Wednesday, December 21, 2011

15 Beauty Tips For Modern Music Lovers

This is a sampler from The Beautiful Music label which recently brought us the excellent debut album by Dot Dash which has recently featured in these pages. Twelve of the fifteen tracks come from previous releases but the tracks by ThouShaltNot and I Satellite are previously unreleased. I particularly like the Airport Girl track which seems to fit this time of year perfectly.  

1. Skytone - Rolling Stone
2. Dot Dash - I'm Going Home
3. Anorak Girl - Smashing Time
4. Roy Moller - Downstate Update
5. The Higher Elevations - Life Doesn't Wait
6. The Social Icons - Pop Is Falling Apart
7. A Smile And A Ribbon - Magnificent Dreams
8. Armstrong - Picture Of The Bay
9. Pacific Radio - This Time There's No Happy Ending
10. Skytone - It Doesn't Really Matter 
11. No Men - Part Time Punks
12. Nikki Sudden - If I Could Write Poetry I Would
13. Nick Danger & The DCR - Submarine
14. ThouShaltNot - Longest Days
15. I SATELLITE - Your Silent Face

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