Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Seven)

You Always Loved Violence

1. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - The Bitterest Clash (Squirrel)
From the album "You Always Loved Violence" which is one of my personal faves from last year and if your one of the poor saps on this planet yet to get a copy you can buy the CD from the Squirrel Records website for a mere fiver. Now that's what I call value for money.
The Blance Hudson Weekend will release a new double A sided 7" single in March featuring "(Just Like) Susan George" b/w "To Be That Way Again" which will precede a new album to be released later in the year.

Black Twig - Paper Trees (2012)

2. Black Twig - Hour Organ (Soliti)
Taken from the Finnish bands debut album "Paper Trees".


3. Locked Groove - Drowning (Hotflush)
One of three great tracks on the new E.P.

4. Boy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle [The Whendays Remix] (Hell Yes)
A superb remix of the Texan duo's new single which is released this week. It precedes an album, also called "Egyptian Wrinkle" which will be released on 6th February on Hell Yes!
The vinyl L.P. will be limited to 1000 copies and pressed on very sexy pink marble vinyl and will include a digital download code in case you find it to beautiful to play. The first 200 will also be accompanied by a one sided 7" single.

Young & Old

5. Tennis - Traveling (Fat Possum)
This is a track from the new Tennis album "Young And Old" which is the follow up to last years warmly received debut "Cape Dory". It was produced by Black Keys' Patrick Carney and will be released on 14th February.

6. Clark - Com Touch (Warp)
The good news is there is a new Clark album just around the corner but alas the bad news is that it won't be released until April. However the nice people at Warp Records realize that some people will stuggle to survive until then so have given us this taster of the treats in store in the Spring. The album is called "Iradelphic" which as far as I'm aware doesn't mean anything at all but will mean alot when the album comes out in the U.K. on 2nd April and a day later in the States.

7. El Michels Affair - Run Fay Run (Truth And Soul)
As you can probably tell this is from a seven inch single on the Truth And Soul label.

"Side A is re-interpolation of Run Fay Run, the chase theme from Isaac Hayes' soundtrack Tough Guys. Instead of just covering it outright, EMA put an afro beat spin on the song by changing the arrangement, speeding it up considerably, adding percussion and Fela-esque horns. This is a DJ sureshot.  "

Come Over To My House (rare bootleg) Cover Art

8. Romantic States - Fear Of Flying (Self Released)
This is a track from an album you can download in full further down this page. I suppose you could call it an official bootleg made available by the band of a live performance recorded in the bands upstairs basement.

9. F.C. Judd - China Bowl (Public Information)
The first track on a peculiar album called "Electronics Without Tears" which contains no less than thirty Five tracks many of which are rather brief and will certainly feature in future Fodders. Unfortunately it only seems to be available on CD which is a bit of a shame because some of these tracks would sound even better with a bit of surface noise.

Dream Familiar Cover Art

10. Sunns - Dirty Industry (Self Released)
This weeks track from the new album "Dream Familiar".


11. Hospitality - Betty Wang (Merge)
This is a bit of a treat. It's the debut album by Hospitality and should be available now on Merge Records. They are currently touring the States and the sooner they can find their way over to this side of the pond the happier I'll be.

12. Dressed In Wires - Wrong Hole (Bear With Me)
Another track from the new Dressed In Wires album ""Honey, You Tore Me Apart Last Night" which will also be unleashed on 14th February. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Six)

You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom Cover Art

1. Field Mouse - Glass 
This is a track which premiered on the Filter magazine website recently. It's by Brooklyn quartet Field Mouse who on 28th February will release a clear vinyl seven inch which will feature "You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom", recently featured in these pages on the A-side and "Happy" on the reverse which is described as a "Heavy Guitar Squall" and I look forward to hearing that. You can pre-order the seven inch at the Small Plates Records website.

There's a Way Back

2. Graphics - There's A Way Back [Dam Mantle Remix] (Get Me!)
A superb remix of the new Graphics single.

Strange Weekend

3. Porcelain Raft - Drifting In And Out (Secretly Canadian)
From the album "Strange Weekend" which is released this week on Secretly Canadian and if you're quick you will be able to get your hands on the limited edition white vinyl version.

4. Zafari - King Masaru (Truth and Soul)
This is a track from a seven inch single on Truth and Soul Records which features four tracks from the compilation "African Music Today" which was released on the same label last year.

Angry Men
5. You Say France And I Whistle - Animal (SPV Recordings)
Taken from the album "Angry Men" which will be released on 23rd January on SPV Recordings.

Candy Girl Cover Art

6. Brigitte Roussel - Candy Girl (Self Released)
This is the fine new single from Nac/Hut Report's Brigitte Roussel. You can download both tracks on this release from Brigette's Bandcamp page.

Into Our Midst

7. Walls - Into Our Midst (Kompact)
Taken from the London bands new 12" which was released last week on Kompact.

Lake of Teardrops [VINYL]

8. Spectrum & Silver Apples - The Edge (Space Age)
Taken from the album "A Lake Of Teardrops" which was issued back in 1999 but the possibility exists that few people have ever heard it. I think it's been out of press for quite a few years now so maybe I should just post the whole thing?

9. Two Sunns - Ran Wild (Self Released)
This is a track from the new Two Sunns album "Dream Familiar" which is slowly been released at the rate of one track a week. In fact one track every Wednesday from their Bandcamp page. All of the tracks are one a pay what you want basis and thus far three songs have made it into the world.

10. Fearbox - Nite Out (Self Released)
A track from the new E.P. by Ian Todd who until a couple of weeks ago liked to be called Telos but now has majestically transformed himself into Fearless. The E.P. has the snazzy title "E.P.1" and can be downloaded in full further down this page.


11. Red Horses Of The Snow - (Flashback)
Another track from the album "Territories" which is available as either vinyl or download from their inevitable Bandcamp page.

12. The Caretaker - When The Dog Days Were Drawing To An End (History Always Favors The Winners)
C'mon, how lovely is this. Taken from the album "Patience (after Sebald) which is the soundtrack to the documentary about the German author W.G. Sebald.
There are only 700 copies of the vinyl with the initial copies pressed on transparent blue vinyl.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Romantic States - Come Over To My House

Come Over To My House (rare bootleg) Cover Art

A rare bootleg tape recording of Romantic States performing in their upstairs basement

1. Come Over To My House
2. Delivery
3. The Outcasts
4. Stranger In The Night
5. Vows
6. Fear Of Flying
7. Paper Mill
8. The Curse
9. The Ticket
10. Homecoming
11. Duel

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fearbox - E.P. 1

No sooner does Ian Todd call time on his Telos project (the final album from which was published on this site earlier in the week.) than he returns wearing a different mask. Now celebrating behind the moniker Fearbox this is his debut E.P. Hopefully the Sunderland artist will lock himself inside a darkened room for the next month until a full album of this stuff is complete.

Download Zip File

1. Silenter
2. Night Out
3. Stop
4. Friday Night
5. Tuesday

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunshower Orphans - Ghost Words

ghost words Cover Art

This is a brand new album from Burning World faves Sunshower Orphans and it's probably the best work the New York band have yet produced. Twelve tracks of swirling guitar beauty and if the forthcoming Ringo Deathstarr album is a patch on this I'll be a very happy man.

1. Muffled Manor
2. Fire Flowers
3. Ghost Words
4. Idle Tongue
5. Gelato Trance
6. Nowhere Pt 1
7. Like Refuse
8. Goodnights
9. Sun In Your Eyes
10. Nowhere Pt 2
11. Peak Hour Glance
12. Between Java And India

Monday, January 16, 2012

Telos - Fading

Thanks to the nice folk at Bear With Me Records for making this available. The bad news is that this apparently will be the last album from South Sheilds (near Sunderland) based artist Ian Todd aka Telos. If this does turn out to be his last gasp I for one will be disappointed because as you will hear on this album the boy is not exactly running out of ideas. Incidentally this was produced by non other that Dressed In Wires which will probably give you an idea of what you are about to let yourself in for.

Download Zip File

1. Wrote A Letter
2. Loathing
3. Apart
4. State Of Me And You
5. Awake
6. Low
7. Mind Thoughts
8. Peterborough
9. Thought Patterns
10. The Falling 
11. Loose Ends

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Five)

Medicine Cover Art

1. The Quiet Americans - Weird Mountain (CoatTrack)
This is a track from a six track cassette which is limited to just 100 copies and can be purchased, if any remain from the CoatTrack records website. Quiet they are not!

"Fresno, California band The Quiet Americans was formed in 2010 by songwriter Luke Giffen and drummer Eli Reyes. The Quiet Americans combine bright melodies and animal like drums with fuzzed out guitar squall. Sort of like Link Wray meets Dinosaur jr. filtered through an echo chamber.

The six song EP Medicine is their first release and is out on local cassette collectiveCoattrack Records. The recording of Medicine was a family affair, Eli is married to Luke’s sister, and Luke’s little brother Ross contributed moog synth to the record. The entire record was tracked to an old Tascam 8 track reel to reel recorder, in their practice space.The Quiet Americans have recently expanded their live lineup to include Simon Smeds on bass, and Steve Loveless on organ, and  have played some cool shows including opening slots for A Place to Bury Strangers, The Fresh and Onlys, Royal Baths, and Light Pollution."

2. Pumice - Hey Crap Crab (Soft Abuse)
"Stefan Neville - the brains, heart & voice behind Pumice - has been relatively quiet of late. PUNY - released 6 March 2012 - is the first Pumice full-length album in four years, following an-album-a-year pace & life on the tour, abroad in years prior.  Pumice has been mainly dormant during this time, aside from a split single with Grouper, and a few other EPs; instead Neville worked closely with others (as a member of Olympus, The Coolies, The Renderers, Chris Knox/The Nothing, and The Spunks & probably more), largely leaving alone his own music & visions. 
As with all other recent Pumice outings, PUNY was recorded, conceived and performed by Neville himself.  It's a melancholic, oft self-effacing work - even by his standards - yet not the product of an isolated soul. Pumice is still quiet raging along, beaming truly unique transmissions from his bedroom studio in Auckland, New Zealand."

Image of Former Lover / Nature Set Split Cassette

3. Nature Set - I Am A Planet (Alt Version) (Naked Under Spacesuit)
This is one of the Nature Set tracks contained within the bright yellow cassette they share with Former Lover. There are only 100 of these dazzling items in existence and as you can see from the above picture if you don't happen to own a cassette player you can just fondle it in a suggestive manner. The cassette can be purchased from the Naked Under Spacesuit website for a measly £2.50.

4. Dressed In Wires - If I'm Not Meaty Don't Force It (Bear With Me)
Taken from the new Dressed In Wires album "Honey, You Tore Me Apart Last Night" which is the third of four records in their "Bring The Exhibits" series. This is from the press release.

"Presenting the third volume of 2011/12's Bring The Exhibits odyssey, this one's an album of post-traumatic wrong-cocked Sampledelica, 16-bit kronktronics, and dub-wave Wasteline.  A shameless exercise in generation-defining  glittery neo-goatsepop, it's a perfect soundtrack for the party that went wrong that you never wanted in the first place.  Take it like you want it.

There will be 25 strictly limited edition special copies in individual hand-made packaging, for around 7 pounds each.   When those copies are all gone, it will be put out as modest boring physical editions in plastic cases or something at dirt cheap prices.  It's also available as a boring mp3 version at name-your-price prices,  or probably torrentable for nothing if that's how your wrists are going to insist.

Please note this version of the release is the collector's edition self-released "first pressing", before it is no doubt re-released next year by whichever record label's left."

"Honey, You Tore Me Apart Last Night" will be released on 14th February.

Summer Viking Cover Art

5. Gomez Addams - Dug A Hole (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Summer Viking" which can be heard in full further down this page or check out Gomez Addams Bandcamp Page for other older releases.

6. Grouper and Ilyas Ahmed - Flickering (Social Music Record And Tape Club)
Taken from the four track 12" E.P. "Visitor" which as far as I can make out is available exclusively through the Social Music Record And Tape Club which actually is pretty good value. Subscription costs $95 and for that you can expect no less than ten records. Nine 12"s and one 7". Check it out at the link above.

7. Venetian Snares - Lesbians 2 (Self Released)
Taken from the "Affectionate E.P." which appears to be a self released E.P available only as a download from their Bandcamp page.

Problems Cover Art

8. Murder Mystery - Problems 
Murder Mystery come from New York and this week release their six track "Problems E.P.". This is the tile track.

9. Sol Rezza - Paradox (Acustronica)
This is the first track on the album "Spit" recently issued on Acustronica and available for download in full further down this page. This particular track apparently comprises of "soundscapes of a lawn mower, a dog barking, sounds of lakes, piers and rivers in various locations. All of them modified through computer and virtual instruments with no MIDI connection". So now you know. That was about as clear as mud.

10. Coolrunnings - Spirit Of The High 
A new track from the Knoxville four piece who last year released the superb "Full Moon" seven inch single on Too Pure records. This track is presumably from their debut album which will be released on 12th February on LebenStrasse Records. 

New Noise Designed by a Sadist

11. Pop Will Eat Itself - Equal Zero (Cooking Vinyl)
I didn't realize Pop Will Eat Itself had returned but it seem they slipped in through the back door. This is their first album in almost sixteen years and it's always a bit of a concern when bands return after such a hiatus because you just hope they aren't trying to re-create their past. Fortunately P.W.E.I. do s
till seem to have new ideas and their current album "New Noise Designed By A Sadist" should give pleasure to the masses.

12. Drowner - Point Dume (Saint Marie Records)
A lovely way to end a Fodder. This is taken from Drowner's self titles debut album which will be released on Saint Marie Records on 13th March.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Honey - Under The Radar

This is an acoustic set Honey recorded for Under The Radar on Pulse Community Radio of their hometown Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. It features three songs two of which are brand new and the other a very nice version of "Summertone" which first appeared last year on the band's debut E.P. "Taste It And See" which you can still download from their Bandcamp page

1. Cape Canaveral
2. Summertone
3. Iris

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sol Rezza - Spit (Acustronica)

New release on the Acustronica net label.

"Spit is a sound artwork consisting of 4 small pieces combined together: 
1. Paradox: Made from soundscapes of a lawn mower, a dog barking, sounds of lakes, piers and rivers in various locations. All of them modified through computer + virtual instruments with no MIDI conection. 
2. Aerangis Confusa: Made from soundscapes of lakes and piers, modified through computer. 
3. Revolution as a Loop: Made from soundscapes of lakes and storms. Modified through computer + virtual instruments with no MIDI conection. 
4. The Cat: Made from soundscapes of crickets, lakes, storms and piers. Modified through computer + virtual instruments with no MIDI conection. The final piece has a duration of about 47 minutes.
It is recommended to listen to it as a journey: with earphones if possible, and in a comfortable location."

1. Paradox
2. Aerangis Confusa
3. Revolution As A Loop
4. The Cat

Monday, January 09, 2012

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Four)

1. Long Pigs - Worms (SMRT)
This should wake you up after the Christmas holidays. It's one of six brief tracks on a seven inch single which forms the debut outing for the Brooklyn band. What a great way to start the year. 

BG013 | The Blackout Album Cover Art

2. Former Babies - How To Let It Go (Bleeding Gold)
A track from the American duo's new record "The Blackout Album" which can be downloaded in full elsewhere on this page.

3. Mayors Of Miyazaki - Mortise And Tenon 
This is the first blast from the London bands second album which will be released sometime in 2012. You would think I'd have more information really wouldn't you. Well they do have some UK dates coming up if you want to a and ask them themselves.

12th January - Louder Clouds night at Underbelly, Hoxton w/ Suffer Like G Did + Filaments 
13th January - Cover You Ears night at The Links, Fleet w/ Shield Your Eyes + Falenizza Horsepower
20th January - Triplejump Records night at Unicorn, Camden w/ Kill Murray + Wet T-shirt Competition + One Man Team Dance 
21st January - Wheatsheaf, Oxford w/ Kill Murray

24th February - Fighting Cocks, Kingston w/ Ragweed

1st March - Bird's Nest, Deptford w/ Georgia Asphalt
16th March - Cowley Club, Brighton w/ Ragweed
17th March - Cavern, Exeter w/ Warm Blooded Mammals
18th March - Purple Turtle, Camden

11th April - Unicorn, Camden 
12th April - The Junction, Plymouth
13th April - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

Mria Cover Art

4. Galway - 4 (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Mria" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp for a price of your choosing.

Download Music

5. Year Of The Tiger - Broken Marrow 

6. Milieu - Holographic Atmo Burn (Milieu Music)
Taken from the new album "Enjoy Your Stay At The Holograph Lounge". There is a limited edition of 50 copies which come in colored paper sleeves with patterned cardstock inserts.

7. Leatherface - Not Superstitious (Imaginary)
This is one of Leatherface's contributions to the "Seconds Out Round One" compilation which was released by Imaginary Records back in 1992. It featured session tracks recorded for the Mark Radcliffe show on BBC Radio one from the likes of Leatherface, Scorpio Rising, Dr Phibes and Boo Radleys. As far as I'm aware there was never a round two which is a bit of a shame. It's also a shame that the BBC don't release records like this any more despite still recording plenty of session especially for BBC 6 Music.

8. RM Hubbert - Car Song (With Aidan Moffat and Alex Capranos) (Chemikal Underground)
This is a track from RM Hubberts second album "Thirteen Lost And Found" which features quite a few more collaborations including a particularly welcome appearance by former Delgado Emma Pollock.
"Thirteen Lost And Found" will be released on Chemikal Underground on 30th January. I love the sleeve of this record.

Gargoyle Days

9. Apteka - Where Days Go (Smart Like Virus Records)
I know this record has been around a few months now and really should have been featured earlier but better late than never as they say. It's a track from the new Apteka album "Gargoyle Days" and you really should try staring at that sleeve after a night on the town.

10. The Twilight Sad - Another Bed (Fat Cat)
Taken from the new Twilight Sad album "No One Can Ever Know" which will be released on Fat Cat on 6th February.

11. Hysterical Injury - Maths (Crystal Fuzz)
This is a track from what is already destined to be one of the best albums of 2012. It's the debut album from Bath based due Hysterical Injury and will be unleashed on 6th February. They will be touring to support this but alas don't come anywhere near the north of England. Well worth checking out if you get chance.

Feb 11th - Bath - Green Park Tavern
Feb 14th - London  - The Windmill Brixton
Feb 16th - Cardiff - 10 Feet Tall
Feb 17th - Bristol - The Cube
Feb 18th - Devizes - The Bell By The Green
Feb 22nd - Cork - Crane Lane Theatre
Feb 24th - Myrtleville - Pine Lodge


12. Ous Mal - Deep Magic's Fatal Wound (Preservation)
Some moments of magic to end this weeks Fodder. It comes from Finnish artist Ous Mal or to be more precise his new album "Ous Mal Is Dead, Long Live Ous Mal" which has just been released on Preservation Records of Australia. The CD-R can be obtained from the Preservation Records website but you had better be quick on you toes because there are only 100 copies on the planet.