Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Feet Below The Snow

Six Feet Below The Snow - a Christmas Compilation

It has been commented in previous years that I rarely include any Christmas records in the Festive Season and that's probably true. Not because there isn't any but more likely than not they're not very good to say the least. I mean there are only so many times you can listen to songs about snowmen, Reindeer and fat old men with white beards before you have to go and have a lay down until it's all over, or at least until someone cooks a nice roast turkey and fills your wine glass. The nice people at Silber Records however see things quite differently and have put together a Christmas compilation which is actually interesting. From the opening "Santa Don't Eat Smoke And Alcohol" by Charles DeMar through Moodring's disturbingly brutal version of "Silent Night" which has to be heard to be believed to moments of beauty from the likes of Yellow 6 and Lullibier. 
This is a Christmas compilation fit to accompany any family occasion and if your Mum doesn't like it you can always turn the volume up!

1. Charles DeMar - Santa Don't Eat Smoke & Alcohol
2. Jon DeRosa - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
3. Thorn1 - Fractal Trees
4. Landerim - Little Boy Crystal
5. Miss Massive Snowflake - Occupy Christmas
6. Goddakk - Too Many Christs, Not Enough Crosses
7. Origami Boe - euroKAlissimo (Extended Xmazz Dance Version)
8. Moodring - Silent Night
9. Remora - Teddy Bear
10. Pacific 231 - Crash Mist
11. Rainbeat - Sibyll Kalff
12. Yellow6 - Piano Song 2
13. Lullabier - With A Star
14. Feel No Other - Toy Soldiers
15. Tony Whitlock - Bells In A Blizzard (Take 3)
16. Les Marquises - Escaping From Zonrak
17. Løzninger - The Snow Book
18. Electric Bird Noise - Raeb Yddet
19. Parties - Silber Office Xmas Parties
20. Drekka with Michael Demery Toran - O Holy Night

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