Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Six)

1. Lower Dens - Brains (Ribbon Records)
Taken from the band second album "Nootropics" which will be released on CD and Double Vinyl on 30th April.
There is going to be a limited edition gold vinyl with black swirl of which there will be only 350.

Nocturnal Reveries Cover Art

2. Pigeon Breeders - Garlands (RDP)
Taken from the album "Nocturnal Reveries" which can be purchased from their Bandcamp page as a download of if you're a bit old fashioned there is a limited run of 100 CD's available featuring artwork by Stephen Ferris for a mere $5.

3. Letters - To The Town Sweetheart
One of two Letters tracks on a split cassette they share with fellow Scottish band Poppet. This is actually a cover of a Poppet track. The other Letters track on here is their version of Sheryl Crow's " Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man" which understandably may not fill you with longing to hear but Letters, being more talented than Miss Crow actually make the song more quite enjoyable. 

BURIAL / FOUR TET - Nova image

4. Burial + Four Tet - Nova (Text)
They never let you down. This is another collaboration between Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet and Burial. I think this is possibly the third time the pair have worked together. You might have to move fast to get one of these however as they are "strictly limited". That said I have no idea exactly how many there are but I do know Bookmat have sold out and that is usually a fairly reliable marker to get your finger out.

5. The Inclined Plane - Please Come Home (Popular Wallpaper)
Taken from the album "The Backwards Frontier" which was released last week on Popular Wallpaper Recordings.

6. Abstract Division - Deformation [Original Mix] (Dynamic Reflection)
This brings back some painful memories of last Tuesday night. I was listening to this on headphones while bombing along on my pushbike. Going quite fast you understand, what else could you do with a beat like that in your ears. Anyway there was a corner and being quite a stupid person I thought I'll be fine, I can take that I thought, only a wus would slow down I thought. The next thing of course was my front wheel slipped away and I headed face first for the tarmac. After having a good scrape along the road, collecting the remains of my headphones and trying not to drip blood everywhere I managed to get home where Nix insisted taking me to hospital where I had one of the most painful nights of my life thus far involving twenty odd stitches in my ear and forehead. So a good night was had by all and I have this track to thank for it.

Paint By Numbers EP Cover Art

7. Pandacakes - Paint By Numbers (Self Released)
This is the title track from the Columbia bands new four track E.P. which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp site.

8. Teen Daze - Fantasy (Self Released)
This is one of three tracks on a rather exclusive new Teen Daze E.P. which will only be available from dates on the bands upcoming european tour which starts next week in Hamburg, Germany. According to the press release the record is so exclusive that there are only 25 copies in existance so the liklyhood is that unless you can go to one of the early dates on the tour you won't be able to furnish your record collection with one of them. For the rest of us the E.P. will be issued in due course as a digital download which will justy have to do I suppose. (by the way if anyone is going to one of the early dates and would like to buy me a copy please get in touch.)

2nd April – Hamburg, Germany – Kulturhaus III&70
 4th April – Oslo, Norway – Internasjonalen
 6th April– Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser Slussen
 7th April – Malmo, Sweden – Debaser Malmo
 9th April – London, UK – The Lexington
 10th April – Manchester, UK – Kraak Gallery
 11th April – Newcastle, UK – Cluny2
 12th April– Antwerp, Belgium – Den Eglantier
 13th April – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Die Nieuwe Anita
 14th April – Paris, France – Espace B
 16th April – Madrid, Spain – Nasti
 17th April – Barcelona, Spain – Miscelanea Bcn
 19th April – Rome, Italy – Circolo Degli Illuminati
 20th April – Genoa, Italy – Milk Club
 21st April – Padova, Italy – Studio 2
 22nd April – Lucerne, Switzerland – Treibhaus
 23rd April – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Orto Bar
 24th April – Bratislava, Slovakia – Nu Spirit Club
 25th April – Budapest, Hungary – Merlin
 26th April  – Krakow, Poland – Rozrywki Klub
 27th April – Berlin, Germany – Naherholung Sternchen

9. The Death Mantra - Empty Ballroom (Self Released)
A new track from French band The death Mantra which is one of many you can download free from their Soundcloud page.

What Do They Say About Me?

10. Strawberry Whiplash - Everybody's Texting (Matinee)
It's been a long time coming but the new Strawberry Whiplash album has finally arrived and I don't mind saying it's probably the best record I've bought this week. It's called "Hits In The Car" and features thirteen tracks of pure pop brilliance. I could have picked any track at random for this weeks Fodder and would have been quite happy but this is one of the ones I keep coming back to.


11. Whores - Daddy's Money (Stressed Sumo)
Yet another new release on Stressed Sumo records (two in last weeks Fodder). This time it's a five track E.P. from noisy buggers Whores. The really do have some great band names at Stressed Sumo don't they. I wonder if it's a pre requisite before signing that your name has to sound great. Last weeks tracks came from You Slut! who have released a great album called "Medium Bastard" and We Go Machete. Anyway this track is from a new Whores release. It's called "Ruiner" and will be available after 30th April. I'll probably give you another reminder before then. On the other hand of course I might forget.

mwvm: Had Yr Pash

12. mwvm - Mind The Gap (Silber)
We'll finish this week with a track from a new release on Silber Records by mvwm. It's from an album entitled "Had Yr Pash" which can be download free from the Silber Records website.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shrag - BBC Session, 21st March 2012

Episode image for Shrag

1. Tendons In The Night
2. You're The Shout
3. Tears Of A Landlord

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Monochrome Set - BBC Session 20th March 2012


An excellent session broadcast last week in the Mark Riley show on BBC 6 Music. 
Unusually for a band which have been knocking around since the late nineteen seventies they still make interesting records. 
The four tracks which make up this session are versions of tracks from their new album "Platinum Coils" which is the bands tenth album and will be released on 1st April.

1. Hip Kitten Spinning Chrome
2. Streams
3. They Call Me Silence
4. Cauchemar

Forthcoming Gigs

6th April - Glasgow, Stereo
7th April - Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms
8th April - York, The Duchess
9th April - Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
10th April - Manchester, Band On The Wall
11th April - Cardiff, Buffalo Bar
12th April - Brighton, The Green Door Store (SOLD OUT)
13th April - Sheffield, The Greystones
16th April - Cologne, King Georg
17th April - Stuttgart, Club Schocken
18th April - Nürnberg, Hirsch
19th April - Hamburg, Fundbureau
20th April - Berlin, WestGermany
29th April - London, Dingwalls
12th May - Belfast, Cathederal Quarter Arts Festival @ Dockers Club
19th May - Barcelona, Music Hall
4th August - Blackpool, Rebellion Festival

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Five)

My Heart Beats 

1. Veronica Falls - My Heart Beats (Bella Union)
An excellent new single from Veronica Falls to kick off this weeks Fodder. They actually played in my home town of York recently and as usual I only found out about it a few days after. Still this is a good track and is the first since their impressive self titled debut last year. Hopefully there will be a follow up this year and perhaps I might finally get to see them live.

2. Raw Meat - Failed Revolution (Demo)
This is the first track on a demo tape from New York band Raw Meat which consists of various members of Nomos and Rival Mob.

Sees the Light

3. La Sera - I'm Alone (Hardly Art)
Taken from the new album "See's The Light" which will be released next week on Hardly Art.

4. Clock Opera - One And For All (Legendary Children Dub)
I really wish I could tell you at least something about this track but I've done something to the accompanying e-mail to make it disappear.

Food Pyramid - Mango Sunrise (2012)

5. Food Pyramid - Burger Night [Version]  (Moon Glyph)
This is a track from the album "Mango Suprise" which is available now on vinyl and CD, both formats limited to 500 copies.

6. Party Faithful - Party Faithful 
This is the self-titled title track from the London bands debut EP which was released on 23rd March.

Cover art - SND: 15/16

7. NHK - Hydra (PAN)
Strange stuff indeed from a split 12" which NHK share with SND. I particularly like the last twenty seconds when things go a bit wonky.

Six Plus Ten Cover Art

8. We'll Go Machete - Kids In Front (Stressed Sumo)
Take from a new album on the Stressed Sumo label entitled "Six Plus Ten" which as you can tell from this track doesn't mess about.

Medium Bastard Cover Art

9. You Slut - Elton Chong (Stressed Sumo)
Another release on the increasingly impressive Stressed Sumo label is an album by Derby band You Slut who's debut effort "Medium Bastard" will be released in a couple of weeks time. Something tells me they might struggle to get much radio play but you can catch them live around the UK next month.

7th April - Derby, Victoria Lounge
8th April - London, Stags Head INFL Festival
15th April - Leeds, The Library
3rd May - Nottingham, The Chameleon
4th May - Blackpool, Blue Room
5th May - London, The Horatia
6th May - Derby, The Silk Museum
10th May - Belfast, Queens University
11th May - Portrush, Retro Bar
26th May - Brighton, Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival
2nd June - Leicester, White Noise Festival
23rd June - Nottingham, Waterfront Festival

Fool The Detector [VINYL]

10. Venetian Snares - Index Pavillion (Timesig)
Taken from the "Fool The Detector" EP which is available now on Simesig

BG019 | Is This The End Of...? Cover Art

11. The Men From... BEYOND - The Law Is A Heartbreaker (Bleeding Gold)
There really should be more records like this. It's a track from a new E.P. on Bleeding Gold records by The Men From... BEYOND which is the brainchild of a geezer called Devin Dart and can be downloaded completely free HERE.

Phone Thou Cover Art

12. HOUNDSds - Anarchists In Love (Self Released)
This is a track from the Brooklyn bands latest release "Phone Thou" which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp page for a price of your choosing of if you're feeling a bit more sophisticated you might be interseted in the cassette version which can also be purchased from Bandcamp for $5 assuming you have the means to play such a device. If not you could twiddle it round a pencil while listening to the mp3's and have a whale of a time.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nunun - Seven Mirrors (Acustronica Netlabel 2012)


"Seven mirrors" is the first ambient album by Nunun. With Massimo Discepoli playing synths and keyboards instead of drums, and Cesare Discepoli more electronically treated than usual guitar, in these seven improvisations the duo explores many different sonic textures and moods. Haunting melodies and weird dissonances, celestial soundscapes and earthy distortions, countless melodic fragments and free improvisations, this is music for both the intellect and the soul.
The album cover is an original work of italian painter Nascar; the album will be soon available in a special printed edition.

1. Of The Moment
2. Of The Judgement
3. Of Lost
4. Of Your Most Forgotten Love
5. Father, Mother, Creator
6. The Dark Night Of The Soul
7. Perfection Of All Things

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sixteen Deluxe - The Pilot Knob

The Pilot Knob EP Cover Art 

1. Happy Song
2. Reactive
3. Hot Everett
4. Too Much On My Mind
5. Hazy Days
6. Grandma
7. There He Goes
8. I'll Call You
9. Mexican Train
10. The Foundation

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Four)

Download Zip File

1. Clockwork Era - Fear Inside 
This is the lead trck from Clockwork Era's debut EP which will be released on 23rd April.

16th March - London, New Pilgrims Club Launch @ The Silver Bullet
24th May - London, Kiss The Music @ Sebright Arms
2nd June - Newcastle, Dog And Parrot
9th June - London, Kiss The Music Festival @ Sebright Arms
16th June - London, Chamber @ Buffalo Bar

Friday 16 March - New Pilgrims Club @ The Silver Bullet (Finsbury Park), London
Friday 6 April - Symptomatic Presents "Freak Scene" @ Heroes Bar (Kentish Town), London
Thursday 24 May - Kiss The Music @ Sebright Arms (Bethnal Green), London
Saturday 2 June - The Dog and Parrot, Newcastle
Sunday 3 June - The 13th Note, Glasgow
Sat 9/ Sun 10 - Kiss the Music Festival @ Sebright Arms (Bethnal Green), London
June 15 - Chamber @ Buffalo Bar (Islington), London

shallow bursts Cover Art

2. Christian Samuel - Feels So Good To Fly (Self Released)
This is a track from one of the seemingly thousand of  albums which Christian Slater has released in the last month or so. This one is called "Shallow Bursts" and can be downloaded along with all of the others from his Bandcamp.


3. Clark - The Pining Pt 1 (Warp)
This is a track from the long awaited (in my house anyway) new album from Chris Clark. It's called "Iradelphic" and will be released on Warp Records on 2nd April. It's a little bit more ambient than some of his previous stuff and I like that.

4. Pumice - Covered In Spiders (Soft Abuse)
Taken from the album "Puny" which will be released on 3rd April on Soft Abuse.
"Everything Pumice owns is broken. Virgin audience members at his shows might think he is fucking up till half-way through when it becomes clear they are witnessing a perfect solo ballet of mini-cassettes, modified guitar, foot-pedal drum-kit & short-circuiting spring reverb croon. Deep into a genius career, Pumice still surprises with his subtle mastery of broke-down sounds, slowed-down Magic Band rhythms, crumbling chord organ hymns & tragic ballads that reach deep into the very soul of Flying Nun/Xpressway/Root Don Lonie For Cash anti-pop pop music. PUNY is as difficult to fathom & as easy to love as all his best work." - Glenn Donaldson

Song, by Toad Records 2012 Sampler Cover Art

5. Dolfinz - Teenage Bloom (Songs By Toad
I used to get loads of samplers every year but few labels seem to put them out these days. Songs By Toad do though and this years is particularly good as a lot of the bands on here are completely new to me as is the case with the appallingly spelled Dolfinz. Despite sounding like some kind of second rate dubstep ensemble from Essex are actually a ball of spectacular sound from Stonehaven and I will be tracking down more of their material over the course of the coming week. The "Songs By Toad 2012 Sampler" can be downloaded from the labels Bandcamp page.

6. Oreaganomics - Odd Wounds (Self Released)
The second of two new songs from those lovable Oreaganomics. The first track can be found in last weeks Fodder if your new round here.

Dross Glop (Remix)

7. Battles - Sweetie And Shag [The Field Remix] (Warp)
"Gloss Drop" is a series of four vinyl E.P'.s released on Warp records featuring some pretty tidy reworkings of Battles tracks. The series is now being brought together as a compilation album for those strange people who don't have turntables, and I am reliably informed such people exist. The "Gloss Drop" compilation features all twelve tracks including remixes from the likes of Kode9, Silent Servant and Gui Boratto to name but three. This is one of the more noisy pieces on here and one that I keep coming back to although I almost used the Alchemist Remix instead because you really do need to hear that track as well. "Gloss Drop" will be released on Warp Records of Sheffield on 16th April.

8. Dinowalrus - Beth Steel (Old Flame)
Taken from the Brooklyn band's second album "Best Behavior" which is available now on Old Flame Records.

Presenting Taffy

9. Taffy - Haah (Club AC30)
A new track from Taffy who release their new single "So Long" on 21st April and an album entitled "Caramel Sunset" on 7th May, both on the fantastic Club AC30 label.

10. The School - When He Kisses Me (Elefant)
It was only the other day I wondering if Cardiff's finest The School were planning anything new and lo and behold we have a new four track e.p. from which this track is taken. It's called "Never Thought I'd See The Day" and will be available from 26th March. It precedes the new album which will be released in May and for which my toes itch in anticipation.

11. The Wedding Present - The Girl From The DDR (Scopitones)
They never let you down you know. Taken from the Leeds bands new album "Valentina" which is released on Scopitones this week.

Sea Ex Cover Art

12. Illogical Time Concerns - Copac (Self Released)
This is a track from an album entitled "Sea As" which can be downloaded free from Illogical Time Concern's Bandcamp Page.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Crocodiles - Casbah, San Diego, 11th March 2012

This is how Crocodiles sounded when they played at The Casbah in San Diego earlier in the week. The San Diego band will release their third album "Endless Flowers" on Souterrian Transmissions on 4th June and I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of a blinder. 

 Stoned To Death
 Electric Death Song
 Sleep Forever
 Sunday (Psychic Conversation #5)
 I Wanna Kill
 (new song)
Hearts Of Love
Summer Of Hate
Groove Is In The Heart/California Girls 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Snow In Mexico - Prodigal Summer EP

Prodigal Summer EP 2012 Cover Art 

1. Prodigal Summer
2. 4 Days
3. I Need To Sleep
4. Code Playground

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inca Gold - Inca Gold III

Inca Gold III Cover Art 

1. Atom
2. Ghostbride
3. Split Waves
4. Emergency Talks

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Fall - Lille 2012


'bout time we had some more Smith worship around these parts...
This is a fine recording by Mr Fender from last weeks gig at l'Aéronef in Lille, France. Pretty much the same set as before but I'm sure it won't be long before we start getting more new songs. "Damflicters" sounds good. 
Listen Loud!

1. Intro
2. Damflicters
3. Taking Off
4. Hot Cake
5. Wolf Kidult Man
6. I Am Nate
7. Strychnine
8. I've Been Duped
9. Cowboy George
10. Bury
11. Cosmos 7
12. Psykick Dancehall
13. (break)
14. Theme From Sparta F.C.
15. Greenway
16. Outro

Monday, March 12, 2012

Boy Party - Who Cares E.P.

BG018 | Who Cares? Cover Art

"Boy Party was formed in the cold of the 2011 North Carolina winter by Zach Romeo and Nathan Romano. The duo began playing shows in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Asheville, and encountered a strange group of people in the woods of Georgia. They released their first EP "On Yr Lips" through their bandcamp page that spring. Boy Party toured the midwest in the summer of 2011 before parting ways, Nathan staying in North Carolina, going to film school, and Zach going to film school in New York. The project now serves as an outlet for songs written by Nathan Romano and sometimes produced by Justin Morris."

1. Deco
2. July
3. The Beach Is Calling Me
4. Grange
5. Who Cares?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty Three)

1. Slow Animal - Back Of Your Head (Self Released)
Taken from the self titled debut album which can be downloaded in full further down this page. Great stuff.

2. Oreaganomics - She's (Self Released)
One of two great new songs from the Chicago band. The other one will be included next week's Fodder.

3. Bitches - Kill Birds, Eat Shit (Gravy)
Whatever you do make sure you play this as loud as your equipment can muster. It's a track from the new Bitches EP "Buster" which will be released on Gravy Records on 18th March.

4. Trei and Concord Dawn - Hellbent (Uprising)
Taken from the "Wipout EP" which was released last month on Uprising Records

BG018 | Who Cares? Cover Art

5. Boy Party - Grange (Bleeding Gold)
One of four tracks on a new free EP from Bleeding Gold records who you will recall recently gave Tear Talk's brilliant "Port Sunlight EP". The new SArah Records perhaps... maybe not but they certainly are putting out some great stuff at the moment.

6. Field Mouse - Happy (Small Plates)
This is the b-side of the latest seven inch release on the Small Plates label. It's the new record from Brooklyn band Field Mouse who featured in these Fodders a fair few times last year. The records all come on mottled clear vinyl and are available from the Small Plates webstore for $7

Memory Hoarders Cover Art

7. High In One Eye - Pleasure Derived From The Misfortunes Of Others (Self Released)
More New Orleans noise merchants. High In One Eye have just this very week made available their new album "Memory Hoarders" through Bandcamp on one of those pay what you like deals.

Steinvord - Steinvord image

8. Steinvord - Syg X-1 (Rephlex)
One of five tracks from a new 12" on the Rephlex label.

Lying In State Cover Art

9. Island Twins - Lying In State (Self Released)
This is the first track on the Brooklyn bands self titled debut album which will be released on 1st May.

kit flips Cover Art

10. Christian Samuel - Thoughts (Self Released)
This is a track from one of Christian's new albums "Kit Flips". I say that because he appears to have no less than three new albums available for download from Bandcamp at the moment. The other are called "Shallow Bursts" and "Blast Tape" and can be downloaded completely free from his aforementioned Bandcamp page.

Fool The Detector [VINYL]

11. Venetian Snares - Ego DSP (Timesig)
This is the first track on their new "Fool The Detector" EP which was released just this week on Timesig.

The Pilot Knob EP Cover Art

12. Sixteen Delex - Reactive (Self Released)
Originally released as an eight track CD back in 1997 by Genuis Records "The Pilot Knob EP" has this week being re-issued as an expanded ten track digital album which can be purchased from the bands Bandcamp for a price of your choosing. Well worth a listen if you missed it the first time around. This particular track as well as being on "The Pilot Knob EP) also appeared on a seven inch single issued in 1996 on Propellor Records which the Austin band have also re-issued through the mighty forum of Bandcamp.