Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Two)


1. Fever Fever - The Chair (Kissability)
Excellent new single from Fever Fever which is also available as a limited edition cassette which is either brilliant or just annoying. 

The Only Place

2. Best Coast - No One Like You (Mexican Summer)
I really like the sleeve of this record. It reminds me of something, if only I could decide what. Anyway it's the second album from the Californian Duo and will be released on Mexican Summer on 15th May.

All My Visual Signs cover art

3. Saccadic Eye Motion - The Pointer (Self Released)
I must have played this track about fiflt times over the last week. It's the opening track on a free release by Saccadic Eye Motion called "All My Visual Signs" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp Page.

4. Shackleton - Powerplant (Woe To The Septic Heart)
This is a track from the album "The Drawback Organ E.P.s" which comes as part of the "Music For The Quiet Hour" box set, a track from the other release can be found in last weeks Fodder. The box set, should you want the vinyl version consists of three 12"s and is currently sold out in many places. I suggest you pick one up as soon as you can because apart from being a fantastic record (or three) they are sure to be very sought after in the future and could provide a good supplement to your pension (only kidding).

5. Deathline - Ten Of Clubs (Rock Noir)
New single from the London duo.

6. Loveliescrushing - Shiny Tiny Stars (Handmade Birds)
This is the title track from the excellent new album from the Arizona band which is available on nice thick 180 gram vinyl. The first 100 orders of this from the Handmade Birds website will get a 5.25" floppy disk containing an exclusive track. Although all these are more than likely sold by now I would love to hear the "exclusive" track so if anyone out there has it please get in touch.

Coppice Halifax - Red Sand cover art
7. Coppice Halifax - Red Sand (Contemporary Vision)
I can't really tell you very much about this track other than it's bloody good. It's one of two versions of "Red Sand" and has been around since the end of February but typically has only just made it's way up to the wilds of North Yorkshire.

/ Die Hard / cover art

8. Lonely Walk - I Want Time (Self Released)
This is one of six tracks on a new E.P. available through the Bordeaux bands Bandcamp Page for a price of your choosing. I'm sure you'll agree they have a pretty awesome sound.

The Marble Downs

9. Trembling Bells & Bonny 'Prince' Billy - I Can Tell You're Leaving (Honest Jon's)
This is a record you really need to own. It's a collaboration between Glasgow based Trembling Bells and that creature of legend Bonny 'Prince' Billy who's more recent work has been slightly disappointing. This record however is anything but and I fail to see how anyone can function as a human being unless at least one dose of "The Marble Downs" has been administered on a daily basis.

Sonic Hearts Foundation:  Debut Single Release

10. Sonic Hearts Foundation - The Storm (Self Released)
This is the excellent debut single from Glasgow band Sonic Hearts Foundation.

Koko Beware "I Just Wanna Dance"

11. Koko Beware - I Just Wanna Dance (Odd Box)
One of two superb tracks from a new single by the Augusta band. Both tracks can be downloaded completely free from the Odd Box Records website.

be my only shallow love (remix) cover art

12. Pacific UV - Be My Only Shallow Love [Remix] (Self Released)
A lovely remix of a track from Pacific UV's excellent "Weekends" album from a few months ago.

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