Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Seven)

You Always Loved Violence

1. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - The Bitterest Clash (Squirrel)
From the album "You Always Loved Violence" which is one of my personal faves from last year and if your one of the poor saps on this planet yet to get a copy you can buy the CD from the Squirrel Records website for a mere fiver. Now that's what I call value for money.
The Blance Hudson Weekend will release a new double A sided 7" single in March featuring "(Just Like) Susan George" b/w "To Be That Way Again" which will precede a new album to be released later in the year.

Black Twig - Paper Trees (2012)

2. Black Twig - Hour Organ (Soliti)
Taken from the Finnish bands debut album "Paper Trees".


3. Locked Groove - Drowning (Hotflush)
One of three great tracks on the new E.P.

4. Boy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle [The Whendays Remix] (Hell Yes)
A superb remix of the Texan duo's new single which is released this week. It precedes an album, also called "Egyptian Wrinkle" which will be released on 6th February on Hell Yes!
The vinyl L.P. will be limited to 1000 copies and pressed on very sexy pink marble vinyl and will include a digital download code in case you find it to beautiful to play. The first 200 will also be accompanied by a one sided 7" single.

Young & Old

5. Tennis - Traveling (Fat Possum)
This is a track from the new Tennis album "Young And Old" which is the follow up to last years warmly received debut "Cape Dory". It was produced by Black Keys' Patrick Carney and will be released on 14th February.

6. Clark - Com Touch (Warp)
The good news is there is a new Clark album just around the corner but alas the bad news is that it won't be released until April. However the nice people at Warp Records realize that some people will stuggle to survive until then so have given us this taster of the treats in store in the Spring. The album is called "Iradelphic" which as far as I'm aware doesn't mean anything at all but will mean alot when the album comes out in the U.K. on 2nd April and a day later in the States.

7. El Michels Affair - Run Fay Run (Truth And Soul)
As you can probably tell this is from a seven inch single on the Truth And Soul label.

"Side A is re-interpolation of Run Fay Run, the chase theme from Isaac Hayes' soundtrack Tough Guys. Instead of just covering it outright, EMA put an afro beat spin on the song by changing the arrangement, speeding it up considerably, adding percussion and Fela-esque horns. This is a DJ sureshot.  "

Come Over To My House (rare bootleg) Cover Art

8. Romantic States - Fear Of Flying (Self Released)
This is a track from an album you can download in full further down this page. I suppose you could call it an official bootleg made available by the band of a live performance recorded in the bands upstairs basement.

9. F.C. Judd - China Bowl (Public Information)
The first track on a peculiar album called "Electronics Without Tears" which contains no less than thirty Five tracks many of which are rather brief and will certainly feature in future Fodders. Unfortunately it only seems to be available on CD which is a bit of a shame because some of these tracks would sound even better with a bit of surface noise.

Dream Familiar Cover Art

10. Sunns - Dirty Industry (Self Released)
This weeks track from the new album "Dream Familiar".


11. Hospitality - Betty Wang (Merge)
This is a bit of a treat. It's the debut album by Hospitality and should be available now on Merge Records. They are currently touring the States and the sooner they can find their way over to this side of the pond the happier I'll be.

12. Dressed In Wires - Wrong Hole (Bear With Me)
Another track from the new Dressed In Wires album ""Honey, You Tore Me Apart Last Night" which will also be unleashed on 14th February. 

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