Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Seven)

Sun Fun Gun 阳光、欢乐、枪。 cover art

1. Hedgehog - Heart On Fire (Self Released)
This is the first track on the Chinese bands new E.P. "Sun Fun Gun" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

081 sleeve

2. Bart And Friends - There May Come A Time (Matinee)
This is the title track from the debut E.P. by what Matinee Records describe as an Austrailian supergroup. Bart And Friends contain elements of The Cats Miaow, The Shapiros. The Lucksmiths, Black Tamborine and The Zebras.

ETHER ISLAND - Season Of Risk image

3. Ether Island - Black Wind Way (Not Not Fun)
This is a track from a new seven inch single on Not Not Fun records. It's one of three tracks the other two being "Season Of Risk" and "Be Light". If it's not available already it soon will be and limited to just 250 copies it probably won't be around long. 

Cassegrain & Tin Man - Carnal

4. Cassegrain and Tin Man - Visitor (Killekill)
From the 12" E.P. "Carnal" which is available now on Killekill Records.

Heartbreak Girl cover art

5. The Chantepleures - Heartbreak  Girl (Self Released)
More tuneful stuff from San Diego. It certainly seems like the city to be in at the moment. This is a track from The Chantepleures "Feels Like Heaven" E.P. which you can listen to on their Bandcamp Page.


6. Crocodiles - Electric Death Song (Frenchkiss)
Taken from the San Diego bands excellent new album "Endless Flowers" which is probably on every ipod in the country by now and rightly so.

See Us Then cover art

7. Raymond Scott Woolson - Outing Park (Self Released)
Taken from the Raymond Scott Woolson's new album "See Us Then" which you can download in full and free from the inevitable Bandcamp page.


8. Broken Water - Coming Down (Hardly Art)
I just can't stop playing this album at the moment. It's the brilliant new record from Broken Water which at times reminds me of Sonic Youth at their peak.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend ODD033 (Just Like) Susan George

9. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - [Just Like] Susan George (Odd Box)
One of two new tracks on the current single which precedes the follow up to last years impressive "You Always Loved Violence" album which was certainly one of the best releases of last year and on the strength of this single they're about to score again. The seven inch single is available from the Odd Box Records website although there are only 300 available and I would imagine they won't hang around for long.

Bermuda Triangle EP cover art

10. Anguish Sandwich - Leave My Brain Alone (Odd Box)
Another recent release on the excellent Odd Box label is a seven inch E.P. from Northampton band Anguish Sandwich. Again there are a mere 300 copies in existence and I wouldn't hang about with this one either. As far as I know this is the bands debut release and what a stormer it is.
They will be playing in London at The Old Blue Last on 25th June.

Wymond Miles: Under the Pale Moon

11. Wymond Miles - Youth's Lonely Wilderness (Sacred Bones)
I really wasn't expecting to like this album. Strange how you sometimes get preconceptions about a record before you've even heard it and it always pleases me when I turn out to be completely wrong, a fairly common occurrence and this album is a case in point. It's called "Under The Pale Moon" and is available about now on Sacred Bones. By the way there is a limited edition of 150 hand numbered translucent white vinyl copies which can be ordered from the Sacred Bones website for $20.

12. Moonshine Blues - Revelations (Self Released)
I can't tell you anything about this record other than it comes from an album, well I say album it only actually has five tracks on it but as you can imagine they are all quite long. Anyway the record is called "Through" and is apparently from the Ukraine.

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