4. A Word For Missing Something Before It Is Gone

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventy Nine)

Visitors cover art

1. Last Remaining Pinnacle - Every Night (Self Released)
Despite being around for seventeen years this is the debut album from Virginia based Last Remaining Pinnacle and I have to say it was worth the wait. It can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from their Bandcamp page or if you prefer something with a bit more substance there is a limited  edition CD version of which only two hundred and fifty grace the planet and this too can be ordered from Bandcamp in exchange for $7.99. 

2. Ask For Joy - Hey Tracey (Self Released)
This really is a tremendous E.P. It's the second release from Texas's lovely Ask For Joy and is available for download in full from their bandcamp page. 

Untitled - Midland & Pariah - SHEWORKS003

3. Midland And Pariah - Untitled 1 (Works The Long Nights)
This is one of two untitled tracks on a new twelve inch single on Pariah's own Works The Long Nights label.

goodbyes cover art

4. The Bilinda Butchers - Teen Dream (Self Released)
This track comes from a new five track E.P. by the San Francisco band which is available digitally from their Bandcamp Page. There is also a limited vinyl run within which is advertised coloured vinyl in limited quantities but alas I have no idea what colour that might. The first hundred people to order the vinyl will apparently also receive a free CD featuring three bonus tracks.

Alpaca Sports - I was running

5. Alpaca Sports - Let's Go Somewhere (Dufflecoat)
How nice is this. It's a new single by Alpaca Sports, well this is the b-side actually which will undoubtedly make you wonder as to the joys which await you on the a-side. Well let's just say if you like this track you'll really like "I Was Running". You can furnish yourself with the seven inch vinyl from the Dufflecoat Records website although it will be released by Luxury Records in Sweden and Susy Records in Peru although I should warn you there are only 450 copies!

The Orbserver In The Star House

6. The Orb featuring Lee Scratch Perry - Golden Clouds (Cooking Vinyl)
What an incredible record this is. As collaborations go this is probably the best I've ever heard. Lee Scratch Perry is of course a living legend and at seventy six years is still clearly not done for he has teamed up with Dr Alex Patterson and co. to produce an incredible record. Take this track for example, Mr Perry is asked the question "Mr Perry, what were the skies like when you were young" harking back to The Orb's classic "Little Fluffy Clouds" from 1990 before hitting us with one of the best dub tracks I've ever heard.
"The Observer In The Star House" is released this week on Cooking Vinyl".

The Cherry Wave - EP cover art

7. The Cherry Wave - Dropped (Self Released)
A lovely track from the Glasgow band's debut E.P. which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page.

cùrT cover art
8. Trùc- Pierdisi (Self Released)
Taken from the album "curT" which can be downloaded free from their bandcamp page.

Blawan - His He She & She

9. Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage (Hinge Finger)
Firstly what a great title. This is the first of four tracks on a new Blawan twelve inch which will be released on Hinge Finger on 30th September.

Why Are We Here? cover art

10. Los Jardines de Bruselas - Why Are We Here (Self Released)
This is the first single from Los Jardines de Bruselas new album "Light And Glow" which will be released on 28th September.

11. Fins - Foxfire (Obscure Me)
One of four tracks on a great new seven inch single from New Milford band Fin's which will be released on the Obscure Me label on 2nd October. It's called "Lawnmower" and as you can tell kicks ass.

Moon Duo / Psychic Ills: Split 7-inch

12. Moon Duo - Zoned (Sacred Bones)
An excellent track to finish this weeks Fodder. It's Moon Duo's contribution to a split seven inch single which the New York band share with Psychic Ill's who contribute a track called "Take Me With You" which is of equal caliber to this swirling monster. The record can be purchased from the Sacred Bones website.