Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Eight)

1. A-tota-so - Mustard Tiger (Self Released)
This is one of five tracks from the Derby duo which can be heard and downloaded from their Soundcloud page. All of which were recorded live with two mics on a cold Sunday in Derby just a couple of weeks ago.

The Koolaid Electric Company – Random Noises And Organised Sounds (2011) [MP3]

2. The Koolaid Electric Company - Distraction (Self Released)
I managed to miss this fine album last year. It was released sometime last April and has quite frankly made my week. I'm not sure how you would go about finding a copy as I don't think there was a proper release more a CD-r available from the band themselves but if you do find one then snatch it into your possession as fast as you can. Someone told me it was going to be re-issued this year but I think that might just be a dirty lie.

3. Grimes - Genesis (4AD)
I'm just loving this track at the moment. It comes from an album called "Visions" which will be released on 4AD on 12th March. 

Onwards Towards The Wall

4. A Place To Bury Strangers - It'll Be Alright (Dead Oceans)
A great return to form from the New York band, not that they'd lost much but this is tremendous. It's a five track E.P. which will be released as CD/12" on Dead Oceans Records on 13th February.

5. Niereich - Flow Velocity (Audio Stimulation)
The original mix of Flow Velocity from the Austrian producer's debut effort on Audio Stimulation.

6. Randolph's Leap - I Can't Dance To This Music Anymore (Peenko)
I don't have much information about this records at all but what we do know is that it's a new album by Glasgow based Randolph's Leap who featured in these pages a while ago with their E.P. "Battleships and Kettle Chips". This track is from a new album superbly entitled "Randolph's Leap And The Curse Of The Haunted Headphones" which will be available on a limited edition cassette of which only thirty copies exist and download. 

7. Ferocious Fucking Teeth - Hinkley (Safety Meeting)
A Steve Albini production as you might have detected from that awsome guitar sound. It's a track from the debut self-titled album by the brilliantly named Ferocious Fucking Teeth which will be released on 28th February on Safety Meeting Records on a limited run of just 300 Vinyl copies, all of which are accompanied by a CD-R of the music so you don't actually ever have to play the record which I always think is a bit of a shame because it will give you so much more pleasure to hear the noise come up from a plastic platter. Anyway you can pre-order the record from the Safety Meeting website.

New Leaf Cover Art

8. Blackbird Blackbird - New Leaf (Self Released)
Splendid new single from the San Francisco band.

Itchin EP

9. Orphan 101 - Brenn
Taken from the "Itchin' E.P."

ghost words Cover Art

10. Sunshower Orphans - Sun In Your Eyes (Self Released)
This is a track from the siperb album "Ghost Words" which can be downloaded in full here.

11. The Wedding Present - You Jane (Scopitones)
This is the first taste of The Wedding Present's eighth album "Valentina" which will be on 19th March on the band's own Scopitones label, although the vinyl version appears to be released through Stickman Records. 

We Will Always Be

12. Windy & Carl - Fainting In The Presence Of The Lord (Kranky)
This is the splendid noise which ends the new album from Carl Huntgren and Windy Weber. It's their first outing since their 2008 album "Songs For The Broken Hearted" which if I'm honest I was a little dissapointed with. No such problems on the new record however as this track will testament. The albums's called "We Always Will Be" and hopefully they will always be this good. I'm sure this will be available on a plethora of formats but the one it sounds best on is the double vinyl issue simply because you can put your ear close and soak up the hiss (yes I'm feeling a bit peculiar today).

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