Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Nine)

Heartbreak Girl cover art

1. The Chantepleures - Feels Like Heaven (Self Released)
This is the title track from The Chantepleures current E.P. which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp Page.

Proto Idiot "Idiot Proto"

2. Proto Idiot - The Truth (Odd Box)
Taken from Andrew Anderson's (for it is he) latest album "Idiot Proto" which was actually released back in February on Odd Box.

Digital Native

3. Polysick - Preda (Planet Mu)
This is superb yet slightly strange electronica from the Planet Mu label. It's taken from the new Polysick album  "Digital Native" which was released a couple of weeks ago. 

Fantasist / Cape Canaveral cover art

4. Honey - Cape Canaveral (Self Released)
One of the tracks on the new free single from Glasgow's Honey who are hopefully locked in a cold studio in Scotland until such a time as their debut album is finished. Both tracks can be downloaded from their Bandcamp site

Temporary Room cover art

5. Stagnant Pools - Solitude (Polyvinyl)
This little gem comes from the debut album by Stagnant Pools. It won't be "properly" released until the official Polyvinyl release in August when you will be able to choose between black or white vinyl. In the meantime, if you're very quick and it may well be already too late, you can purchase a very limited hand made cassette version of the album which comes with high quality download so you will be able to simply marvel at the workmanship on the tape rather than actually find a way to play it. These are available from the Stagnant Pools Bandcamp page but as I said they might well be history already. At the time of writing they have 25 copies left!

The Disco Scooters - From Mud to the MoonFrom Mud to the Moon Pre Order the Cassette

6. Disco Scooters - Some Tree Talking (Side Cartel)
Originally released on cassette back in 1986 The Disco Scooters one and only album has been re-issued by Side Cartel on yellow cassette and of course digital download. This is what the press release has to say on the matter.
"The Disco Scooters were from St Leonards-On-Sea in East Sussex. Named after a children’s funfair ride on Hastings promenade they were one of numerous obscure acts writing and recording music in the “isolated pockets” of the UK in 1986. Pre-internet most of these bands were only heard by a handful of friends in village halls and local pubs and the only possibility of reaching outside any local scene was to get a mention, or a place on a cover mounted flexi-disc, in one of the photocopied fanzines hawked at gigs or ignored in the racks of the local record shop. Influenced by bands like Suicide, Orange Juice, Swell Maps, T.Rex and It’s A Beautiful Day, From Mud To The Moon was recorded above a hairdressers on Norman Road (the sound of angry curling tongs on the ceiling can be heard partway through the incongruously heavy “Rock’n’Roll”) on a Fostex four-track cassette deck with effects supplied by a home hi-fi. Originally planned as a vinyl album the Playground label ran out of money after the test pressings and it was released on cassette only. After being named one of BBC Radio Sussex’s records of the year, leading to a live session broadcast from the public toilets on Hastings sea front and a single Radio One play by Janice Long the band called it a day."

Night Is Dark cover art

7. Grand Resort - Night Is Dark (Self Released)
Grand Resort is the work of  Andres Pichardo who has spent the last three years locked in his apartment in Massachusetts recording stuff. As you will notice it's been time well spent and Grand Resort as he prefer's to be called will release his debut album "Vanguard Dreams" on DiscAu Records on 4th September. This is a taster from the forthcoming record which certainly whets the appetite for the record.

SNEAKPEEK LP cover art

8. Sneekpeel - Another Girl To You (Self Released)
This is a track from the Los Angeles bands forthcoming self titled debut album which will be released on 14th August.

9. The Lost Homeboys - S Is For Secrets (Dufflecoat)
This is the first track on an excellent new E.P. from Swedish band The Lost Homeboys. It's a four track E.P. and can be purchased for just £3.50 from the Dufflecoat website.

Liquid Pig Heart cover art

10. Graham Repulski - Piss On Ice (Shorter)
He hardly ever puts a foot wrong that Mr Repuski and now he's back with what Shorter Records call a "limited edition double E.P. cassette release" which features, as you will have noticed two E.P.s. Both clock in at about five minutes and both are a little bit mad especially "Lineman Poems" which features such great titles as "Clowned (Roland,Hit Your Stride)" and "Nude Man (I Don't Feel Alright)". That's another thing, we don't have enough brackets in song titles these days. I'm tempted to start a campaign to bring back the bracket for no other reason than they always look good on record sleeves.
This track is taken from the second E.P. "Liquid Pig Heart" and was always going to capture my attention due to having a rude word in the title. If the press release is to be believed the limited edition cassette will be available from Shorter Recordings in September.

11. GNOD - 5th Dub (Trensmat)
This is the B-side of a new seven inch single which will be released in early August on Trensmat Records. Apparently it will be very limited although I don't know exactly how many copies there will be but rest assured they will be on very sexy coloured vinyl. The A-side contains the "proper" version of this track entitled "5th Sun" but to be honest I prefer this version which puts me in mind of a twelve inch from about 1990 by Paradise Lost. The title of which I've forgotten and am quite frankly too lazy to go and find.

HANDS WILL SHAKE (album) cover art

12. Call The Doctor - Little Bones (Glasstone)
This is the lengthy track which finishes the Bristol bands stunning debut album "Hands Will Shake" which is already riding high (in my house at least) as one of the very very best records of the year so far. I actually keep forgetting it's not released until the end of July and when it is everyone on the planet must get themselves a copy as quickly as possible otherwise they will have to live out the rest of their lives incomplete. If you need to hear more from Call The Doctor in the meantime they recently recorded a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music which is available in full further down this page, in fact here

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