Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Five)

My Heart Beats 

1. Veronica Falls - My Heart Beats (Bella Union)
An excellent new single from Veronica Falls to kick off this weeks Fodder. They actually played in my home town of York recently and as usual I only found out about it a few days after. Still this is a good track and is the first since their impressive self titled debut last year. Hopefully there will be a follow up this year and perhaps I might finally get to see them live.

2. Raw Meat - Failed Revolution (Demo)
This is the first track on a demo tape from New York band Raw Meat which consists of various members of Nomos and Rival Mob.

Sees the Light

3. La Sera - I'm Alone (Hardly Art)
Taken from the new album "See's The Light" which will be released next week on Hardly Art.

4. Clock Opera - One And For All (Legendary Children Dub)
I really wish I could tell you at least something about this track but I've done something to the accompanying e-mail to make it disappear.

Food Pyramid - Mango Sunrise (2012)

5. Food Pyramid - Burger Night [Version]  (Moon Glyph)
This is a track from the album "Mango Suprise" which is available now on vinyl and CD, both formats limited to 500 copies.

6. Party Faithful - Party Faithful 
This is the self-titled title track from the London bands debut EP which was released on 23rd March.

Cover art - SND: 15/16

7. NHK - Hydra (PAN)
Strange stuff indeed from a split 12" which NHK share with SND. I particularly like the last twenty seconds when things go a bit wonky.

Six Plus Ten Cover Art

8. We'll Go Machete - Kids In Front (Stressed Sumo)
Take from a new album on the Stressed Sumo label entitled "Six Plus Ten" which as you can tell from this track doesn't mess about.

Medium Bastard Cover Art

9. You Slut - Elton Chong (Stressed Sumo)
Another release on the increasingly impressive Stressed Sumo label is an album by Derby band You Slut who's debut effort "Medium Bastard" will be released in a couple of weeks time. Something tells me they might struggle to get much radio play but you can catch them live around the UK next month.

7th April - Derby, Victoria Lounge
8th April - London, Stags Head INFL Festival
15th April - Leeds, The Library
3rd May - Nottingham, The Chameleon
4th May - Blackpool, Blue Room
5th May - London, The Horatia
6th May - Derby, The Silk Museum
10th May - Belfast, Queens University
11th May - Portrush, Retro Bar
26th May - Brighton, Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival
2nd June - Leicester, White Noise Festival
23rd June - Nottingham, Waterfront Festival

Fool The Detector [VINYL]

10. Venetian Snares - Index Pavillion (Timesig)
Taken from the "Fool The Detector" EP which is available now on Simesig

BG019 | Is This The End Of...? Cover Art

11. The Men From... BEYOND - The Law Is A Heartbreaker (Bleeding Gold)
There really should be more records like this. It's a track from a new E.P. on Bleeding Gold records by The Men From... BEYOND which is the brainchild of a geezer called Devin Dart and can be downloaded completely free HERE.

Phone Thou Cover Art

12. HOUNDSds - Anarchists In Love (Self Released)
This is a track from the Brooklyn bands latest release "Phone Thou" which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp page for a price of your choosing of if you're feeling a bit more sophisticated you might be interseted in the cassette version which can also be purchased from Bandcamp for $5 assuming you have the means to play such a device. If not you could twiddle it round a pencil while listening to the mp3's and have a whale of a time.

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