Saturday, June 02, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Five)

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1. Crocodiles - Endless Flowers (Frenchkiss)
This is a record I've been waiting for for months. The new Crocodiles album is finally here and was well worth the wait. It's called "Endless Flowers" and this, you might have noticed is the title track which opens the album and then goes into "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)" which you might remember as a single a few months ago which sent us all into a state of trance. This is the San Diego band's third album and unquestionably their finest work yet. "Endless Flowers" is released this week on Frenchkiss Records.

Adjustment Path

2. Audionite - Kraftfeld (BNR Trax)
Another winner from the BNR stable. I can't think of a bad record the label has ever put out and this album by Audionite carries on the tradition. It's called "Adjustment Path" and on first listen I how German it sounded, in a kind of Jeff Mills style which of course is no bad thing. Since then I've discovered that Audionite consists of a bloke called Szymon Rabowicz from Berlin which explains it. There is actually quite a variation of electronic styles on here but this is one of the tracks I keep coming back to.

Mooncreatures / EP cover art

3. Mooncreatures - Coasting (Italian Beach Babes)
One of six tracks released on cassette by the Italian Beach Babes label. It was released back in April and there were just fifty copies available so I suspect you might struggle to get hold of one although their website does say they are still in stock they may not be for much longer. All is not lost however because if you pop over to the London band's Bandcamp page you can still purchase the downloads for a mere £3. Apparently these are the first six songs the band has released and I really hope they have more to offer.

Zebras cover art

4. Zebras - The Dying Sea (Self Released)
This is a track from the debut album from Wisconsin band Zebras. It's been on my Ipod for the last few weeks and is quite frankly awsome. It will be released on 1st July on CD, cassette and vinyl of which the first fifty are on green and black vinyl and have already been pre-orded alas.


5. Trus'me - Good God [Norman Nodge Dub] (Prime Numbers)


6. Broken Water - Some Thread To Connect (Hardly Art)
Taken from the Olympia trio's new album "Tempest" which was released this week on Hardly Art. This is not the only new Broken Water release however as there is another 12" available which features two further tracks, "Seaside" and "Sedmikrasky" both of which were recorded during the "Tempest" sessions, that being the title of the new album from which this track is taken. The vinyl version incidently comes on gorgeous splatter effect vinyl and only costs $12 according to the shop on the label's website.

BG023 | Miniatures EP cover art

7. Minatures - Glass Box (Bleeding Gold)
One of four tracks on the New Zealand band's debut E.P. which can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page. Apparently there will be further releases later in the year.

8. Forward Strategy Group - Mandate (Perc Trax)
Taken from Forward Strategy Group's debut album "Labour Division" which is available now on Perc Trax. The CD version comes in a very nice metal tin with a four page colour booklet. There does not seem to be a vinyl version of this album at the moment which is a bit of a git but regardless it is pretty damn good.


9. A Place To Bury Strangers - Revenge (Dead Oceans)
Taken from the new album "Worship" which will be released on 11th June on Dead Oceans as previously.


10. Call The Doctor - Closer To Home (Glasstone)
New single from Call The Doctor which will be released on Glasstone Records on 16th July featuring "Falling Out With Summer" and "Here To Haunt" on the b-side. Their inpressive debut album "Hands Will Shake" will also be released in July. Last week the band did a great session for Mark Riley on BBC 6 Music which I will probably post on here sometime over the next week.

Internal Logic

11. Grass Widow - Disappearing Industries (HLR)
Taken from the album "Internal Logic" which is released this week on HLR Records and is available on vinyl (along with complimentary mp3s) and digital download. 


12. Deathline - Ten Of Clubs (Bright Lights)
The new single from Deathline. The release also includes some pretty good remixes which are well worth checking out on their Soundcloud page

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