Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tereshkova - Romance Space (2012)

romance space cover art

1. Blue Whale
2. Tentacles
3. Flowered Fingers
4. Lemon Cake 
5. Gardens Of Lost Lust
6. J.R.s Trip
7. Blush
8. Heart Song
9. Pale Brain
10. Sunshine
11. Misunderstandings (we are close to the mountain)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventy Three)

1. The Julia Sound - Breathless
There's nothing like a nice bit of noise to start the weekend. I know nothing about The Julia Sound beyond the facts that they have made a damn good five track E.P. and they have encased it within a sleeve which makes your eyes go funny. Great stuff from start to finish and I hope we will hear more from the mysterious Julie's before we get too much older.

Sin & Lostness

2. The Lost Rivers - (Pid)
Taken from the album "Sin And Lostness"which is available now on Pid Records.

3. Kangding Ray - Thar (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
This is the first of four tracks on Kanding Ray's new "Monad XI" E.P. which is available now on Germany's Stroboscopic Artifacts label.

4. My Name Is Ishmael Ali - Rhinestone (Obscure Me)
This is a track which was included on one of CTindie's summer mix tapes which can be listened to here. My Name Is Ishmael Ali come from Connecticut and will release their debut album later in the year.

5. Orange Blossom Flyover - Near Beyond Alone (Self Released)
This is a brand new song which has recently appeared on the duo's Soundcloud page.

Roland Rat / Brain Storm Remixes [VINYL]

6. Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Roland Rat [LFO Remix] (BNR Trax)
Yet another winner from BNR Trax. I must have played this at least twenty times today and I feel I am qualified to report that although it sounds even better at ear splitting volume it does no good whatsoever for neighborly relations. This is the LFO remix of Roland Rat the original version of which released on a BNR
twelve inch a couple of months ago but in my opinion these mixes better the originals by some margin and if you flip the record over you get a storming remix of  "Brain Storm" by Dave Clark & Mr Jones.

Clouds in Our Hair

7. Blue Light Curtain - Night Falls In (Blue Light Curtain)
Blue Light curtain have been around since 2002, released their debut E.P. in 2006 but only now treat us to their debut album. If only My Bloody Valentine could match their speed! The record is called "Clouds In Our Hair" and is available on vinyl and CD but according to the CD Baby website where it can be purchased the vinyl comes with a free CD version of the album which begs the question why would anyone buy the CD?

Now Here's My Plan

8. Bonny Prince Billy - I Don't Belong To Anyone (Domino)
This is the first track on a new six track E.P. from Bony Prince Billy continuing what has been a very good year for the Prince in particular the stunning "Hummingbird" which still gets a regular airing in my house. Then there was the collaboration with Trembling Bells on their new album "The Marble Downs" which was also very impressive. The new record "Now Here's My Plan" consists of six new versions of classic Bonny Prince Billy songs timed (almost) perfectly to coincide with the release of the "Will Oldham on Bonny Prince Billy".
 book which I can't wait to get a copy of.

romance space cover art

9. Tereshkova - Gardens Of Lost Lust (Self Released)
This track comes from an album called "Romance Space" which you can download in full from Tereshkova's Bandcamp Page. As usual I'm a little late on this one as it has been around since April but not to worry, better late than never as they say.

10. Oscar Mulero - False Statements (Warm Up)
Taken from the album "Black Propaganda which is available now on Warm Up Records of Spain.

The Hidden Secrets EP cover art

11. Boyish - Quarrel (Self Released)
I'm loving this at the moment. It's one of three tracks on a new E.P. from Japanese band Boyish. Even better news is that you can download the E.P. in full without spending a penny from their Bandcamp Page. That's what I call a bargain!

12. Jefre Cantu ~ Ledesma - Faceless Kiss (Emerald Cocoon)
This is the a-side of a great new seven inch single on the Emerald Cocoon label. There are only three hundred copies so don't hang about. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventy Two)

Image of IBB018- Novella EP 2nd Press *Lilac Vinyl*

1. Novella - Don't Believe Ayn Rand (Italian Beach Babes)
Taken from the five track self titled E.P. which is now on it's second pressing on very nice lilac vinyl.

2. Making Marks - Hard To Be Good (Fika)
Formerly known as My Little Pony (awful name) now slimmed down to a four piece and part of the Fika Recordings roster this is the first taste from the Norwegian bands new album which will hopefully be released early next year. Their Fika debut will be a seven inch single called "Ticket Machine" which will be released in October.

Island Twins cover artg

3. Island Twins - The Wolfs Lair (Self Released)
I've been loking forward to this record for ages. It's the debut album from Brooklyn band Island Twins who impressed us last month with their insanely catchy "Creepaway" single which has been a regular on my ipod recently. The self titled album is available to download from the bands Bandcamp page for $8 or you can order the limited edition vinyl version which appears to be on Fighting Ghosts Records. It's limited to just five hundred copies which come on lovely green vinyl.

4. Vakula - Dub As Always (Shevchenko)
Lots of vinyl in this weeks Fodder. This record was actually released towards the end of last year but I've only just managed to get one. It's a twelve inch single from Ukrainian artist Vakula which comes on very nice clear vinyl on the Shevchenko label. It's the third release on Shevchenko but the first in my collection. This is the track which appears on the a-side of the record while a thirteen minute monster entitled "Untitled" which is cool.

Netheriser cover art

5. Suffering Astrid - Thousand At A Glance (Self Released)
You might remember a few month's ago I posted a track fro this album while it was apparently still work in progress. Now it's finished and is pretty damn impressive. It's called "Netheriser" and can be downloaded from the Suffering Astrid Bandcamp page for a price of your choosing.

6. Blonde Summer - Slow Days, Fast Company
Taken from the Californian band's new E.P. "Slow Daze" which will be released on 31st July.

7. Dressed In Wires - How Long Have You Known (Bear With Me)
They never let you down do they. This is it the fourth and final installment in their "Bring The Exhibits" series which is, I'm sure responsible for seventy percent of premature hearing loss over the last year or so. The final album in the series is called "Needs" and is just as likely to give your ears a good kicking as a Luton Town fan (only joking... sort of). There is also going to be a rather limited limited edition as their press release describes...
"There will be 25 strictly limited edition special copies, packaged in sealed manilla envelopes stuffed with discarded cassette tape and broken guitar strings , for around 7 pounds each.   When those copies are all gone, it will be put out as modest boring physical editions in plastic cases or something at dirt cheap prices.  It's also available as as a boring mp3 version at name-your-price prices,  or probably torrentable for nothing if that's how your wrists are going to insist. 
 This release is guaranteed unavailable on any internet streaming services.
 (The first song is specially formulated to clean the disgusting pop residue of Part The Third out of your earlugs; things begin to get slightly nicer again following that administrative procedure, so don't switch the whole thing off and bin it just because you didn't like the first seven minutes, it perks up.)"

"Needs" will be available as of 13th August on their own Bear With Me label.

Lost Memories cover art

8. Along Came December - Flames Burn Bright (Canata)
The latest release on Canata Records is a four track E.P. from Along Came December which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp Page.

9. French Fries - One Ting [Dub Mix] (Clek Clek Boom)
This is the b-side of the current single "What To Do" which was released last week on Clek Clek Boom.

Internet Forever cover art

10. Internet Forever - I Don't Care (Tape Alarm)
Another record which I'm possibly a bit late on is the debut album from  "Internet Forever". I think this was released back in April and the chances are everybody in the whole wide world has a copy by now.

I'm Sure (album sample) cover art

11. Twin Cabins - Ashes (Self Released)
"I'm Sure" is the debut release from Nacho Cano otherwise known the world over as Twin Cabins. I'm not sure as to the exact release date or indeed what formats will be available. In fact all I have is this track which will be a bonus track on the album. You can sample some of the other tracks at Twin Cabin's Bandcamp Page.

12. Merx - The Law (Permanent)
A terrific new release on Permanent Records of Chicago.

"MERX is the most highly-educated band of professionals in LA.  Maybe that's why the members have chosen to keep their off-the-grid musical hobby so minimally simplistic.  Each one of the nine songs on Merx's debut LP is comprised of looped synthetic drums, repetitively melodic bass and synth lines, and post-apocalyptic Morricone-esque guitar bits.  Over the top, a very tall man in a Throbbing Gristle/Mickey Mouse/Grateful Dead parody tee speak/sings shouts/whoops like a baritone hybrid of Ian Curtis, Nick Cave, and Alan Vega.  His lyrics are simplified existential philosophies that seem worthy of printing, studying, analyzing, and pondering for all eternity.  Of course, this man chose not to include his lyrics on the insert.  What you do get, however , are a bunch of random hand-made collages, stickers, and weird notes written by band members (who will remain nameless) themselves.  The songs are short, memorable, and timeless post-punk numbers that sound similar, but not exactly like anything we've ever heard before.  The band member's education obviously extends beyond the classroom and into the rock'n'roll realm, specifically UK circa 79-81.  "Merx" is a timeless 21st century record for connoisseurs with a morbid curiosities.  That means you.  Mastered by Cooper Crain of Cave, Bitchin' Bajas at 45 RPM for maximum response, volume, and fidelity. Highly recommended, indeed."

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventy One)


1. Meursault - Flittin' (Songs By Toad)
This track comes from Meurdault's third album "Something For The Weakened" which is released on 16th July.

Intro To Fractions

2. All The Saints - EIO (Souterrain Transmissions)
I'm a little bit late on this one which was released back in January. It's the second album by Atlanta band All The Saints and to my eternal distress I don't own a copy of their 2008 debut "Fire On Corridor X" which was released on Touch And Go Records. The new, well pretty new record is called "Intro To Fractions" and surely must be the band's best work to date. If that illusive debut is better than this I'll eat the cat.

MH-078 Pressed And - Hyper Thistle EP

3. Pressed And - Komusō Flutter Kick IV (Mush)
The "Hyper Thistle E.P." is the second release from Pressed And following up their debut "Imbue Up E.P." also released on Mush Records a few months ago. This record seems somehow more involved and hopefully points the direction the duo are heading as they work on their debut album.

Out of Focus cover art

4. Shallow - Out Of Focus (Self Released)
I have no information about Shallow at all apart from to say that this is a track from their debut four track E.P.  which will be released at some point this month.

Tough Guys of America EP cover art

5. Tough Guys Of America - Jersey Shore (Self Released)
With a name like Tough Guys Of America this lot really aren't getting off to the best of starts. It's a name which put's you in mind of lot's of crap bands from the late eighties, early nineties with stupid hair and bad breath. It certainly doesn't prepare you for what is actually a very good record. It's the debut E.P. from a band from Belgrade all the members from which have been in other bands with much better names such as 26 Daggers and Spitliver, neither of which I've actually heard the music by and I would be surprised if they were anything like as good as this. The E.P. can be downloaded in full from the band's Bandcamp Page .

6. Neil Landstrumm - Energy Cash (Don't Recordings)
Sadly this twelve inch E.P. seems to be sold out just about everywhere. It's a four track E.P. featuring two tracks by Neil Landstrumm who seems to have been doing this sort of stuff since the dawn of time, and two tracks from Matt Whitehead. It's the twentieth release on the Don't record label and I really wish I had the complete set.

Arc in Round cover art

7. Arc In Round - II (La Societe Expeditionnaire)
This is the lead track on what I assume to be the debut album from Arc In Round which was released a couple of weeks ago.

8. Kap Bambino - Devotion [Mobscene Remix] (Because Music)
Probably the finest mix on the new Kap Bambino "Devotion E.P." which was released last month.

083 sleeve

9. Pale Sunday - Happy [When You Lived Here] (Matinee)
This is the first track on the new Pale Sunday E.P. "The Fake Stories About You And Me" which will be released on 24th July on Matinee. It's the first release in quite a while from the Brazilian four piece who gave us the brilliant "Weekend With Jane" E.P. back in 2003 and their only album to date "Summertime" in 2005. Hopefully they will have another album up their sleeve but they do seem like the kind of band who would happily take five years to make a cup of tea.

10. The Pows - Kids (Permanent)
For one reason or another I ended up listening to this record again this week. The Pows were operational from about 1998 to about 2004 and this album "Once With Snot And Blood" is basically a retrospective of the abrasive noise they made. It was released back in April on Permanent Records of Chicago who are about to release a record by Merx (unless they have already) and all being well there will be a track from that in next weeks Fodder. Unfortunately your chances of getting a copy of The Pows record is quite slim as there were only one hundred copies and it sold out a while ago. I would love to post the whole thing on this site but I'm not sure what the folks at Permanent Records would think about that.

SFV Acid #2

11. SFV Acid - Slim Ministry (Post Present Medium)
Taken from the album "SFV Acid #2" which compiles some of Zane Reynolds earlier work.


12. Shrag - Your The Shout (Fortuna Pop)
Shrag's new album "Canines" is a real return to form and possibly the best record they've made to date. This track was originally posted on this site in slightly different form a few months ago when the band ecorded a session for Mark Riley at BBC 6 Music and can still be downloaded elsewhere on this site. "Canines" was released last week on Fortuna Pop.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Warthog - Chain Wallet Sessions

These are all five tracks from a cassette from New York band Warthog (formerly Chain Wallet). I have no idea how many of these cassettes are out there or indeed how you could furnish yourself with one other than attending a Warthog gig which judging by the quality of the music on here should be top priority for anyone within a fifty mile radius of such an event. 

1. M.F.S.
2. Pig
3. Shit
4. Top Shelf
5. Control

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Seventy)

1. Whirling Hall Of Knives - Alternate Devil [Tamas] (Trensmat)
A superb new single from the Trensmat label. This is one of two versions of "Alternative Devil" on this limited edition seven inch single which will be released on coloured vinyl early in August. The record will come complete will digital downloads so you''ll never actually have to go to the trouble of playing it. I mention this because the download bundle also includes a track called "Staggering Depths" which is also excellent.

FOUR TET - 128 Harps / 128 Harps (Anthony Naples Remix) image

2. Four Tet - 128 Harps [Anthony Naples Remix] (Text)
Hot on the heels of his recent "Jupiters" single comes another winner. 128 Harps is available now on Kieran Hebden's own Text label.

3. Lumerians - Untitled 1 (Permanent)
This is the first of four tracks, all untitled on a new twelve inch E.P. from Permanent Records. It's the twenty ninth release on the label and I'm struggling to think of a bad record. The E.> is called "Transmittions Vol IV" and according to the press release is "a selection of spontaneous music from Lumerians hard drive catacombs" whatever that means.

"Side A are fragments of raw stella ore, unnamed and unclassified, delivered with a thin protective lubricant to prevent violent combustion in the Earth's oxygen rich atmosphere."
"Side B is a trans dimensional demon love child, imploding with raging love, but too grotesque to live in this world. Left anonymous lest the utterance of his name bring doom to us all."

  Well they certainly know how to deliver an imaginative press release. The record is released on 10th July and is limited to five hundred copies, 150 on transparent sea blue vinyl and 350 on bone wax whatever colour that is. It's released on Permanent Records in the U.S and Hands in the dark in France although considering most people buy online you could pretty well chose which version you want.

Indian Wells - Night Drops cover art

4. Indian Wells - Wimbledon 1980 (Bad Panda)
You don't get enough sport samples in records these days. This track contains some great ones though, taken as you might guess from the Wimbledon tournament of 1980. At least that's where I presume they come from as I know as much about tennis as I do about crochet. It's the lead track on a new album from Bad Panda Records who have been entertaining us for what seems like an eternity now. It's the first material I've heard from Indian Wells who is described on the Bad Panda website as mysterious Italian producer(s) indicating that even they're a bit unsure who they actually are. This of course doesn't matter a jot because the important thing is that they, he, she has produced a terrific debut album which you can download for a price of your choosing from the Indian Wells bandcamp page or if you prefer something you can hold in your hand and gaze at there is a limited edition CD run of just a hundred copies which are available from Bad Panda Records.


5. Black Market Karma - Dirty Water (Flower Power)
Taken from the London bands second album "Cocoon" which was released last week on Flower Power Records.
As well as plenty of festival appearances Black Market Karma will play The Macbeth in London on 21st July along with Exit Calm, Peppermint Beat Band and The Sonic Jewels.

Red Box Secrets

6. Pale Man Made - Dog, Cat, Pony (Odd Box)
This is a track from the Newcastle band's second album "Box Of Tricks" which is available now on Odd Box Records.

Forever Falling Toward The Sky cover art

7. Vestels - Forever Falling (Root Strata)
I suppose you could call this the title track from Vestels debut E.P. "Forever Falling Towards The Sky" which as you can hear is nothing less than beautiful. The six track E.P. is available on vinyl from Root Strata Records limited to just three hundred copies.

Ruler Of The Night

8. Magic Trick - Torture (Hardly Art)
Taken from the album "Ruler Of The Night" which is the second album by Tim Cohen under his Magic Trick banner. You do see some strange promotional items from time to time. This year we have had everything from recipes to tea bags but this is the first record I have ever known to come with a limited edition ruler... yes I did say ruler... so you can measure things... if you want.

Boy 8-Bit - We Move By Night Cover
9. Boy 8 Bit - We Move By Night (Blood Music)
This is simply sublime. It's one of three tracks on a new E.P. from the constantly improving Boy 8 Bit which was released at the end of June.


10. Micachu and The Shapes - Waste (Rough Trade)
This is a track from the second Micachu and The Shapes album "Never" which will be released on 24th July. on Rough Trade.

11. Warthog - Pig (Self Released)
This is the second track on a cassette called "Chain Wallet Sessions" after the bands previous name. Unless you live in New York and can get to their gigs you will probably find it slightly difficult to find a copy of this cassette but worry not my friends because I will post it on here in it's entirety in the next few days (unless I forget, can't be bothered or change my mind).

Shakers (110% Mix)

12. Surtek Collective - Vertical [Original Mix] (BNR Trax)
The latest release on the consistently excellent BNR Trax recordings.