Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Six)

Fantasist / Cape Canaveral cover art

1. Honey - Fantasist (Self Released)
About bloody time too. This is one of two new songs from Glasgow band Honey who you might remember I spent a fair proportion of last year banging on about to anyone who had the misfortune of being in my vicinity. I really hope an album will be forthcoming. Both songs can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

2. Sad Boys - Cortex Vortex (Demo)
If this demo tape is the only thing Sad Boys ever produce their lives will not have been in vain. The tape contains eleven tracks, each as good as this one and can be purchased (if they have any left) by sending an e-mail to and saying please.

Wheez-ie - Remember The Score EP

3. Wheez-ie - Fuck Yer Shit (Well Rounded Records)
This is the title track from the new Weez-ie E.P. which is available now on Well Rounded Records.

Point Reyes - Golden cover art

4. Point Reyes - Kaddish (Big School Records)
Taken from the Brooklyn bands second album album "Golden" which was released last week on Big School Records. As well as the usual digital formats there is a limited vinyl run consisting of 250 red vinyl copies and 250 black which ca n be ordered from the label's website. People often band on about albums being "diverse" but there really is so much going on here you're still hearing new things after several listens so don't assume every track will sound like this one, you couldn't be more wrong.

5. GHXST - Doomgirl (Self Released)
I write this with painful fingers after having had to dispense severe punishment to myself for not hearing of GHXST until now. Not only have they released not one but two E.P.s without my knowledge they have also combined them both together and released them as an album entitled "EVILWICKEDDESIRE". Anyway this is a brand new song which will hopefully form part of some kind of future album.
GHXST are currently on tour in the UK and can be found in the following places on the following dates.

17th June - Brighton, Green Door Store
20th June - London, The Old Blue Last
21st June - Manchester, Kraak Gallery
22nd June - London, Birthdays
23rd June - Reading, Oakford Social Club

 Shoreless Kid 7"

6. Young Galaxy - Shoreless Kid (Paper Bag)
This is a track from the new Young Galaxy seven inch single which is released on Paper Bag record this week and limited to three hundred copies. It gives us the first hint of what we can expect on the new album when it appears.

Tears Of Pleasure

7. Gunrose - Acid Waves (BNR Trax)
Taken from the Debut Gunrose release "Tears Of Pleasure" which is a three track E.P. and yet another goal from the BNR boys.

EP 5 - Naked cover art

8. Rex Everything - Hit The Desert (Self Released)
One of four tracks on a new Rex Everything release called "E.P. 5" which contains four tracks and can be downloaded free from the bands Bandcamp page.

Wild Peace

9. Echo Lake - Another Day (No Pain In Pop)
What a great track and indeed album. I could listen to this girl sing all day, in fact I might. This gem comes from the new Echo Lake album "Wild Peace" which will be released on 2nd July through No Pain In Pop.

10. Cio D'Or - Ur [Salz Remix] (Telrae)
I can't tell you very much about this record at all apart from it's one of three versions of Ur on a new E.P. from Telrae Records which was released this week.

Burning Streets Of Rome cover art

11. The Smittens - Burning Streets Of Rome (Fika)
This is the first single from The Smittens new album "Believe Me" which will be released on Fika Recordings on 23rd July. There will be the usual digital formats but the one to look out for will be the clear vinyl version which I believe will be limited to five hundred copies and will also include a bag of robios tea and a recipe for apple glazed donuts. 

Girl Meets Manifesto cover art

12. Elfs In Bloom - Summer Of Love (Canata)
Probably my favorite Japanese band at the moment. This is a track from their current release. A seven track mini album or whatever you want to call it called "Girl Meets Manifesto" which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp page for everyone's favorite price. 

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