Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Three)

P i Z z A    f A c E Cover Art

1. Chocolate Robots - xxCross The Linexx (Self Released)
This is one of those records I just keep coming back to. It's the debut album from Sarnia based Chocolate Robots and has been knocking around since November but has probably been criminally overlooked for most peoples end of year lists. I did start an end of year list for Burning World but getting it anywhere below 100 record was proving impossible so I got in a huff and set it on fire. 

A Folding Sieve

2. Should - Own Two Feet (Captured Tracks)
This is a track from what was the debut Should record. "A Folding Sieve" originally released back in 1995 under the moniker shiFt on N.D. records. It has just been re-issued on Captured Tracks with a couple of extra bonus tracks. 

Ohms Cover Art

3. The Jaffa Kid - IGTOBLRT Itch (Recycled Plastics)
Taken from the album Ohms which is the second release in the Recycled Plastics Bedroom Compost series. The ful release can be downloaded further down this page or go to the Recycled Plastics Bandcamp Page where you will also find the first release in the series, a three track EP by AQV which is also well worth a listen.

Strange Behavior

4. Screen Vinyl Image - Revival (Custom Made Music)
Taken from the album "Strange Behavior".


5. Red Horses Of The Snow - Siam (Flashback)
One of the best Christmas presents I got this year was this superb album by Red Horses Of The Snow. It's their debut release and can be purchased as a download from their bandcamp page but what you really want is the limited edition vinyl version which has been released on Flashback Records as a lovely gatefold album in a run of just 500 copies. Highly recommended.

6. Vladislav Delay - Lauma (Kompakt)
Taken from the album "Vantaa" which was actually released at the end of November on Kompact but I have been waiting for the perfect time to put a track into one of these Fodders... actually that was a load of b****cks the truth is I lost it.

7. Perhower - Spell Checker (Self Released)
This is the first track I've heard from Perhower which features at least some components from the now defunct Miss Halliwell. Good track.


8. Dot Dash - A Straight Line (The Beautiful Music)
Another track from the superb album "Spark>Flame>Amber>Ash" which is available now through The Beautiful Music.

Attack on Memory

9. Cloud Nothings - Fall In (Carpark)
It's taken a while but the debut album from Baltimore's Cloud Nothings is almost upon us. It will be released on 24th January on Carpark Recordings. The album was recorded using the productive genius of Steve Albini in Chicago. It doesn't seem to matter what Steve Albini produces, it always makes you feel like you've been slapped in the face by a bus.

The Jerk

10. Drums Of Death - The Jerk (Original Mix) (Civil Music)
This is a track from a four track 12" entitled "Red Waves" which has just been released on Civil Music.

A LP - Click Image to Close

11. Sunburned Hand Of The Man - A Red Rag To A Bull (Ecstatic Peace)
Taken from the 2010 album "A" which somehow bullied it's way back onto my i-pod this week. Must have been too much Christmas refreshments because I played a bit of it to my mum in the hope she might see the error of her ways (Cliff Richard fan) but all that seemed to happen was some rather violent shuddering and sweating and use of words I can't possibly say here. Suffice to say it affected her more than Cliff ever has!

What happens now? Two new songs for 2012 Cover Art

12. Seafieldroad - Emily By The Seaside (Biphonic)
This is one of two brand new tracks by Seafieldroad which can be downloaded from Bandcamp on one of those pay what you like arrangements.