Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Sixty)

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You're So Good For Me
1. Inspiral Carpets - Your So Good For Me (Cow)
This has been around for a few months but in time honored fashion I've only just found out about it. It's (or was) a new single from Inspiral Carpets, Their first in about sixteen years I'm told. This could of course have been a disaster in line with many other reformed bands recently. Perhaps because of the departure or non reappearance of singer Tom Hingley and his replacement with the guy who was the Carpets original voice man Stephen Holt the sound seems pretty fresh in the same style as the tracks on the much loved Inspiral Carpets Demo Tape from 1989 which I think can still be downloaded elsewhere on this site. Hopefully this won't be their last recorded work as I'd love to hear an album of this stuff.

2. Milk Maid - Do Right (Fat Cat)
The first taste of the Manchester band's new album "Mostly No" which will be released on Fat Cat Records on 9th July.

Pipe Dreams

3. Whirr - Bogus (Tee Pee)
Taken from the album "Pipe Dreams"

Galaxy Garden

4. Lone - As A Child [Feat. Machinedrum] (R&S)
I can't stop listening to this album at the moment. It's the new album from Lone which features the current single "Crystal Caverns 1991" which featured in a Fodder a couple of weeks ago. If you enjoyed that then "Galaxy Garden" will be right up your avenue.

Heart of Tin Cover Art

5. Coastal - PseudoSucker (Self Released)
This is a track from Coastal's new E.P. "Heart Of Tin which can be downloaded in full completely free from the bands Bandcamp Page.

6. Deerhoof - A Filthy Filth (Polyvinyl)
Another Record Store Day release is a split seven inch single on Polyvinyl featuring Deerhoof and Of Montreal.

Odd Box Logo
7. The Give It Up's - Gremlins (Odd Box)
One of nineteen top tracks on a new compilation from Odd Box Records released to both ceklebrate and promote the forthcoming Odd Box Weekender which occurs on 5th and 6th May and the line up is looking tremendous. Check this out!

5th May - London, Brixton Windmill (3pm-late)

Nik from Moustache of Insanity in solo guise. Expect gameboy music. And lord knows what else.
Boitel & Victor are humousexual, they live in berlin & sarf london. They don't play many shows but when they do they are ACE.
Fever Dream
Noisy three piece from East London. Debut album coming out on Underused Records. Dead good.
Pale Man Made
Pale Man Made launching their new album (on Odd Box). A heady mix of 80s/90s indie guitar goodness - a melodic whirlwind of boy-girl scuzz.
The Chasms
"The Chasms play hypnotic, powerful, unsettling feedback drenched indie rock. It sounds massive and thrilling." - John Robb
"Indie-pop of the highest order" - Penny Black Music
Drop Out Venus
Three kids from Deptford making beautifully noisy junked out rock n roll.
"Love In Vein’ by Deptford’s Drop Out Venus suffers from that age-old confusion: is this a song about taking heroin, or performing the act of fellatio?
Hey, it’s 2012. Perhaps the two aren’t mutually exclusive anymore. Either way, this twisted ballad is a right treat, building to the kind of climax you might get from, well, you get the idea. Just don’t try this at home." - Stool Pigeon
Sock Puppets
From Denmark. With Love. And loud guitars and irresistible pop tunes.
Yay! 20 years in and Magoo are back. With a new record, their first in 6 years, imminent - it's reassuring to hear they are still making beautifully crafted guitar pop music.
Over the years they've released records on Noisebox Records, Chemikal Underground, Beggars Banquet, Fierce Panda, Global Warming, Series 8 Records, Elefant Records.
Milky Wimpshake
Milky Wimpshake are a pop punk band from Newcastle Upon Tyne. The band was formed in the early 1990s as part of the Slampt Underground Organisation scene. Recent releases have been on Fortuna Pop. Essential bloody listening.
with free BBQ!
DJs - between bands BSE and Rocker
DJs - Fall Out Make Up after the bands
Sunday 6th May - London, Buffalo Bar
Sparky's Magic Piano
The return, after a few years, of Sparky's Magic Piano. Sunshine pop music with a beautiful blend of electropop and dreamy guitars.
Beautiful lo-fi pop. One of London's best kept secrets, Frozy play adorable lo-fi pop with a do-it-yourself/do-it-together attitude and always like to have help from friends. They are part of Tri-Linguial records, a collective of musicians from Europe and the USA sharing the lo-fi love. Except to hear vaguely unrehearsed lo-fi pop goodness in the tradition of Beat Happening.
Methodist Centre
Releasing records on the uber awesome Invisible Spies imprint. Two drummers. Tons of great tunes. Super punky.
The Middle Ones
They made one of THE records of 2011. They're spell binding to watch. Gentle guitars, giggles and generally great with gorgeous harmonies.
From County Durham. Martha are super ace power pop punkers. They're gonna steal your heart. Or smash your head in with their super catchy songs.
Anguish Sandwich
A power trio from Northampton. Debut 7" coming on Odd Box soon. They're a riot.
The Give It Ups
2012 is the year of The Give It Ups. It is. Look it up. With a few releases already on Odd Box they are threatening to drop their debut album before the year is out. Part Punk. Part Pop. Super fucking awesome.
The Blanche Hudson Weekend
From Leeds. Taking the guitar drenched feedback sound and twisting it with beats, samples and girl group goodness. New single and album coming soon on Odd Box.
Standard Fare
Two cracking albums. A host of winning singles. And some of the best guitar pop of recent times. Standard Fare, from Yorkshire, are Andy, Dan and Emma. Male/Female vocals intertwine to beguiling effect.
DJs - between bands Joel & Rosie Baaneex and Dan Pocketbook
DJs - Pop-O-Matic (all the way from Sheffield) after the bands
 occurs on The compilation can be downloaded free from the Odd Box website where you will also find ticket details.

netheriser (work in progress) Cover Art

8. Suffering Astrid - The Line Lightly Decended, Grazing The Surface (Self Released)
This is a track from a three track E.P. called "Netheriser (Work In Progress)" which can be downloaded for a price of your choosing from Bandcamp. There are another two E.P.s available on there as well which I'm looking forward to hearing later this week.

His Just Reward Cover Art

9. Ten City Nation - His Just Reward (Self Released)
This is a free download single released last week through the bands Bandcamp page. They were apparently hand picked to support Graham Coxon in Cambridge last week. I know who I'd rather go and watch.

10. Ghostandthesong - Ou Inme (Bad Panda)
How good is this. It's one of three tracks o the Berlin artists latest work. A three track E.P. which you can download free from the Bad Panda website.

Torkelsen Cover Art

11. Torkelsen - Ugle 
Taken from the Norwegian artists self titled debut album.   

12. The Chasms - The Occult Soul Review (Odd Box)
Another track from thet superb Odd Box Compilation which can be downloaded free from the label's website.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jerry Tropicano - BBC Session 19th April 2012

Danny Nellis - Guitar and Vox
Matteo Mastrandrea - Keys
Hugo Cesar Martinez - Bass
Tom Clark - Drums

1. Cold Rice
2. Golden Pupil
3. Buffalo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Nine)

LAMC # 1 Cover Art

1. Ceremony - Send Me Your Dreams (Famous Class)
This is a track from a seven inch single which Ceremony share with A Place To Bury Strangers. It's the first  release in a series of split singles called LAMC. Don't ask me what it stands for because I haven't got a clue but the important thing is the sound it makes and if you play this track loud enough it can bring down flies. 

Brother Sun, Sister Moon

2. Brother Sun, Sister Moon - From Grain To Flour (Denovali)
I can't tell you much about this band at all other than this, as far as I know is their self-titled debut album and is available on CD or vinyl. If you buy the vinyl from the Denovali online shop you could and should select the clear vinyl with purple splatter version which will not only sound great but look fantastic while spinning on your turntable making you the envy of the neighborhood. 


3. Destructo - Technology (Original Mix) (BNR Trax)
Taken from the new EP by Gary Davis aka Destructo. Techno as it should sound in my opinion. 

A Light Far Out

4. The Wake - The Back Of Beyond (LTM)  
The Wake are back with a new album and it's a bit on the good side. The former Sarah and Factory Records band have produced a fair array of classics over the years, although not for many and I for one (possibly because no-one ever tells me anything) thought the band were as extinct as York City FC's play off hopes will be after next weekend. But no, the slightly mature indie kids have returned with a record worthy of at least half an hour of your time and I would go as far as to say that if this record had been released say in 1989 on Sarah Records the chances are it people would talk about is as a classic. The album is called "A Light Far Out" and will be released on 7th May.

a bad year for the sharons Cover Art

5. Sad Accordians - Mouse Trap (Rainboot)
This is a track from the new Sad Accordians album "A Bad Year For The Sharons" which will be released on 28th May.

The Shallows

6. I Like Trains - Mnemosyne (I Like Records)
I Like Trains are back with a new album "The Shallows" from which this track is taken. It will be released on the Leeds bands own I Like Records label on 7th May.

rsd chi

7. The Pows - Pose (Permanent)
This is a track from an album which may prove tricky to track down. It's a new album from The Pows released to celebrate Record Store Day 2012. As such there are only 100 copies, all of which have been lovingly assembled and numbered by hand. They will be available only from the Permanent Records stores in Chicago and Los Angeles on Record Store Day which is April 21st (today). So if you happen to be in either of those cities stop reading this, get out of the house and get yourself one of these fine items.

Wait [10'' VINYL]

8. Airhead - Wait (R&S)
This is a track from a new 10" vinyl on the eternally reliable R&S label.

Dark Fruit Cover Art

9. Alligator Indian - Dark Fruit [The Cyclist Remix](Bleeding Gold)

An Eagle to Saturn

10. The Leg - Bake Yourself Silly (Songs By Toad)
This is a the first thing I've heard from The Leg and it certainly captures the attention. It's a track from a new album called "An Eagle To Saturn" which will be released on Songs By Toad on 30th April.


11. Allo Darlin' - Wonderland (Fortuna Pop)
The Sheffield popsters are back with anew album. It's called "Europe" and is quite simply brilliant. It will be available from 7th May. I've heard there is going to be a limited edition cassette version in the States. I'd love to get my hands on one of those.

12. Sonny Smith - The Stick-Up (Secret Seven Records)
This is the first track on the excellent album "One Act Plays" which according to the label has been around for a while but without any distribution so no-one got to hear it, until now.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Eight)

1.  Cats On Fire - A Few Empty Waves (Matinee)
A lovely track from the Finnish bands new album "All Blackshirts To Me". It's their third album and I'm ashamed to reveal that I don't own the previous two but I've just placed an order so hopefully I'll be I'll be able to sleep again in few days. The new album is called "All Blackshirts To Me" and was released a couple of weeks ago on Matinee. 
2. Mouse On Mars - Metrotopy (Monkeytown Records)
Taken from the album "Parastophics" which is the former Too Pure artists eleventh album. in no less than twenty years.  I addition to the album Mouse On Mars will be contributing to a special limited edition 7"single which will they will share with Prefuse 73. The single will be released on 21st April to coincide with the annual Record Store Day. 

Wreck (single) Cover Art

3.  Adolf Plays The Jazz - Shine (Self Released)
One of two new tracks on a digital single which can be downloaded free from the bands Bandcamp Page.

The House That Heaven Built
4. Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built (Polyvinyl)
This is a track from the ne Japandroids single which will be released on 7" on 15th May. It's the first taste of the new album "Celebration Rock which will follow on Polyvinyl on 16th June.
Crystal Caverns 1991 [12'' VINYL]

5. Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991 (R&S)
A new single from Lone which will precede the release of the new album "Galaxy Garden" which will be released on R&S on 30th April. This track "Crystal Caberns 1991" sounds like it might have been quite at home in 1991 but still sounds quite relevant today. The b-side is a track called "Vulcan Mill Acid" and I'm quite sure you can almost imagine what that sounds like. I'm really looking forward to hearing the new album which is the follow ip to last years impressive "Emerald Fantasy Tracks" which featured quite heavily in these Fodders at the time. 

Heaven b/w Bottle Goblins Cover Art

6. Lead Stones - Heaven (Self Released)
One of two tracks on a digital single which can be downloaded for a price of your choice from the Lead Stones website.

Image of Merchandise - Children Of Desire LP

7. Merchandise - In Nightmare Room (Katorga Works)
Katorga Works is rapidly becoming my favourite record label in the whole wide world. It seems when they're not trying to burst peoples eardrums with outrageously good hardcore records such as the new Natural Law album, a track from which was featured in last weeks Fodder they're putting out stuff like this. As far as I can make out. And I say this with no degree of certainty because this is the first Merchandise record I've had the pleasure of owning, this is the bands second album. It's called Children Of Desire" and as you can probably tell from this track should be on your shopping list this week. I think it's a vinyl only release, just like the good old days and can be yours for $10. I'd get a move on though because I don't know how many of these there are and it seems to be selling pretty quick.
Long Black Cars
8. The Wave Pictures - Never Go Home Again (Moshi Moshi)
Thw Wave Pictures have just released their fourth album for Moshi Moshi. "Long Black Cars"hit the streets last week and is a serious return to top goalscoring form for the London band who's last album "Beer In The Breakers" I found somewhat dissapoining.
The band are about to embark on a tour of the U.S. in support of Allo Darlin' and will issue a single from the album "Spaghetti" on 23rd April.

Tue 24th - New York, NY (USA) @ Mercury Lounge TICKETS
Wed 25th - Philadelphia, PA (USA) @ Kung Fu Necktie TICKETS
Thu 26th - Washington DC (USA) @ Black Cat Backstage TICKETS
Fri 27th - Chapel Hill, NC (USA) @ Local 506 TICKETS
Sat 28th - Atlanta, GA (USA) @ 529 TICKETS
Sun 30th - Baton Rouge, LA (USA) @ Spanish Moon TICKETS


Tue 1st - Austin, TX (USA) @ The Mohawk TICKETS
Thu 3rd - Santa Fe, NM (USA) @ VFW TICKETS
Fri 4th - Tuscon, AZ (USA) @ Club Congress TICKETS
Sat 5th - Los Angeles, CA (USA) @ Echo TICKETS
Tue 8th - San Francisco, CA (USA) @ Rickshaw Stop TICKETS
Wed 9th - Chico, CA
Thu 10th - Portland, OR (USA) @ Mississippi Studios TICKETS
Fri 11th - Seattle, WA (USA) @ The Vera Project TICKETS
Mon 14th - Minneapolis, MN (USA) @ 7th Street Entry TICKETS
Tue 15th - Chicago, IL (USA) @ Schubas Tavern TICKETS
Wed 16th - Cleveland, OH (USA) @ Beachland Tavern TICKETS
Thu 17th - Stanhope. NY
Fri 18th - New Haven, CT (USA) @ Cafe Nine TICKETS

9. Two People Playing Music - Beehive (Self Released)
"Two People Playing Music (2PPM) is keyboardist Chase Hudson and drummer Sean Sullivan. A shared musical vision motivated Hudson and Sullivan to form the duo in Northwest Florida, where they met. Together, they explore the sonic boundaries between popular styles and the musical unknown. This practice enables them to craft a unique sound, displaying a genuine and artistic approach to the presentation of the universal mind, the conscious or unconscious headspace that we all share. Recording for the band's second album, For People was released digitally on Feb 7th. Currently, the band is writing new material for their third effort, Desert Country and Physics, which the duo will be releasing in June."
In Your Bed Cover Art
10. Pale Man Made - In Your Bed (Odd Box)
A new single from Pale Man Made who came to my attention what seems like ages ago. This is a taster for their new album "Red Box Secrets" which will be released on Odd Box records on 14th May.

11. Destroy Nate Allen - Emergency (High Endurance/Entes Anomicos)
This is a track from the new Nate Allen album "With Our Powers Combined" which will be released on High Endurance Records in the U.S. and Entes Anomicos in Germany on 5th June. 

Sweet Heart Sweet Light
12. Spiritulized - Hey Jane (Double Six)
Taken from the new album "Sweet Heart, Sweet Light" which will be released next week on Double Six Records.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wave Pictures - BBC Session 9th April 2012

An excellent session for the Marc Riley program on BBC 6 Music. All four tracks are versions of songs from the London bands new album "Long Black Cars" which was released at the beginning of the month on the Moshi Moshi label. The first track is a "Spaghetti" is a version of what will be their new single which will be released on 23rd April. 

1. Spaghetti
2. My Head Gets Screwed On Tighter Every Year
3. Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens
4. Seagulls

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Seven)

1. Young Prisms - Dead Flowers (Kanine)
There isn't a bad track on here. Its's the second album Young Prisms which is a bit disconcerting because I don't seem to have the first but I will try and rectify that situation this week.The record is called "In Between" and was released last week on Kanine. Next month the San Francisco band will head out on tour with Dum Dum Girls.

May 15 – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
May 16 – Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA
May 17 – Pappy and Harriets – Pioneertown, CA
May 18 – Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
May 21 – The Blank Club – San Jose, CA
May 25 – Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC
May 27 – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR

2. Morphosis - PostAtomicPoetry (Morphine)
This is a great track. Taken from "The Tepco Report" E.P. which was actually released a couple of months ago now but has only just made it's way to my house.

3. Natural Law - Padded Cell (Katorga Works/Deranged)
Taken from the album "Find The Flock which is a joint release between Katorga Works and Deranged Records.

Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy Cover Art

4. The Sorry Shop - About Kings And Queens I (Self Released)
Sometimes things just come completely out of the blue. This is a case in point. It's a track from the debut album from Brazil band The Sorry Shop who actually apear to consist of but one man who plays
everything which is a bit of a shame really because that must make it slightly tricky to play live, not that there's much chance of him making the treck all the way from South America just to put a smile on my ugly face. The album is called "Bloody, Fuzzy, Cozy" and as far as I'm aware can only be downloaded from The Sorry Shop Bandcamp page although there is every chance I could be wrong about that and he actually has a worldwide distribution deal and is already really famous, rich and collects vintage typewriters.

Quantec - 1000 Vacuum Tubes (2012)

5. Quantec - Brain Machinery (Elux)
This is a track from the album "1000 Vacume Tubes" which is available now on the Elux label.

6. Odonis Odonis - I'd Prefer Walking (Fat Cat)
This is the b-side of the new single from Odonis Odonis to be released on Fat Cat on 21st May. The a-side is Busted Lip which featured on the Toronto band's "Holandaze" album of last year. They have some dates coming up this month.

14th April - Brighton, Green Door Store
15th April - Nottingham, Red Room
16th April - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
17th April - Glasgow, Captains Rest
18th April - Manchester, Kraak Gallery
19th April - London, Old Blue Last

Spooky Action at a Distance

7. Lotus Plaza - White Galactic One (Kranky)
Another winner from Kranky Records. This time it's the second album by Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt. It's called "Spooky Action At A Distance and is available on CD and vinyl and to be honest it's probably worth getting the vinyl just for that sleeve.

8. The Wedding Present - 524 Fideleo (Scopitones)
Taken from the new album "Valentina" which is available now on Gedges own Scopitones label.

9. A Place To Bury Strangers - You Are The One (Dead Oceans)
This is the first taste of the new album from A Place To Bury Strangers. The album is called "Worship" and will be released on 26th June on Dead Oceans.

10. Shrag - Tears Of A Landlord (Session)
A  track from the recent session Shrag recorded for BBC 6 Music. The full session can be downloaded below.

Remora - Scars Bring Hope

11. Remora - Peanut Butter Cup (Silber)
This peculiar track comes from the new Remora record. It's called "Scars Bring Hope" and is available now on CD or download from the Silber Records website.

Strange Weekend

12. Porcelain Raft - Backwords (Secretly Canadian)
I always like to finish with a bit of beauty. Taken from the album "Strange Weekend" which was featured on this site a few months ago when it first appeared but for some reason I went back to it this week and I had forgotten how good it is.

Monday, April 02, 2012

It Hugs Back - BBC Session, 27th March 2012

Episode image for It Hugs Back

Three new songs presumably to be included on the bands second album "Laughing Party" which will be released in May. 

1. Half American
2. Times Square
3. Recommended Records