Friday, February 10, 2012

Observer Drift - Corridors

Corridors Cover Art

This is my first full length album. I wrote all these songs in a period of about 8 months. I recorded/produced all these songs on my own at home. So as you listen to it, pretend like you're hanging out with a punk friend of yours from high school, listening to the album in his messy room, because thats exactly where the album was created. I feel like each song is unique and displays a different side of my personality. I hope that when anyone listens to this album they experience a sense of adventure and nostalgia. The lyrics in this album are heavily based on 3 main things: Dreams that i've had, Important people, and memories of my very young childhood (more specifically, memories that I am able to relive through watching home videos and flipping through old photo books) If you are able to connect with even just one song from this project, that would be just swell, my friend. 

-Collin Ward

1. Corridors
2. Warm Waves
3. Backwards
4. Her Lullaby
5. Tree Shadow
6. Home Video
7. Letters to Myself
8. Thousands of Days
9. Illumination
10. Use Stars
11. We Make Believe
12. Tree Shadow (alt. version)
13. Thread

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