Monday, February 13, 2012

Werewolf Police - Vulture Club

Vulture Club EP Cover Art

"After 4 years of babies, weddings and side-projects, Werewolf Police make a welcome return with a free new 7-song EP entitled Vulture Club. Halfway through their forthcoming LP The Moderation Blues, band leader Tynan Cooney's hard drive died. With that album in limbo, the band took the blank slate as an opportunity to record a fresh batch of entirely new songs. Herein lies Vulture Clubthe band's first Popular Wallpaper Recordings release, written in a day and put to 4-track cassette over two months by Tynan at his kitchen table. It's a gratis invitation to a wedding held in a moldy basement, with multiple 30 packs and a Hall and Oates greatest hits CD. Get ready for haunting hooks, soaring vocal majesties, and halos and halos..."

1. Jumbo & Slim
2. Vixens Phantasy
3. The Only One
4. Gasoline Rainbows
5. Street Life
6. Personificate
7. Rusty Garden

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