Monday, February 27, 2012

Ask For Joy - Safe Words EP

Safe Words EP Cover Art

"The Safe Words EP is a four-track release consisting of two previously unreleased songs, 'Gentle Girl' and 'Closer To Tanya', and two new mixes of existing tracks, 'To-Night' (from Endless Space Unfurled EP) and 'Swoon' (from Swoon EP). These two tracks were performed live at Rip's in Phoenix, AZ, at Ask For Joy's December 3, 2011 show, opening for Honeybreath and The Captives."

1. Gentle Girl 
2. Closer To Tanya
3. To-Night
4. Swoon

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pod Fodder - (Volume One Hundred And Fifty One)

High EP Cover Art

1. Sun Glitters - It Takes Me (Music/Is/For/Losers)
Taken from the Luxembourg artist's "High E.P." which is available, as is everything else in the world these days through Bandcamp although apparently there is a limited edition vinyl version but I don't know if that is available as yet.


2. Tu Fawning - Bones (City Slang)
Taken from Tu Fawning's second album "A Monument" which will be released on City Slang on 7th May.

Dream Familiar Cover Art

3. Two Suns - Not The End Pt 2 (Self Released)
Yet another track from the album Dream Familiar which has been gradually released one track per week every wednesday since the start of January. With just a few tracks remaining this is possibly my favorite so far.

4. The Wave Pictures - Stay This Way A Little While (Fortuna Pop)
This is the B-Side of the new Wave Pictures single "Eskimo Kiss"which precedes the London band's new album "Long Black Cars" which will be released in the UK on 2nd April.

Moody Gowns / Bearfoot Beware - Split Single Cover Art

5. Barefoot Beware - Tending To The Slim Pickings On The Floor (Self Released)
This is Barefoot Beware's contribution to a split single which they share with fellow Leeds band Moody Gowns who contribute a track entitled "Stepmother". In celebration of this release a single launch party will be taking place at The Musiquarium in Leeds on 19th April which I would very much like to attend partly because I want to watch the bands but also because I've never been to The Musiquarium and it sounds brilliant.

Wanting You Cover Art
6. Sauna - Wanting You (Self Released)
A lovely new track from the Denver quartet. If you like this pop over to their Bandcamp page where you will discover you can download last years "Teen Angst Tape" which is four track EP with a seriously dodgy sleeve.

You Left Me Cover Art

7.  Mirror Lady - You Left Me (Self Released)
"Mirror Lady was born somewhere deep in the hills of Silverlake, CA with just her Casio Keyboard and a Cassette Deck." which all sounds very romantic don't you think. This is the first track made available from the Silverlake trio who will release their self titled debut EP next month.

What U Wanted 2 Feel (Pixelord Remix)

8. Machinedrum - What U Wanted 2 Feel [Pixelord Remix] (The Index)
Taken from the well titled "Nastyfukk EP" which is available now on The Index label.

9. Crocodiles - Sunday [Psychic Conversation #9] (Souterrain Transmissions
If there was some kind of track of the week award this would be up there. I've been playing this pretty constantly for the last couple of days. It's a new track from San Diego band Crocodiles and precedes their third album "Endless Flowers" which will be released on Souterrain Transmissions on 4th June. This track will be released as a limited edition seven inch single backed with a version of "Fascist Cops" originally performed by The Kids on their 1978 self titled debut album. The single will be released on 26th March.

Live 1990

10. The Wedding Present - Kennedy (Scopitones)
While we wait for the new Wedding Present album "Valentino" next  month have a listen to this. It's the latest in the series of Wedding Present live CDs this time featuring two gigs recorded as the title might suggest in 1990. The first set was recorded at Maxwells, Hoboken, New Jersey which was the Leeds bands first ever gig in North America. The other set meanwhile was recorded at London's now closed Kilburn National Ballroom from where this version of Kennedy is taken.


11. Frankie Rose - Daylight Sky (Slumberland)
If ever there was a record you needed to own it's this one. It's the second album by Frankue Rose and to be quite frank it's a bit of a masterpiece.

Artist Photo

12. Kick To Kill - Avalanche (Flowers In The Dustbin)
This is a track from the Scottish bands forthcoming single which will be released on Flowers In The Dustbin on 14th May.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Fifty)

1. Red Shoe Diaries - Driving Blind (Fika)
This is one of three tracks on the Nottingham band's new single, the topically titled "Ice And Snow" which will be released on Fika Records on 27th February. The title track is taken from last years "When I Find My Heart" 10" E.P. and is backed with two new songs, "Driving Blind" and "Saturday Love Rocket". 

2. Piactions - As Seen Through A Telescope (I Blame The Parents)
Currently finishing a UK 8 date tour Piactions give us a free download single. "As Seen Through A Telescope" is an edited version of the track from last years impressive "Senseless>Sense" album which was released on I Blame The Parents back in September last year.

Origins of Grinding Cover Art

3. Magick Orchids - Burden Of Luv (Self Released)
This is a track from the new album "Origins Of Grinding" which can be downloaded in full further down this page. If you prefer a more solid format it has also been released as a limited edition cassette on Vanity Projects. Excellent stuff.


4. Synkro - Progression [Indigo Remix] (Exit)
This is one which has been hanging around in my inbox for a while. It's the latest offering from Synkro which is available on Exit Records.

5. Velocity Girl - I Don't Care If You Go (Slumberland)
Bit of a classic this. It's the A-Side of what was the debut single from the Maryland band who went on to record three albums, the best being the first one "Copacetic which was released in 1993 on Sub Pop.

Summer Twins Cover Art

6. Summer Twins - I Don't Care (Burger)
This is a track from the Californian sister's debut self-titled album which can be purchased from their Bandcamp page on download, CD or Vinyl which is released on Burger Records, the first 150 of which are on white vinyl but I wouldn't be surprised if these have now sold out. Looking at the Burger Records website I notice another of their new releases is by a band who celebrate under the rather wonderful moniker "The Tough Shits" which I am clearly going to have to buy.

Walk With Me

7. Djedjotronic - Walk With Me (Boysnoize)
Some new old school techno from Djedjotronic. As you can tell from the picture above it comes from a three track E.P. which is available now on both vinyl and download.

ghost words Cover Art

8. Sunshower Orphans - Idle Tongue (Self Released)
Taken from the New York band's second album "Ghost Words" which can be downloaded in full from their Bandcamp page.

Life's Too Short EP Cover Art

9. Hot Ma - Life's Too Short (Self Released)
This is the first track on a three track E.P. which was supposed to be released on 31st January through the Hot Ma Bandcamp Page but what with one thing and another has been delayed until sometime soon. Keep checking though, I'm sure it won't be long.

Frozen Flower

10. Sei A - Frozen Flower [Midland Remix] (Turbo)
I'm a little bit late on this one. It was released on Turbo Records back in November and features three mixes of the title track plus another track called "Starjar" which was the track I was going to include here until I heard this mix.

BG014 | Port Sunlight Cover Art

11. Tear Talk - Sleepwalking (Bleeding Gold)
This is a track from the Liverpool band's new six track E.P. "Port Sunlight" which is simply stunning.

Demdike Stare - Elemental Part Three: Rose image

12. Demdike Stare - Falling Off The Edge (Modern Love)
One of three tracks on what is the third of four E.P.s which make up the "Elemental" series. It's limited to just 1000 vinyl copies each on lovely coloured vinyl.

Friday, February 17, 2012

HEHFU - Come Home E.P.

Come Home EP Cover Art

1. Come Home
2. I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight
3. It's Good To Talk
4. Out Of Service

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magick Orchids - Origins Of Grinding

Origins of Grinding Cover Art

1. ...Or Kids II
2. Bad Acid
3. Hunger Pangs
4. Prisoner With A Key
5. Burden Of Luv
6. Living With Monster
7. Bored In D Burbs
8. Rikki-Tiki-Tavi
9. Maimes
10. 606 Grind
11. ...Or Kids III
12. Parting Partners
13. Heavy Grinding
14. BoHol
15. Come Home
16. Dangerrr
17. International

Monday, February 13, 2012

Werewolf Police - Vulture Club

Vulture Club EP Cover Art

"After 4 years of babies, weddings and side-projects, Werewolf Police make a welcome return with a free new 7-song EP entitled Vulture Club. Halfway through their forthcoming LP The Moderation Blues, band leader Tynan Cooney's hard drive died. With that album in limbo, the band took the blank slate as an opportunity to record a fresh batch of entirely new songs. Herein lies Vulture Clubthe band's first Popular Wallpaper Recordings release, written in a day and put to 4-track cassette over two months by Tynan at his kitchen table. It's a gratis invitation to a wedding held in a moldy basement, with multiple 30 packs and a Hall and Oates greatest hits CD. Get ready for haunting hooks, soaring vocal majesties, and halos and halos..."

1. Jumbo & Slim
2. Vixens Phantasy
3. The Only One
4. Gasoline Rainbows
5. Street Life
6. Personificate
7. Rusty Garden

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Nine)

1. The Wedding Present - You're Dead (Scopitones)
This is the first track on the new Wedding Present album "Valentina" which will be released next month. 
The Wedding Present will spend most of March and April touring the U.S.A. and Canada on their "Seamonsters" tour which in the style of their "George Best" and "Bizzaro" tours of recent years will see them performing their third album "Seamonsters" in full. The tour will finally reach the U.K. in the Autumn but I will certainly try and get some live recordings before then. 
Additionally the band have confirmed they will be one of the bands opening the Primavera Sound Festival which is a free concert in Barcelona on 30th May.

2. The Bloody Knives - Death Blessing
A fine track from the Austin band's new album "Blood". 

Sei A   Flux [Turbo Recordings]

3. Sei A - Break The Pattern (Turbo)
One of four tracks on the "Flux E.P." which was released last month on Turbo Records.

Dream Familiar Cover Art

4. Two Suns - Not The End (Self Released)
Another track from the album "Dream Familiar" which is being slowly released one track per week.

5. Is And Of The - Grasshopper (Mush)
This is a track from the six track E.P. "Handpainted Glow" which was the debut release by twenty year old Andrew Bandos and was released on Mush Records last year.

6. Beach Fossils - Shallow (Captured Tracks)
This is the A-side of Beach Fossils new 7" single which will be released on 21st February. The B-side is another new track entitled "Lessons". The band are currently working on their debut album which will be released later in the year.

7. Catherine Wheel - Shallow (Wilde Club Records)
Possibly the best band ever to come out of Great Yarmouth. Catherine Wheel were formed in 1990 and this was (and still is I suppose) the first track on their second E.P. from 1991. The "Painful Thing" E.P. followed their lauded debut "She's My Friend" and was the last record the band released on Wilde Club Records before signing to Fontana Records who themselves had a bit of a decent roster at the time which included the likes of The Fall and The House Of Love.

Drainland_cover crop

8. Enabler - Drop Out (Halo Of Flies)
This is a track from a seven inch single which Enabler share with Drainland.

9. YALL - Prince Upon A Time (Self Released)
Taken from the Texas bands new album "They'll Say Were Only Dreaming" which you can download in full further down this page.


10. Pacific UV - Just For Kix (Self Released)
This is probably my favorite album at the moment. It's the very long awaited debut full length by Pacific UV who after a string of singles and stand alone tracks have finally finished their masterpiece, actually I'm not joking. "Weekends" is the best thing I've heard in a long time and this track "Just For Kix" is one that I keep coming back to.
Weekends is available as a digital download or CD Digipak. There is also a limited deluxe edition CD of which there are only seventy copies in the whole wide world. Check it out here.

No One Can Ever Know

11. The Twilight Sad - (Fat Cat)
A record I've been waiting for for some time. The new Twilight Sad album was finally released through Fat Cat this week and about time too. It must be months since we were threatened with this release but it weas worth the wait.

Lost Ones Cover Art

12. Seabright - For Icy (Self Released)
This track comes from an album called "Lost Ones" which can be downloaded free from the bands Soundcloud page.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Observer Drift - Corridors

Corridors Cover Art

This is my first full length album. I wrote all these songs in a period of about 8 months. I recorded/produced all these songs on my own at home. So as you listen to it, pretend like you're hanging out with a punk friend of yours from high school, listening to the album in his messy room, because thats exactly where the album was created. I feel like each song is unique and displays a different side of my personality. I hope that when anyone listens to this album they experience a sense of adventure and nostalgia. The lyrics in this album are heavily based on 3 main things: Dreams that i've had, Important people, and memories of my very young childhood (more specifically, memories that I am able to relive through watching home videos and flipping through old photo books) If you are able to connect with even just one song from this project, that would be just swell, my friend. 

-Collin Ward

1. Corridors
2. Warm Waves
3. Backwards
4. Her Lullaby
5. Tree Shadow
6. Home Video
7. Letters to Myself
8. Thousands of Days
9. Illumination
10. Use Stars
11. We Make Believe
12. Tree Shadow (alt. version)
13. Thread

Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Creakies - Redwood E.P.

Redwood [EP] Cover Art

Debut release from the Seattle duo.

1. Arnold's Song
2. Because You're Young
3. Precious
4. Harvest

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

YALL - They'll Say We're Only Dreaming

Possibly the best quarter of an hour you'll spend this week. That's how good this record is. Seven tracks crammed into just under fifteen minutes and on first listen it might sound a bit messy and you might indeed be forgiven for not understanding what all the fuss was about but bear with it and by the third listen things will begin to make a bit more sense. This record is best played at the highest volume you dare but beware, your speakers won't be expecting the kind of sonic assault "They'll Say We're Only Dreaming" will deliver.

1. Prince Upon A Time
2. The Hero Inside Me 
3. GUM
4. Blastocyst
5. UM
6. I Was Many Butterflies
7. Apple Bottom Dreams

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Spook School - Are You Who You Think You Are

Are You Who You Think You Are? Cover Art

These are a couple of terrific new tracks from Edinburgh band The Spook School. 

10th February - Edinburgh, Henry's Cellar Bar
24th February - Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's (Supporting Japanther)
31st March - Paris, L'international (another sunny night #9 with Milky Wimpshake)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Eight)

1. A-tota-so - Mustard Tiger (Self Released)
This is one of five tracks from the Derby duo which can be heard and downloaded from their Soundcloud page. All of which were recorded live with two mics on a cold Sunday in Derby just a couple of weeks ago.

The Koolaid Electric Company – Random Noises And Organised Sounds (2011) [MP3]

2. The Koolaid Electric Company - Distraction (Self Released)
I managed to miss this fine album last year. It was released sometime last April and has quite frankly made my week. I'm not sure how you would go about finding a copy as I don't think there was a proper release more a CD-r available from the band themselves but if you do find one then snatch it into your possession as fast as you can. Someone told me it was going to be re-issued this year but I think that might just be a dirty lie.

3. Grimes - Genesis (4AD)
I'm just loving this track at the moment. It comes from an album called "Visions" which will be released on 4AD on 12th March. 

Onwards Towards The Wall

4. A Place To Bury Strangers - It'll Be Alright (Dead Oceans)
A great return to form from the New York band, not that they'd lost much but this is tremendous. It's a five track E.P. which will be released as CD/12" on Dead Oceans Records on 13th February.

5. Niereich - Flow Velocity (Audio Stimulation)
The original mix of Flow Velocity from the Austrian producer's debut effort on Audio Stimulation.

6. Randolph's Leap - I Can't Dance To This Music Anymore (Peenko)
I don't have much information about this records at all but what we do know is that it's a new album by Glasgow based Randolph's Leap who featured in these pages a while ago with their E.P. "Battleships and Kettle Chips". This track is from a new album superbly entitled "Randolph's Leap And The Curse Of The Haunted Headphones" which will be available on a limited edition cassette of which only thirty copies exist and download. 

7. Ferocious Fucking Teeth - Hinkley (Safety Meeting)
A Steve Albini production as you might have detected from that awsome guitar sound. It's a track from the debut self-titled album by the brilliantly named Ferocious Fucking Teeth which will be released on 28th February on Safety Meeting Records on a limited run of just 300 Vinyl copies, all of which are accompanied by a CD-R of the music so you don't actually ever have to play the record which I always think is a bit of a shame because it will give you so much more pleasure to hear the noise come up from a plastic platter. Anyway you can pre-order the record from the Safety Meeting website.

New Leaf Cover Art

8. Blackbird Blackbird - New Leaf (Self Released)
Splendid new single from the San Francisco band.

Itchin EP

9. Orphan 101 - Brenn
Taken from the "Itchin' E.P."

ghost words Cover Art

10. Sunshower Orphans - Sun In Your Eyes (Self Released)
This is a track from the siperb album "Ghost Words" which can be downloaded in full here.

11. The Wedding Present - You Jane (Scopitones)
This is the first taste of The Wedding Present's eighth album "Valentina" which will be on 19th March on the band's own Scopitones label, although the vinyl version appears to be released through Stickman Records. 

We Will Always Be

12. Windy & Carl - Fainting In The Presence Of The Lord (Kranky)
This is the splendid noise which ends the new album from Carl Huntgren and Windy Weber. It's their first outing since their 2008 album "Songs For The Broken Hearted" which if I'm honest I was a little dissapointed with. No such problems on the new record however as this track will testament. The albums's called "We Always Will Be" and hopefully they will always be this good. I'm sure this will be available on a plethora of formats but the one it sounds best on is the double vinyl issue simply because you can put your ear close and soak up the hiss (yes I'm feeling a bit peculiar today).