Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Three)

P i Z z A    f A c E Cover Art

1. Chocolate Robots - xxCross The Linexx (Self Released)
This is one of those records I just keep coming back to. It's the debut album from Sarnia based Chocolate Robots and has been knocking around since November but has probably been criminally overlooked for most peoples end of year lists. I did start an end of year list for Burning World but getting it anywhere below 100 record was proving impossible so I got in a huff and set it on fire. 

A Folding Sieve

2. Should - Own Two Feet (Captured Tracks)
This is a track from what was the debut Should record. "A Folding Sieve" originally released back in 1995 under the moniker shiFt on N.D. records. It has just been re-issued on Captured Tracks with a couple of extra bonus tracks. 

Ohms Cover Art

3. The Jaffa Kid - IGTOBLRT Itch (Recycled Plastics)
Taken from the album Ohms which is the second release in the Recycled Plastics Bedroom Compost series. The ful release can be downloaded further down this page or go to the Recycled Plastics Bandcamp Page where you will also find the first release in the series, a three track EP by AQV which is also well worth a listen.

Strange Behavior

4. Screen Vinyl Image - Revival (Custom Made Music)
Taken from the album "Strange Behavior".


5. Red Horses Of The Snow - Siam (Flashback)
One of the best Christmas presents I got this year was this superb album by Red Horses Of The Snow. It's their debut release and can be purchased as a download from their bandcamp page but what you really want is the limited edition vinyl version which has been released on Flashback Records as a lovely gatefold album in a run of just 500 copies. Highly recommended.

6. Vladislav Delay - Lauma (Kompakt)
Taken from the album "Vantaa" which was actually released at the end of November on Kompact but I have been waiting for the perfect time to put a track into one of these Fodders... actually that was a load of b****cks the truth is I lost it.

7. Perhower - Spell Checker (Self Released)
This is the first track I've heard from Perhower which features at least some components from the now defunct Miss Halliwell. Good track.


8. Dot Dash - A Straight Line (The Beautiful Music)
Another track from the superb album "Spark>Flame>Amber>Ash" which is available now through The Beautiful Music.

Attack on Memory

9. Cloud Nothings - Fall In (Carpark)
It's taken a while but the debut album from Baltimore's Cloud Nothings is almost upon us. It will be released on 24th January on Carpark Recordings. The album was recorded using the productive genius of Steve Albini in Chicago. It doesn't seem to matter what Steve Albini produces, it always makes you feel like you've been slapped in the face by a bus.

The Jerk

10. Drums Of Death - The Jerk (Original Mix) (Civil Music)
This is a track from a four track 12" entitled "Red Waves" which has just been released on Civil Music.

A LP - Click Image to Close

11. Sunburned Hand Of The Man - A Red Rag To A Bull (Ecstatic Peace)
Taken from the 2010 album "A" which somehow bullied it's way back onto my i-pod this week. Must have been too much Christmas refreshments because I played a bit of it to my mum in the hope she might see the error of her ways (Cliff Richard fan) but all that seemed to happen was some rather violent shuddering and sweating and use of words I can't possibly say here. Suffice to say it affected her more than Cliff ever has!

What happens now? Two new songs for 2012 Cover Art

12. Seafieldroad - Emily By The Seaside (Biphonic)
This is one of two brand new tracks by Seafieldroad which can be downloaded from Bandcamp on one of those pay what you like arrangements.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Magi - December

Magi: December

Better post this one while there's still at least a bit of December left. 

"December is the debut release from the doomgazing duo Magi.  Brandon Helms
(From Oceans To Autumn) & Justin Hope formed Magi in early 2011.  Building
upon musical influences like Isis, Ocean, & Fear Falls Burning to name a few;
Magi’s purpose is to explore & create epic landscapes of doom-laden drone metal.
Constantly changing & ever evolving, Magi does not rely on computer generated
synth sounds or samples, but uses electric guitars & acoustic drums & percussion
& of course lots of effect pedals to create their worlds of ominous sound.  But
despite all of these sonic references, Magi’s main influence is a search for the deeper
meaning of Freemasonry & its mysteries."

1. The Docturine
2. Left For Dead
3. Grey

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty Two)

Out Of Sight Out Of Town

1. Standard Fare - Dead Future (Melodic)
Taken from the Sheffield band's second album "Out Of Sight, Out Of Town" which is available now on Melodic Records.
They have a few dates coming up at the start of next year.

20th January - Cambridge, Portland Arms
21st January - Brighton, Green Door Store
22nd January - London, Lexington
15th February - Sheffield, Memorial Hall
16th February - London, Bush Hall
24th February - Sheffield, Shakespeare

2. Hysterical Injury - Cycle One (Crystal Fuzz)
I've been meaning to include a track from this album for ages. It's the first material I've heard from Hysterical  Injury who come from the south west of England, well Bristol and Bath anyway. Listening to the music it's hard to appreciate that there are only two people playing on here the sound is that expansive. I really believe that they could be ones to watch in 2012 but I won't say that too loudly as I have been known to be the kiss of death. They will release their debut album "Dead Wolf Situation" on Crystal Fuzz Records on 6th February. Apparently the duo released an E.P. back in 2009 called "Our Lives Are A Futuristic Nightmare" and I will not rest until a copy rests in my sweaty palm. According to their website they will be touring the UK and Ireland in February to coincide with the release and I will be eternally happy if they can include a York gig in that.


3. VSP - Parrot Song (AH Management)
Another track from the Finnish bands debut album "The Ultimate Collection Vol 1". It's pretty hard to stay miserable while you're listening to this.

MH-065 Thavius Beck - Amber Embers Volume 2

4. Thavius Beck - Dubspot Session (Mush)
This is a track from the second of the three Amber Embers E.P.s released this month on Mush Records. Actually only the first two are available now the third volume in the series will be released next month and I look forward to hearing it.

Bambi B/W Red Song

5. Suuns - Bambi (Secretly Canadian)
Taken from the New York bands current 12" single.

6. Fixers - Majesties Ranch (Crocodiles Remix)
This isn't actually the same version of Majesties Ranch that appears on the Oxford bands new E.P. "Imperial Goddess Mercy" which is out this week on as a download or 10" vinyl which is limited to just 250 copies.  but it is my favorite mix. Look out for an LP in 2012.


7. Tennis - Origins (Fat Possum)
This is the first taster from the duo's second album "Young And Old" which will be released on Fat Possum on 14th February. They have also announces some U.S. tour dates to coincide with the release.

Feb 16—Bluebird Theater—Denver, Colorado
Feb 22—Slowdown—Omaha, Nebraska
Feb 24—High Noon Saloon—Madison, Wisconsin
Feb 26—Lincoln Hall—Chicago, IL
Feb 27—Radio Radio—Indianapolis, Indiana
Feb 28—Grog Shop—Cleveland, Ohio
Feb 29—Horseshoe Tavern—Toronto, Ontario
March 2—Brighton Music Hall—Boston, Massachusetts
March 3—Bowery Ballroom—New York, New York
March 6—Union Transfer—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 7—Black Cat—Washington, DC
March 9—Local 506—Chapel Hill, North Carolina
March 10—The Earl—Atlanta, Georgia
March 11—Orange You Glad Festival—Orlando, Florida

ghost colored halo EP Cover Art

8. Loveliescrushing - Blemished Sunspot Halo (Self Released)
This is the first track on the Chicago noise merchants new E.P. "Ghost Coloured Halo" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page for a mere $5.


9. Sofahead - Infanticide (Meantime)
I had forgotten how awesome Sofahead were. They arrived in about 1987 out of the ashes of DAN and released three albums all of which are well worth tracking down. This track is from their first album "Pre-Marital Yodelling".

Turbo 114 — Milano — The Fall

10. Milano - The Fall (Original Mix) (Turbo)
This is as far as I know the debut release by Milano and bloody good it is too. I bet you thought I wouldn't be able to resist sticking a Fall record in afterwards... you were right.

Ersatz G.B.

11. The Fall - Taking Off (Cherry Red)
Taken from the current album "Ersatz GB" which was released in November on Cherry Red Records.

90 Bisodol (Crimond)

12. Half Man Half Biscuit - Left Lyrics In The Practice Room (Probe Plus)
Disappointingly the new Half Man Half Biscuit LP doesn't seem to have been particularly well advertised because I keep bumping into people who don't have the foggiest idea about it's existence which is a shame because it really is a fine piece of work. I thought the Wirral Boys had gone slightly off the boil on their last effort "CSI Ambleside" back in 2009 but fear not the form has returned and  "90 Bisodol (Crimond) is a storming record. I always worry every time Half Man Half Biscuit release a record that it could be their last, I mean they have been doing this for a ridiculously long time now and normally bands who have been around for more than twenty years get a bit boring (I'm being polite there) but occasionally you get a sprinkling of genius that doesn't know how to put a foot wrong and both Half Man Half Biscuit and The Fall come in that category.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

15 Beauty Tips For Modern Music Lovers

This is a sampler from The Beautiful Music label which recently brought us the excellent debut album by Dot Dash which has recently featured in these pages. Twelve of the fifteen tracks come from previous releases but the tracks by ThouShaltNot and I Satellite are previously unreleased. I particularly like the Airport Girl track which seems to fit this time of year perfectly.  

1. Skytone - Rolling Stone
2. Dot Dash - I'm Going Home
3. Anorak Girl - Smashing Time
4. Roy Moller - Downstate Update
5. The Higher Elevations - Life Doesn't Wait
6. The Social Icons - Pop Is Falling Apart
7. A Smile And A Ribbon - Magnificent Dreams
8. Armstrong - Picture Of The Bay
9. Pacific Radio - This Time There's No Happy Ending
10. Skytone - It Doesn't Really Matter 
11. No Men - Part Time Punks
12. Nikki Sudden - If I Could Write Poetry I Would
13. Nick Danger & The DCR - Submarine
14. ThouShaltNot - Longest Days
15. I SATELLITE - Your Silent Face

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty One)

Six Feet Below The Snow - a Christmas Compilation

1. Charles De Mar - Santa Don't Eat Smoke And Alchohol (Silber)
Taken from Silber Recordings excellent new Christmas compilation which can be downloaded in full below.

Eastside (Open Field Mix - Taylor Deupree)

2. Isan - Eastside (Simon Scott's Flame Attire Remix) (Kesh)
One of five versions of "Eastside" on the new Isan EP which is available now on Kesh.

3. Secret Colours - Legends Of Love
Secret Colours are back with a new EP snappily titled "EP3" which will be released on 1st January from which this track is pulled. 

The Purgatory E.P. Cover Art

4. Randan Discotheque - Old And Grey (Self Released)
This is a track from the Fife band's new "Purgatory E.P." which can be downloaded in full below.

Mystic Places

5. Woodsman - View From The Vision Hand (Fire Talk)
This has been on my i-pod for the last few weeks and for some reason has been consistently forgotten about when it comes to putting these things together. Not this time however. It's one of six superb tracks on an E.P. called "Mystic Places" which is available now on Fire Talk, a label on which I don't think I have anything else but they seem to have quite a big back catalogue.

Flowers for Peace Cover Art

6. The Caretakers - Flowers For Peace (Self Released)
The first taste of The Caretakers forthcoming second album and bloody catchy.

MH-062 Thavius Beck - Amber Embers Volume 1

7. Thavius Beck - In Excess (Mush)
Get yer dancing gear around this. It's taken from an E.P. called "Amber Embers Vol 1" which is the first is a series of three E.P.s the Minneapolis artist will be releasing over the next couple of months.


8. Dot Dash - Learn How To Fly (The Beautiful Music)
Dot Dash are probably the best band in Washington D.C Quite a claim I know But I haven't heard anyone better and it helps their case that one of their number used to be in St Christopher who are probably the best band to come out of York in the last thirty years or probably ever. Anyway this is a track from their debut album "Spark >Flame>Ember>Ash" which contains fourteen tracks and it rather wonderful in the same way that I've already had three Christmas lunches and each one tasted great, there's not a bad track on here. Some people will suggest they sound a bit dated but with this ridiculous 1950's revival that seems to be going on at the moment it's the future!

Zechimechi Cover Art

9. Boogie Monster - Bullfrog 
This is splendid. I had it on full blast this morning and can still hardly hear a bloody thing. This track originally  appeared on the Vancouver bands "Zechimechi" album earlier in the year but has now received some remix treatment from Davey Badiuk and Sam Ryan. Good job fellas!

10. Field Mouse - You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom (Small Plates)
Possibly ones to watch for 2012? Field Mouse are a four piece from Brooklyn and are not to be confused with the Field Mouse from Clyde Valley who recently issued a split cassette with Japanese War Effort. This, I'm led to believe is the first taste of an E.P. which will be released early next year on Small Plates Records.

Plastic Heart EP Cover Art

11. Plastic Heart - The Day Is Done
This is a track from the Swiss duo's debut e.p. which is available from their Bandcamp page.

EP Cover Art

12. Tashaki Miyaki - Heartbeat (Self Released)
A brilliant version of the Buddy Holly classic.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Feet Below The Snow

Six Feet Below The Snow - a Christmas Compilation

It has been commented in previous years that I rarely include any Christmas records in the Festive Season and that's probably true. Not because there isn't any but more likely than not they're not very good to say the least. I mean there are only so many times you can listen to songs about snowmen, Reindeer and fat old men with white beards before you have to go and have a lay down until it's all over, or at least until someone cooks a nice roast turkey and fills your wine glass. The nice people at Silber Records however see things quite differently and have put together a Christmas compilation which is actually interesting. From the opening "Santa Don't Eat Smoke And Alcohol" by Charles DeMar through Moodring's disturbingly brutal version of "Silent Night" which has to be heard to be believed to moments of beauty from the likes of Yellow 6 and Lullibier. 
This is a Christmas compilation fit to accompany any family occasion and if your Mum doesn't like it you can always turn the volume up!

1. Charles DeMar - Santa Don't Eat Smoke & Alcohol
2. Jon DeRosa - It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
3. Thorn1 - Fractal Trees
4. Landerim - Little Boy Crystal
5. Miss Massive Snowflake - Occupy Christmas
6. Goddakk - Too Many Christs, Not Enough Crosses
7. Origami Boe - euroKAlissimo (Extended Xmazz Dance Version)
8. Moodring - Silent Night
9. Remora - Teddy Bear
10. Pacific 231 - Crash Mist
11. Rainbeat - Sibyll Kalff
12. Yellow6 - Piano Song 2
13. Lullabier - With A Star
14. Feel No Other - Toy Soldiers
15. Tony Whitlock - Bells In A Blizzard (Take 3)
16. Les Marquises - Escaping From Zonrak
17. Løzninger - The Snow Book
18. Electric Bird Noise - Raeb Yddet
19. Parties - Silber Office Xmas Parties
20. Drekka with Michael Demery Toran - O Holy Night

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Randan Discotheque - The Purgatory E.P.

The Purgatory E.P. Cover Art

1. Old And Grey
2. Who Took The Booze
3. The Blackness

Pale Suns - Dead To Me E.P.

Dead to Me EP Cover Art

1. Little Rock Nightlife
2. Outlines
3. Pale Sons
4. Dead To Me
5. Tomorrow

Friday, December 09, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Forty)

1. Zebra Tracks - Bicycles (Self Released)
We start this week with a brand new track from Zebra Tracks who seem to have been supporting just about everybody recently. 

Veronica Falls

2. Veronica Falls - Beachy Head (Bella Union)
Another track from the superb debut album from Veronica Falls which has apparently featured in the top ten of the Rough Trade Shops album of the year poll. The band have just announced tour dates for next year and subsequently the 11th March can't come soon enough for me!

5 - FEIERWERK, Munich
6 - BRUT, Vienna
7 - HAU 2, Berlin
12 - Rotown, Rotterdam
13 - Eurosonic, Gronigen
14 - Ekko, Utrecht
27 - Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
28 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 

8 - Leaf, Liverpool
9 - Deaf Institute, Manchester
10 - Stereo, Glasgow
11 - Stereo, York
13 - Brighton, Haunt
14 - Scala, London
19 - AB, Brussels
20 - Lagerhaus, Bremen
21 - Molotow, Hamburg
23 - KB18, Copenhagen
25 - Henriksberg, Gothenberg
26 - Bla, Oslo
28 - Faust, Hannover
29 - Melin, Stuttgart
30 - Plastic, Milan
31 - Moon Club, Venice 

2 - Mascotte, Zurich
3 - Les Sonic, Lyon
4 - Les Trinitaires, Metz
5 - La Fleche D’or, Paris 

31 - 2 June - Primavera, Barcelona 

7 - 10 - Primavera, Porto 

3.  Bart B More & Rubix - Ari (Original Mix) (BMKLTSCH RCRDS)

iLiKETRAiNS - This Skin Full Of Bones

4. I Like Trains - A Fathers Son (Live At The Left Bank, Leeds) (I Like Records)
This is the first track on the Leeds bands current EP "This Skim Full Of Bones" which features four tracks recorded at The Left Bank in Leeds and the b-sides from their recent singles.  The band are currently working on the follow-up to last years album "He Who Saw The Deep" which also features a version of this track. 

5. Chocolate Robots - Impossible Princess (Self Released)
Taken from the debut album "Pizza Face" which can be downloaded from their Bandcamp Page.


6. Stormloop - A Blizzard (Glacial Movements)
It's supposed to start snowing here pretty soon so as some kind of snow dance to encourage this to happen sooner this is a track from an album recently issued on the fantastically named Glacial Movements records by an artist called Stormloop who is also known as Kev Spence from Leeds. "Snowbound" is his first release.  

Fight Less Win More

7. My Sad Captains - Resolutions (Stolen)
Taken from the new album "Fight Less, Win More" which was released last month on Stolen Recordings.

8. Cool Runnings - Rusk (Too Pure)
This is the b-side of the Knoxville bands current seven inch single which is available on Too Pure who I thought had stopped producing records ages ago. 

Peaches (Freestone)

9. Blawan - Peaches (Coronation) (Clone Basement Series)
This is just sublime. It's a track from Blawan's first release for Clone Records.

Blueboy - Clearer

10. Blueboy - Clearer (Sarah)
It's always nice to hear this again. It's the a-side from what I think was Blueboy's debut single for Sarah Records back in 1991.

Prescriptions EP Cover Art

11. Violet Age - Padded Cell (Self Released)
Taken from the Vancouver band's "Prescriptions EP" which can be downloaded in full below.

Ersatz G.B.

12. The Fall - Blue Christmas (Live Recording)
One of the best vocal performances of the year? Probably not but don't let that take away from a very enjoyable reading of the popular Christmas number, made me laugh anyway. It was recorded at a venue calle The Laugh In in Chester on the last date of the current tour which I think has been very good indeed with the possible exception of the Edinburgh gig during which Mark E. Smith made himself scarce for most of the gig. The new album "Ersatz GB" has met with mixed responses but I'm certainly enjoying it more now after a few thousand listens. It was John Peel who once said of The Fall "They might not always be what you want but they are always what you need".