Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Nine)

Heartbreak Girl cover art

1. The Chantepleures - Feels Like Heaven (Self Released)
This is the title track from The Chantepleures current E.P. which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp Page.

Proto Idiot "Idiot Proto"

2. Proto Idiot - The Truth (Odd Box)
Taken from Andrew Anderson's (for it is he) latest album "Idiot Proto" which was actually released back in February on Odd Box.

Digital Native

3. Polysick - Preda (Planet Mu)
This is superb yet slightly strange electronica from the Planet Mu label. It's taken from the new Polysick album  "Digital Native" which was released a couple of weeks ago. 

Fantasist / Cape Canaveral cover art

4. Honey - Cape Canaveral (Self Released)
One of the tracks on the new free single from Glasgow's Honey who are hopefully locked in a cold studio in Scotland until such a time as their debut album is finished. Both tracks can be downloaded from their Bandcamp site

Temporary Room cover art

5. Stagnant Pools - Solitude (Polyvinyl)
This little gem comes from the debut album by Stagnant Pools. It won't be "properly" released until the official Polyvinyl release in August when you will be able to choose between black or white vinyl. In the meantime, if you're very quick and it may well be already too late, you can purchase a very limited hand made cassette version of the album which comes with high quality download so you will be able to simply marvel at the workmanship on the tape rather than actually find a way to play it. These are available from the Stagnant Pools Bandcamp page but as I said they might well be history already. At the time of writing they have 25 copies left!

The Disco Scooters - From Mud to the MoonFrom Mud to the Moon Pre Order the Cassette

6. Disco Scooters - Some Tree Talking (Side Cartel)
Originally released on cassette back in 1986 The Disco Scooters one and only album has been re-issued by Side Cartel on yellow cassette and of course digital download. This is what the press release has to say on the matter.
"The Disco Scooters were from St Leonards-On-Sea in East Sussex. Named after a children’s funfair ride on Hastings promenade they were one of numerous obscure acts writing and recording music in the “isolated pockets” of the UK in 1986. Pre-internet most of these bands were only heard by a handful of friends in village halls and local pubs and the only possibility of reaching outside any local scene was to get a mention, or a place on a cover mounted flexi-disc, in one of the photocopied fanzines hawked at gigs or ignored in the racks of the local record shop. Influenced by bands like Suicide, Orange Juice, Swell Maps, T.Rex and It’s A Beautiful Day, From Mud To The Moon was recorded above a hairdressers on Norman Road (the sound of angry curling tongs on the ceiling can be heard partway through the incongruously heavy “Rock’n’Roll”) on a Fostex four-track cassette deck with effects supplied by a home hi-fi. Originally planned as a vinyl album the Playground label ran out of money after the test pressings and it was released on cassette only. After being named one of BBC Radio Sussex’s records of the year, leading to a live session broadcast from the public toilets on Hastings sea front and a single Radio One play by Janice Long the band called it a day."

Night Is Dark cover art

7. Grand Resort - Night Is Dark (Self Released)
Grand Resort is the work of  Andres Pichardo who has spent the last three years locked in his apartment in Massachusetts recording stuff. As you will notice it's been time well spent and Grand Resort as he prefer's to be called will release his debut album "Vanguard Dreams" on DiscAu Records on 4th September. This is a taster from the forthcoming record which certainly whets the appetite for the record.

SNEAKPEEK LP cover art

8. Sneekpeel - Another Girl To You (Self Released)
This is a track from the Los Angeles bands forthcoming self titled debut album which will be released on 14th August.

9. The Lost Homeboys - S Is For Secrets (Dufflecoat)
This is the first track on an excellent new E.P. from Swedish band The Lost Homeboys. It's a four track E.P. and can be purchased for just £3.50 from the Dufflecoat website.

Liquid Pig Heart cover art

10. Graham Repulski - Piss On Ice (Shorter)
He hardly ever puts a foot wrong that Mr Repuski and now he's back with what Shorter Records call a "limited edition double E.P. cassette release" which features, as you will have noticed two E.P.s. Both clock in at about five minutes and both are a little bit mad especially "Lineman Poems" which features such great titles as "Clowned (Roland,Hit Your Stride)" and "Nude Man (I Don't Feel Alright)". That's another thing, we don't have enough brackets in song titles these days. I'm tempted to start a campaign to bring back the bracket for no other reason than they always look good on record sleeves.
This track is taken from the second E.P. "Liquid Pig Heart" and was always going to capture my attention due to having a rude word in the title. If the press release is to be believed the limited edition cassette will be available from Shorter Recordings in September.

11. GNOD - 5th Dub (Trensmat)
This is the B-side of a new seven inch single which will be released in early August on Trensmat Records. Apparently it will be very limited although I don't know exactly how many copies there will be but rest assured they will be on very sexy coloured vinyl. The A-side contains the "proper" version of this track entitled "5th Sun" but to be honest I prefer this version which puts me in mind of a twelve inch from about 1990 by Paradise Lost. The title of which I've forgotten and am quite frankly too lazy to go and find.

HANDS WILL SHAKE (album) cover art

12. Call The Doctor - Little Bones (Glasstone)
This is the lengthy track which finishes the Bristol bands stunning debut album "Hands Will Shake" which is already riding high (in my house at least) as one of the very very best records of the year so far. I actually keep forgetting it's not released until the end of July and when it is everyone on the planet must get themselves a copy as quickly as possible otherwise they will have to live out the rest of their lives incomplete. If you need to hear more from Call The Doctor in the meantime they recently recorded a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music which is available in full further down this page, in fact here

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Eight)

1. Volcano The Bear - Baby Photos (Rune Grammofon)
I'm probably a bit late on this one but never mind. It's a track from the new Volcano The Bear album  "Golden Rhythm/Ink Music" of which reviews have been written in various places suggesting that it's not up to the high standards of their previous records, something which I have to disagree with. I actually prefer this new record over their previous material but as someone was telling me just hours ago my ears are clearly broken.

Red Box Secrets

2. Pale Man Made - It Started On 1966 (Odd Box)
Pale Man Made return with their second album "Red Box Secrets" this month from which this track is taken. The Newcastle band caused a bit of a stir four (yes four) years ago with their impressive debut album "Oh My Treasured Things" but then went rather quiet. Still they're back now with a record designed in Newcastle and recorded in Leeds. It's good to hear the band have not matured their sound at all. The guitars are just as (if not more) abrasive and the songs simple and sometimes ferocious.
"Red Box Secrets" was released last week on Odd Box Records. There is a limited edition first run of CDs which is limited to just  250 copies but I don't know the difference between the first run and the second and besides they're more than likely all sold out now anyway.

3. DIIV - Air Conditioning (Captured Tracks)
Taken from the album "Oshin" which as you can see from the above picture is available in what the label describes as ocean colored vinyl.

MORDANT MUSIC - Post-MorteM / ModeM image

4. Mordant Music - Post-MorteM (Mordant Music)
A strange record and no mistake. It's one of two tracks on a 12" single on the artists own label.

Faded Love cover art

5. Pacific UV - Faded Love (Self Released)
They don't hang about do they! It's only five months since the release of their excellent album "Weekends" and already Pacific UV are in the studio working on a new album which should be ready before the end of the year. This is a new track from them and hints at a more upbeat sound which may give us a clue as to which direction they are travelling.

Believe Me cover art

6. The Smittens - Turn The Music Up (Fika)
This is a track from the Burlington bands fourth album "Believe Me" which will be released through Fika Recordings on 23rd July. There will be a limited run of 500 copies pressed on sexy clear vinyl which as well as making a great sound and looking terrific will also teach you haw to make cider glazed donuts. Those nice chaps at Fika think of everything!
Shit House 7" cover art

7. The Dipers - Dog Mosh (Eat The Life)
Easily one of the best records I've heard this week. It's a seven track seven inch single on the Eat The Life label by New York band Dipers entertainingly named "Shit House" and I'm fairly sure another track will appear in these pages before very long. You can buy the record here and lets face it even if you don't like the music you need one of those sleeves. I mean, just how often do you see a picture of an alien shitting on a house which just happens to be full of shit. There are 100 copies on clear blue vinyl and 200 copies on black.

Amid The Roar

8. Rivet - Sleepwalker (Konra Musik)
This is a track from the "Amid The Roar" E.P. which as well as this fine track features two versions of "Metrist".

9. Gorgon Sound - Find Jah Way [Dubplate Version] (Peng Sound)
A truly excellent track from a twelve inch single on the apparently new Peng Sound label. This is their first release and lets face it we need more records like this in 2012.


10. No Joy - Yang Sanpanku (Mexican Summer)
About bloody time as well. It feels like a lifetime since the Montreal band gave us their stunning debut "Ghost Blond" although it's probably not quite that long. This then is a new E.P. featuring five new tracks which on first listen was fractionally disappointing after the near masterpiece that was their debut album but listening again it is a very good E.P. and this is the track I keep coming back to.

FOUR TET - Jupiter  / Ocoras image

11. Four Tet - Jupiters (Text)
One of two new Four Tet tracks on a twelve inch on Kieran Hebden's own Text label.

12. Los Campesinos - Dumb Luck (Self Released)
This is one of the tracks on the seven inch single which accompanies Heat Rash#3. The magazine thing which Los Campesinos occasionally issue. The record contains two new tracks recorded in the sessions for their last album "Hello Sadness".

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Seven)

Sun Fun Gun 阳光、欢乐、枪。 cover art

1. Hedgehog - Heart On Fire (Self Released)
This is the first track on the Chinese bands new E.P. "Sun Fun Gun" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

081 sleeve

2. Bart And Friends - There May Come A Time (Matinee)
This is the title track from the debut E.P. by what Matinee Records describe as an Austrailian supergroup. Bart And Friends contain elements of The Cats Miaow, The Shapiros. The Lucksmiths, Black Tamborine and The Zebras.

ETHER ISLAND - Season Of Risk image

3. Ether Island - Black Wind Way (Not Not Fun)
This is a track from a new seven inch single on Not Not Fun records. It's one of three tracks the other two being "Season Of Risk" and "Be Light". If it's not available already it soon will be and limited to just 250 copies it probably won't be around long. 

Cassegrain & Tin Man - Carnal

4. Cassegrain and Tin Man - Visitor (Killekill)
From the 12" E.P. "Carnal" which is available now on Killekill Records.

Heartbreak Girl cover art

5. The Chantepleures - Heartbreak  Girl (Self Released)
More tuneful stuff from San Diego. It certainly seems like the city to be in at the moment. This is a track from The Chantepleures "Feels Like Heaven" E.P. which you can listen to on their Bandcamp Page.


6. Crocodiles - Electric Death Song (Frenchkiss)
Taken from the San Diego bands excellent new album "Endless Flowers" which is probably on every ipod in the country by now and rightly so.

See Us Then cover art

7. Raymond Scott Woolson - Outing Park (Self Released)
Taken from the Raymond Scott Woolson's new album "See Us Then" which you can download in full and free from the inevitable Bandcamp page.


8. Broken Water - Coming Down (Hardly Art)
I just can't stop playing this album at the moment. It's the brilliant new record from Broken Water which at times reminds me of Sonic Youth at their peak.

The Blanche Hudson Weekend ODD033 (Just Like) Susan George

9. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - [Just Like] Susan George (Odd Box)
One of two new tracks on the current single which precedes the follow up to last years impressive "You Always Loved Violence" album which was certainly one of the best releases of last year and on the strength of this single they're about to score again. The seven inch single is available from the Odd Box Records website although there are only 300 available and I would imagine they won't hang around for long.

Bermuda Triangle EP cover art

10. Anguish Sandwich - Leave My Brain Alone (Odd Box)
Another recent release on the excellent Odd Box label is a seven inch E.P. from Northampton band Anguish Sandwich. Again there are a mere 300 copies in existence and I wouldn't hang about with this one either. As far as I know this is the bands debut release and what a stormer it is.
They will be playing in London at The Old Blue Last on 25th June.

Wymond Miles: Under the Pale Moon

11. Wymond Miles - Youth's Lonely Wilderness (Sacred Bones)
I really wasn't expecting to like this album. Strange how you sometimes get preconceptions about a record before you've even heard it and it always pleases me when I turn out to be completely wrong, a fairly common occurrence and this album is a case in point. It's called "Under The Pale Moon" and is available about now on Sacred Bones. By the way there is a limited edition of 150 hand numbered translucent white vinyl copies which can be ordered from the Sacred Bones website for $20.

12. Moonshine Blues - Revelations (Self Released)
I can't tell you anything about this record other than it comes from an album, well I say album it only actually has five tracks on it but as you can imagine they are all quite long. Anyway the record is called "Through" and is apparently from the Ukraine.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spacemen 3 - Koeln, Rose Club, 30th April 1989

Definitely one of the best Spacemen 3 bootlegs ever. A great performance from a time when the Rugby trio couldn't have been better. Listening to the recording you can only imagine what it must have sounded like erupting from a big system and I never got to see Spacemen 3 live but this will suffice as a record of what the band who must have been working on their final album "Recurring" around this time were truly capable of. 

Mary Anne
Things'll Never Be The SAme
Take Me To The Other Side
Transparent Radiation
Walking With Jesus

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Six)

Fantasist / Cape Canaveral cover art

1. Honey - Fantasist (Self Released)
About bloody time too. This is one of two new songs from Glasgow band Honey who you might remember I spent a fair proportion of last year banging on about to anyone who had the misfortune of being in my vicinity. I really hope an album will be forthcoming. Both songs can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page.

2. Sad Boys - Cortex Vortex (Demo)
If this demo tape is the only thing Sad Boys ever produce their lives will not have been in vain. The tape contains eleven tracks, each as good as this one and can be purchased (if they have any left) by sending an e-mail to and saying please.

Wheez-ie - Remember The Score EP

3. Wheez-ie - Fuck Yer Shit (Well Rounded Records)
This is the title track from the new Weez-ie E.P. which is available now on Well Rounded Records.

Point Reyes - Golden cover art

4. Point Reyes - Kaddish (Big School Records)
Taken from the Brooklyn bands second album album "Golden" which was released last week on Big School Records. As well as the usual digital formats there is a limited vinyl run consisting of 250 red vinyl copies and 250 black which ca n be ordered from the label's website. People often band on about albums being "diverse" but there really is so much going on here you're still hearing new things after several listens so don't assume every track will sound like this one, you couldn't be more wrong.

5. GHXST - Doomgirl (Self Released)
I write this with painful fingers after having had to dispense severe punishment to myself for not hearing of GHXST until now. Not only have they released not one but two E.P.s without my knowledge they have also combined them both together and released them as an album entitled "EVILWICKEDDESIRE". Anyway this is a brand new song which will hopefully form part of some kind of future album.
GHXST are currently on tour in the UK and can be found in the following places on the following dates.

17th June - Brighton, Green Door Store
20th June - London, The Old Blue Last
21st June - Manchester, Kraak Gallery
22nd June - London, Birthdays
23rd June - Reading, Oakford Social Club

 Shoreless Kid 7"

6. Young Galaxy - Shoreless Kid (Paper Bag)
This is a track from the new Young Galaxy seven inch single which is released on Paper Bag record this week and limited to three hundred copies. It gives us the first hint of what we can expect on the new album when it appears.

Tears Of Pleasure

7. Gunrose - Acid Waves (BNR Trax)
Taken from the Debut Gunrose release "Tears Of Pleasure" which is a three track E.P. and yet another goal from the BNR boys.

EP 5 - Naked cover art

8. Rex Everything - Hit The Desert (Self Released)
One of four tracks on a new Rex Everything release called "E.P. 5" which contains four tracks and can be downloaded free from the bands Bandcamp page.

Wild Peace

9. Echo Lake - Another Day (No Pain In Pop)
What a great track and indeed album. I could listen to this girl sing all day, in fact I might. This gem comes from the new Echo Lake album "Wild Peace" which will be released on 2nd July through No Pain In Pop.

10. Cio D'Or - Ur [Salz Remix] (Telrae)
I can't tell you very much about this record at all apart from it's one of three versions of Ur on a new E.P. from Telrae Records which was released this week.

Burning Streets Of Rome cover art

11. The Smittens - Burning Streets Of Rome (Fika)
This is the first single from The Smittens new album "Believe Me" which will be released on Fika Recordings on 23rd July. There will be the usual digital formats but the one to look out for will be the clear vinyl version which I believe will be limited to five hundred copies and will also include a bag of robios tea and a recipe for apple glazed donuts. 

Girl Meets Manifesto cover art

12. Elfs In Bloom - Summer Of Love (Canata)
Probably my favorite Japanese band at the moment. This is a track from their current release. A seven track mini album or whatever you want to call it called "Girl Meets Manifesto" which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp page for everyone's favorite price.