Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The School - Leicester, Lock 42 - 18th May 2012

Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything

An excellent recording of The School's support slot to The Primitives in Leicester last week. Half of the tracks in this set come from the Cardiff bands new album "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything" which was released a couple of weeks ago on Elefant Records of Madrid. The Primitives set was also recorded and may well appear here shortly (unless I forget). 

1. Never Thought I'd See The Day
2. Is He Really Coming Home
3. Where Does Your Heart Belong
4. That Boy Is Mine
5. I Want You Back
6. It's Not The Same
7. Stop That Boy
8. Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again
9. All I Wanna Do
10. When He Kisses Me

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Four)

Girl Meets Manifesto cover art

1. Elfs In Bloom - I See Your Face And Feel Ecstasy (Canata)
This is a brilliant record. It's a new release on Canata Records by Japanese group Elfs In Bloom and can be downloaded from their Bandcamp Page

Coiffer un ours

2. Whourkr - Coiffer un ours (Ad Noiseam)
This is a track from Whourkr's third album "4247 Snare Drums" which was released last week on Ad Noiseam. It is available as a clear vinyl double album which also includes a CD as a bonus although what sort of person, when presented with two gorgeous plates of vinyl and a compact disc would use the CD for anything other than a coffee mat.


3. Lower Dens - Hours (Ribbon Music)
One of the extra tracks on the new Lower Dens single "Brains" which featured on this site a while ago when it was simply one of the best tracks on their album "Nootropics" which was released last month.

4. Alan Watts - Lee's Child (Blackburn Recordings)
What a great tune. It's a track from the new Alan Watts E.P. "...Is The Fantasy Band".

5. Tim Chaplin - Daisy Chain Fridays (Bleeding Gold)
This is a track from a five track cassette by Tim Chaplin who I must is new to me. The sound on this sounds rather over to the left hand side. I hope it's meant to be like that.


6. Carter Tutti Void - V3 (Mute)
When I first listened to this album I was completely unaware that it was actually recorded live. The audience noises after the tracks may have been a slight giveaway but you, or at least I simply don't associate this type of electronic music with being produced live in front of living people. That said I bet it sounded fantastic erupting from a big sound system. Anyway this release consists of four tracks, entitled V1-V4 and comes in this strange sleeve which appears to do weird things if you look at it and waggle your head about.

7. Sad Boys - Bondage (Demo)
What a lovely racket. This is a track from a demo tape which I would love to give you in it's entirety but they are attempting to sell them so if you want to hear the other eleven tracks you'll have to buy the damn thing which you can do by sending an e-mail to and saying please although there is every chance another track might appear in these pages before we are very much older. 

8. Codeine - Atmosphere (Numero Group)
An excellent version of Joy Division's masterpiece which occurs on a six album (three CD's) set of Codeine reissues. I had forgotten how good their "Frigid Stars" album of 1991 was (and still is). This is one of many extra tracks which include Peel Sessions, demo's and whatever else could be found. So often when albums are reissued with extra tracks you have to wonder why they bothered as it quickly becomes obvious why they were not released at the time but the stuff on here really is well worth a listen.


9. Allo Darlin' - Northern Lights (Fortuna Pop)
A great track from the Sheffield bands second album "Europe" which was released a couple of weeks ago on Fortuna Pop. There is a limited edition cassette version of the album (released by Fika Recordings) of which there are just 100 copies. All of which comes in a hand made sleeve with a 16 page bound lyrics booklet, a recipe for Elizabeth's mum's Sacher Torte, a bag of Allo Darljeelin tea and of course a digital download of the album on account of the fact that no-one can play the bloody thing.

Down The Deuce cover art

10. Fulhäst - Prison Pizza (Fika)
Talking of cassettes, here's another one. Also released by Fika it's by an artist called Fulhäst who is issuing his cassette ingeniously disguised as a gameboy. Again there are only 100 copies and you will also get a download of the album so don't panic. If this carries on I'm going to have to have a new tape machine installed in the car.

11. Tango In The Attic - Easybones [Inspired Flight Remix] 

12. The Gentle Isolation - Let's Go Slow (Dufflecoat)
This is a track from a new E.P. on Dufflecoat from Japanese band The Gentle Isolation. It's one of five on their new E.P. "It Started With An April Shower".

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

St Etienne - BBC Session, 18th May 2012

St Etienne have a chat with Lauren Laverne about the new album "Words And Music" which was released last week.

1. Last Days Of Disco
2. I've Got Your Music

Monday, May 21, 2012

The John Candy - Dreamscape

DREAMSCAPE cover art

1. Lie On Someone Song
2. Anyway, Anywhere, Anyhow
3. Last Night I Lost Last Night
4. F(X) Love
5. In A Bad Fix
6. 4 a.m
7. Middle Page
8. Synesthesia
9. Voronej
10. No Home Like Place
11. Alcoholikissin´
12. Plaza Serrano

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Three)

1. Tango In The Attic - Mona Lisa Overdrive
This is the second single from Tango In The Attic's second album "Sellotape" which will be released on 28th May.

2. Lemuria - Varoom Allure (Bridge Nine)
This is the a-side from Lemuria's recent Record Store Day 7" single. The black etched Record Store Day version is sold out but the two very nice versions you can see above are still available and can be purchased from the Bridge Nine online store. (It looks like the orange one has now sold out...)

3. Holobody - The Way The World Goes Round (Mush)
This track is by no means typical of any otherv track on this record which seems to defy genre's in the same way that York City FC have defyed success for the best part of the last twenty years, although by the time you read this they will hopefully have been promoted to League Two. If not then the chances are that your's truly could well be hanging from a lampost somewhere on Poppleton Road due to the prospect of yet another season in non league. Anyway this track comes from a new release on Mush Records by Holobody. Thhe album is called "Riverhood" and to be honest I was a bit put off by the sleeve which bears no indication of the joys to be sampled within. Holobody are a Canadian duo consisting of siblings Felix Green and the wonderfully named Sea Oleena. This is their first release and there is every chance you will hear a lot more from them, certainly within these pages.

Celebration Rock

4. Japandroids - Evil's Sway (Polyvinyl)
I've been meaning to include a track from this record for the last few weeks. It's the new album from Japandroids following on from their recent double headed single "Younger Us/The House That Heaven Built " both of which are included here. The remaining six tracks are all new and possibly the best work from Vancouver two piece thus far. "the 4th June.

Kid Games

5. Airiel - Funeral (Shelflife)
Very nice indeed. This is one of four tracks on a tremendous new E.P. from Airiel. It's been availiable since 1st May and the limited edition cyan coloured vinyl has now sold out. The remaining copies are all on white vinyl which is just as nice and for those people who couldn't care less about such things the now standard digital formats are also available. I really like these four tracks and hope that it won't be too long before an album looms large.


6. Regis - Cub [UST Remix]

7. The Silent Love - Love Hate Love (Dufflecoat)
This is a track from a new five track E.P. on Dufflecoat Records. The Silent Love are an Indonesian duo who have a very British sound. Their "Painted Feelings" E.P. will be released next week and can be ordered directly from the Dufflecoat Records website.
The nice people at Dufflecoat have asked me to remind you of a couple of forthcoming gigs concerning their artists which should you be in London next week might well be worth having a look at.

25th May - The Proctors @ Big Pink Cafe, Betsey Trotwood, London
26th May - Tender Objects @ Librarians Wanted, The Victoria, London

Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything

8. The School - Stop That Boy (Elefant)
Cardiff favorites The School have finally returned with their second album, the follow up to their snazzy debut "Loveless Unbeliever" which is a record everyone really should own. The new album is called "Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything" and is such a harmless creature you can't help but take it home and look after it. The School are currently on tour with The Primitives who, if you've been paying attention you will know have just released a brand new album of brilliantly obscure 1960's covers.

19th May - Wakefield, The Loop
21st May - Wolverhampton, Little Civic
22nd May - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
23rd May - Liverpool, Lomax
24th May - Doncaster, Leopard
25th May - London, Borderline

Polysick - Flow FM image

9. Polysick - Flow FM (100% Silk)
This track forms side a of a the latest cassette on the 100% Silk label. The tape costs a mere $6 and can be purchased from the labels website.

10. Island Twins - Creeparound (Self Released)
Does the guitar in this remind anyone else of C.R.E.E.P. by The Fall? Doesn't really matter of course but it would be a good excuse to play that track again if only I had enough space in these Fodders for old records. This is a track from Island Twins debut album which will be released on 1st June.

11. Bonny 'Prince' Billy - Hummingbird Pt.1 (Spiritual Pajamas)
Undoubtedly the most played record in my houise this week is the latest offering from Bonny 'Prince' Billy. It was released on ten inch vinyl on Record Store Day (21st April) limited to just 1000 copies most if not all must be sold by now. I just can't stop playing this track.

SENKING - Dazed image

12. Senking - The Dance Hall Walk (Raster-Norton)
This is a track from the new Senking E.P. which is available now on Raster-Norton Records.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Popguns - Peel Session, 9th January 1990

Shaun Charman - Drums
Greg Dixon - Guitar
Wendy Morgan - Vocals
Simon Pickles - Guitar
Pat Walkington - Bass

1. Someone You Love
2. Bye Bye Baby
3. Leave It Alone
4. Put Me Through It

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty Two)


1. Fever Fever - The Chair (Kissability)
Excellent new single from Fever Fever which is also available as a limited edition cassette which is either brilliant or just annoying. 

The Only Place

2. Best Coast - No One Like You (Mexican Summer)
I really like the sleeve of this record. It reminds me of something, if only I could decide what. Anyway it's the second album from the Californian Duo and will be released on Mexican Summer on 15th May.

All My Visual Signs cover art

3. Saccadic Eye Motion - The Pointer (Self Released)
I must have played this track about fiflt times over the last week. It's the opening track on a free release by Saccadic Eye Motion called "All My Visual Signs" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp Page.

4. Shackleton - Powerplant (Woe To The Septic Heart)
This is a track from the album "The Drawback Organ E.P.s" which comes as part of the "Music For The Quiet Hour" box set, a track from the other release can be found in last weeks Fodder. The box set, should you want the vinyl version consists of three 12"s and is currently sold out in many places. I suggest you pick one up as soon as you can because apart from being a fantastic record (or three) they are sure to be very sought after in the future and could provide a good supplement to your pension (only kidding).

5. Deathline - Ten Of Clubs (Rock Noir)
New single from the London duo.

6. Loveliescrushing - Shiny Tiny Stars (Handmade Birds)
This is the title track from the excellent new album from the Arizona band which is available on nice thick 180 gram vinyl. The first 100 orders of this from the Handmade Birds website will get a 5.25" floppy disk containing an exclusive track. Although all these are more than likely sold by now I would love to hear the "exclusive" track so if anyone out there has it please get in touch.

Coppice Halifax - Red Sand cover art
7. Coppice Halifax - Red Sand (Contemporary Vision)
I can't really tell you very much about this track other than it's bloody good. It's one of two versions of "Red Sand" and has been around since the end of February but typically has only just made it's way up to the wilds of North Yorkshire.

/ Die Hard / cover art

8. Lonely Walk - I Want Time (Self Released)
This is one of six tracks on a new E.P. available through the Bordeaux bands Bandcamp Page for a price of your choosing. I'm sure you'll agree they have a pretty awesome sound.

The Marble Downs

9. Trembling Bells & Bonny 'Prince' Billy - I Can Tell You're Leaving (Honest Jon's)
This is a record you really need to own. It's a collaboration between Glasgow based Trembling Bells and that creature of legend Bonny 'Prince' Billy who's more recent work has been slightly disappointing. This record however is anything but and I fail to see how anyone can function as a human being unless at least one dose of "The Marble Downs" has been administered on a daily basis.

Sonic Hearts Foundation:  Debut Single Release

10. Sonic Hearts Foundation - The Storm (Self Released)
This is the excellent debut single from Glasgow band Sonic Hearts Foundation.

Koko Beware "I Just Wanna Dance"

11. Koko Beware - I Just Wanna Dance (Odd Box)
One of two superb tracks from a new single by the Augusta band. Both tracks can be downloaded completely free from the Odd Box Records website.

be my only shallow love (remix) cover art

12. Pacific UV - Be My Only Shallow Love [Remix] (Self Released)
A lovely remix of a track from Pacific UV's excellent "Weekends" album from a few months ago.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Trembling Bells & Bonny 'Prince' Billy - BBC Session 6th May 2012

1. I Can Tell Your Leaving
2. My Husband's Got No Courage In Him
3. Riding

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty One)

1. The Fall - Victrola Time (Cherry Red)
Is there any better way to kick anything than with a new record by The Fall. This is the a-side of a seven inch single, limited to just 1000 copies released on Record Store Day a week or so ago. Initially the mighty M.E. Smith shrieks at a pitch similar to the sound you might imagine he would make if some brave soul tried to nick his pint. The b-side is a live version of that family favorite "Taking Off" from last years impressive "Ersatz G.B." although I really like this version and will, memory permitting include it in next weeks Fodder. ...oh yeah , the whole thing comes under the banner "Night Of The Humerons" in case you were slightly confused by the above picture.

2. Manorlady - Lines In The Corner Of Your Face (Part Keeler)
The first taste of Manorlady's second album "Ego Compressor" which will be released on 15th June on what I think is their own Part Keeler label. This is a record I'm really looking forward to.

Echoes And Rhymes

3. The Primitives - Single Girl (Elefant)
I had my reservations when I heard that the new Primitives album was going to be a covers album of pretty obscure sixties tracks. The main problem with covers albums of course is that usually the track listings are quite predictable and the songs familiar. I am pleased to report therefore that The Primitives have not fallen into that trap in fact if you didn't know it was a covers album you may well not recognize any of the tracks at all. From a personal point of view it's just great to hear Tracy's voice on records once again and to be frank she could sing pretty much anything and still find space in my ipod. The new album is called "Echoes And Rhymes" and is available as from Monday 7th May on Elefant Records.

4. Shackleton - Music For The Quiet Hour Part One (Woe To The Septic Heart!)
This is the first of five "Parts" on the new Shackleton album "Music For The Quiet Hour" which was released last month on Shackleton's own Woe To The Septic Heart Label.

5. Alan Watts - Africa Bats (Self Released)
Not a huge amount of information about this release. In fact whatever info there is is probably irrelevant because the band which currently celebrates s Alan Watts will probably have transformed themselves into something else by the time you read these words. In the last year they have already changed name (and possibly other things) three times and Alan Watts is where we currently are. This track is one of five tracks on a new E.P. called "...Is The Fantasy Band".

Kiss This (Vol. 0) cover art

6. Miró Belle - Penny's For Lame Thoughts (Bad Panda)
A track from a new E.P. called "Kiss This Vol 0" which can be downloaded free from the Bad Panda Recordings website.

The Echo Show

7. Yeti Lane - Dead Tired (Sonic Cathedral)
I've been meaning to include a track from this album for weeks but what due to having a memory slightly worse than the average apple never quite did it. Still better late than never as my old headmaster used to say before poking me in the eyeball with the sharp end of a pencil.
This then is the impressive sound made by Yeti Lane on their new (or at least it was at the beginning of March) album entitled "The Echo Show". The Paris based due will head over to the UK in June to play some gigs including a special Summer solstice show with Damo Suzuki on 21st June.

18th June - Brighton, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
20th June - Manchester, Kraak
21st June - London, The Shacklewell Arms (with Damo Suzuki)
22nd June - Norwich Arts Center

8. Players To Be Named Later - The World On Tim (Self Released)
One of the most played records in the Waaah household this week is a six track E.P. by the well named Players To Be Named Later. It's not a lengthy exercise as only one track makes it beyond the two minute mark. I think everybody should own this E.P. and you could make it yours by popping across to their Bandcamp Page and relieving yourself of $3.99 of your hard earned wages. They say in the press release "Players To Be Named Later would very much love to be on the radio, but until they learn how to play their instruments, sing, and use their equipment properly, they will just have to put every ounce of heart and melody that they have into their overloaded records and hope for the best." Personally I think they should forget about using equipment properly or indeed learning how to sing because the noise they make is already impressive and would surely only be spoiled by competence.

I Had A Dream

9. White Poppy - In Over (Not Not Fun)
Taken from the album "I Had A Dream" which was released last month on Not Not Fun.

The Abandoned Reel cover art

10. Twin Library - Snow (Self Released)
This is another record you can acquire from the mighty Bandcamp. It's the new album by Canadian band Twin Library and really is a bit of a treat. How we ever survived without Bandcamp is a mystery. I was around in the late eighties early nineties and remember only too well the struggle of trying to find new music. Relying largely on the music press and the radio to bring bands to my attention, or visiting my local independent record shop and buying random imported seven inches from the States in the hope that they would make my dad explode with rage when I played them. I remember one particularly impressive explosion of temper when I played Bongwater's "Power Of Pussy" album which I thought was a great record. My Dad on the other hand considered it to be nothing less than hardcore pornography. Another record which did the trick was a Peel Session 12" by The Fall which had to be hidden under the bed for it's own protection in the end. The point is that nowadays the internet has made finding new music easier than brewing a pot of tea and Bandcamp is possibly the greatest resource of all enabling bands/artists to charge pretty much whatever they want for their work and have the opportunity to actually get paid or just give the stuff away free which lets's face it is a mighty way of getting people to hear your music. This album is one of those, well not actually free but you can pay what you like and hopefully you will.

Cross Country cover art

11. The Wind Up Birds - Cross Country (Sturdy)
This is one of three new tracks from the Leeds band on a new digital single which you can download from their Bandcamp page for a price of your choosing. Their long awaited debut album "The Land" will be released on Sturdy Records on 14th May.

12. 2econd Class Citizen - Stop To Wonder (Equinox)
This is a mighty record. It's the second album from 2nd Class Citizen and is a little bit good. Taken from the album "The Small Minority". It's called "The Small Minority" and will be available digitally from 18th May but if you can wait until 25th May you will be able to get your mitts on the double vinyl version.