Thursday, December 29, 2011

Magi - December

Magi: December

Better post this one while there's still at least a bit of December left. 

"December is the debut release from the doomgazing duo Magi.  Brandon Helms
(From Oceans To Autumn) & Justin Hope formed Magi in early 2011.  Building
upon musical influences like Isis, Ocean, & Fear Falls Burning to name a few;
Magi’s purpose is to explore & create epic landscapes of doom-laden drone metal.
Constantly changing & ever evolving, Magi does not rely on computer generated
synth sounds or samples, but uses electric guitars & acoustic drums & percussion
& of course lots of effect pedals to create their worlds of ominous sound.  But
despite all of these sonic references, Magi’s main influence is a search for the deeper
meaning of Freemasonry & its mysteries."

1. The Docturine
2. Left For Dead
3. Grey