Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Eight)

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Disaster Tourist

1. Spotlight Kid - April (Tri Tone/Pias)
It's been five years since the debut album from Nottingham's Spotlight Kid. "Departures" was a wonderfull record and featured on this site at the time. Finally, five years on and we have a second album which I'm pleased to say is also pretty spectacular. It's called "Disaster Tourist" and was actually released last month but I've been as fast as ever.


2. The Twilight Sad - Sick (Fat Cat)
This is the new single from the Glasgow four piece. It precedes the bands third album "Forget The Night Ahead" which will be released on 13th February. The band are currently touring the UK and are well worth catching up with as I discovered at the recent York gig. 

Red Mask - Single

3. GoldFFinch - Red Mask (Numbers)
Latest single from the Belgian duo. Out now on Numbers

newgod New God

4. New God - Motorcar (The Royal Army Recording Co.)
Taken from the album of the same name which will be released on 29th November.

Force Field

5. Dope Body - Falling Down (HOSS)
Taken from the album "Nupping" which was released a few months ago on HOSS.

Once In Babylon

6. KWJAZ - Once In Babylon (Not Not Fun)
According to the Not Not Fun website KWJAZ is "San Franciscan Peter Berend's mystery mixtape unit" whatever that is. This release first appeared earlier in the year as a cassette released on his own Brunch Groupe label but has now been deemed worthy of a vinyl release by the nice people at Not Not Fun. It is limited to a slender 700 copies and I've got one so that leaves only 699. There are only two tracks on here, both clocking in at over 22 minuets and because of that I was tempted to edit this track down a bit but I really think you need ear the whole thing. I've discovered it's great to listen to whilst in the bath chewing on a bar of soap.

Coreshine Voodoo

7. Lone - Dolphin (R&S)
Another track from the excellent "Echolocations E.P." I've just read that there was an album at the back end of last year called "Emerald Fantasy Tracks". Hopefully I will have found a copy of that by next week and if it's anywhere near the quality of this E.P. happiness will reign. Oh by the way, the "Echolocations E.P." is available on limited edition clear vinyl, or at least that's the what I've been told but have not seen the evidence for myself.

Everythings Alright Forever
8. The Boo Radleys - How I Feel (Peel Session)
I was going through some old Peel Sessions recently and considered, as you do that most of them have still not been issued and therefore will probably never be heard again. I vaguely remember taping this one off the radio on my dad's old Toshiba stereo which eventually got broken due to my insistence as a young man to take things to pieces. Anyway this session was broadcast back in 1990 around the time of Liverpool bands second album "Everything Alright Forever" which was their glorious debut for Creation Records.

TOTAL CONTROL - Henge Beat image

9. Total Control - The Hammer (Total Control/Fuse)
How I missed this LP earlier in the year I don't know. It's by that Melbourne band Total Control who have had tracks featured recently from their split LP which they share with Thee Oh Sees. This is a track from their impressive debut album released back in the summer.

Nevers Cover Art

10. Indoor Voices - Like Your Own (Self Released)
Taken from the album "Nevers" which is available now from the Indoor Voices bandcamp page on CD or download.

Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

11. Johnny Foreigner - What Drummers Get (Alcopop)
Another track from the excellent new Johnny Foreigner album "Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything" which I think is the best collection of songs they have yet produced.

Veronica Falls

12. Veronica Falls - Misery (Bella Union)
Probably my favorite album at the moment is the debut by Veronica Falls who apparently I'm the last to discover as everybody else is already in love with them. Anyway this is a track from their self titled debut album which is available now on Bella Union.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Veronica Falls - Demo


Until last week I was completely unaware of Veronica Falls. Then I heard these demo's and immediately had to rush out to buy their debut eponymous album, I say rush out it was more a case of typing on a keyboard followed by a loss of £7.99. So have a listen to these tracks, three of which appear on the album and then maybe pop over to Bella Union where you will discover more details.  

1. Found Love In A Graveyard
2. Beachy Head
3. Stephen
4. Starry Eyes
5. Staying Here

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Seven)

Ersatz G.B.

1. The Fall - Nate Will Not Return (Cherry Red)
Another slice of greatness from the new Fall LP "Ersatz GB" which is available now on Cherry Red. This album does take a few listens to appreciate and will probably not go down as a Fall classic but is nevertheless a very good record.

U.S. Girls On Kraak

2. U.S Girls - The Boy Is Mine (Kraak)
Taken from the album "U.S. Girls On Kraak" which odly enough is on Kraak Records. It's likely to be their last release for the label though because they've just signed to Fat Cat.


3. The Oh Sees - Dead Energy (Castle Face)
This is one of the Oh Sees tracks from the record the San Francisco band share with Total Control who had a track in last weeks Fodder. I've now got a copy of the Total Control LP "Henge Beat" which was released earlier in the year and it is pretty awesome and I'll try and remember to include a track next week.  


4. VSP - Honey (AH Management)
VSP come from Turku, Finland and play what they describe as Nump which according to them is a form of traditional Finnish music although I've never heard of it before and probably never will again. This is a track from their debut album "The Ultimate Collection Vol 1" which will be available from 2nd December.

Batter C

5. The Orb - Latchmere Allotments (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix) (Malicious Damage)
One of many fine moments from the new Orb album "C Batter C" which is a return to what the Orb do best with the help of occasional contributor Thomas Fehlmann. It comes as a CD package with an impressive 60 page book and DVD. Unfortunately I can't find any evidence of a vinyl release at the moment.

6. Cloud Nothings - No Future/No Past (Wichita)
You can tell a Steve Albini recording a mile off and as this one rolls into action the knob twiddling of the great producer becomes as evident as an orange stuck up your nose. The thing is it's a great sound, a huge sound and has worked well for the likes of The Wedding Present, Pixes, PJ Harvey and about six million more in the past. This time it's the turn of Ohio band Cloud Nothings to get the Albini treatment on their new album "Attack On Memory" which will be released on Wichita on 6th February.

Vanity Loves Company: Autumn/Winter 2011 Cover Art

7. Magick Orchids - Bad Acid (Self Released)
This is a track from a Vanity Projects compilation album called "Vanity Loves Company: Autumn/Winter 2011" which you can download free from Bandcamp.

8. My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Small Scales Collision Remix)
This is a track I've been meaning to put in for months but as is the norm kept forgetting. It's been around for quite a while now but I bet hardly anyone has heard it.

9. Pacific UV - Funny Girl (Self Released)
Taken from the "Weekends EP" which will be released on 31st January next year.

Rainbow Reef EP Cover Art

10. Monday Night Fever - Floating Around (Bad Panda)
I'm a little bit behind with Bad Panda stuff and will hopefully be able to catch up with he records I've missed this week. This is a track from a four track E.P. released back in October which can be downloaded in full from the Monday Night Fever Bandcamp Page along with a couple of other releases..

You Always Loved Violence

11. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Union Square Blackout (Squirrel)
Taken from the album "You Always Loved Violence" which really is superb and should be as standard on every ipod in the country, nay the world!

Hazed Dream

12. Psychic Ills - Sungaze (Sacred Bones)
Taken from the album "Hazed Dream" which is available now on Sacred Bones Records.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fall - Brighton, Concord 2, 17th November 2011

Probably the best Fall set I've heard in ages. Certainly a polar opposite to the fiasco in Edinburgh recently. An on form Fall with the new songs sounding spectacular. Am I the only one to think that the current album "Ersatz GB" doesn't really do justice to the new set and many of them sound much better live. 
As always infinite thanks to taper, a certain Mr Hanley on this occasion

I Am Nate
Taking Off
Psykick Dancehall
I've Seen Them Come
Laptop Dog
I've Been Duped
Cowboy George 
Cosmos 7
White Lightning
Sparta FC
Mr Pharmacist
Latch Key Kid

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cousin - Any Other Relations EP

And Other Relations EP Cover Art

This is the debut EP from the Brighton based three piece who consist of, 

Chris Blakey - Guitar
Orpheas Zoupanos - Guitar
Alex Uren - Drums

1. Super Tonight
2. Tensions At The Lido
3. Salmonella Fitzgerald
4. Dominate The Peak

Collider - Vaede E.P.

Vaede EP Cover Art

1. Mono
2. Deco
3. Silos
4. Scenes Of Ourselves
5. Pixel Test
6. Aesthetics In Relation
7. Same Things (Different Again)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Six)

Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

1. Johnny Foreigner -  If Im The Most Famous Boy You`ve Fucked, Then Honey, Yr In Trouble (Alcopop)
This is the first track on the splendid new Johnny Foreigner album "Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything" which was released just last week. If you buy the CD from the Alcopop shop and your quick you can still get it with the limited edition twenty page comic by Lewes Herriot. There was also a limited edition glow in the dark t-shirt but this sold out within the first twelve hours so well done to whoever bought those and I wish I had one.

Coreshine Voodoo

2. Lone - Coreshine Voodoo (R&S)
Thius is one of six excellent tracks on a release called the "Echolocations EP" which I think has probably been kicking about for a few months.


3. Odonis Odonis - Blood Feast (Fat Cat)
Taken from the debut album from Canada's Odonis Odonis. "Hollandaze" is available now on Fat Cat.

Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now [VINYL]

4. Acid House Kings - Lost And Found (Labrador)
Taken from the current single "Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now" which is available now on Labrador Records of Sweden.

5. A Place To Bury Strangers - So Far Away (Dead Oceans)
This is the first taste of the new A Pace To Bury Strangers E.P. "Onwards To The Wall" which will be the first new release from the Brooklyn band in what seems like years but is probably about eighteen months. The new record will be released on 7th February on Dead Oceans records and will hopefully precede the follow up to the bands debut album "Exploding Head" released on Mute Records back in 2009.


6. Guilty Ghosts - Everlasting Evening (feat Sea Oleena) (Self Released)
This, for me is the stand out track on the new Guilty Ghosts album which can be downloaded for a price of your choice from their Bandcamp Page.

7. Tapage - Xyloplax (Tympanik Audio)
This is a track from the Dutch artists third album "Overgrown" which was issued this week on Tympanik Audio.

8. Purling Hiss - Sifting Hands (Self Released)
"Dizzy Polizzy" is a cassette only release, limited to only 100 copies and only available from gigs on the current Purling Hiss tour which is a bit of a shame really because there is some good stuff on here. The sound quality is questionable at times although whether that is the way it's meant to be or just a bad cassette is anyone's guess but I quite like the muddy, raw sound which is present on this tape. I don't know what it is about cassettes at the moment but there certainly seem to be plenty of them around. At this rate I'm going to have to buy a new deck to replace my rather decrepit old unit which has been kicking around since the days cassettes were one of the main formats on the high street. Still it seems to do the job.

Time's Arrow

9. Prurient - Time's Arrow (Hydra Head)
The title track from the new Prurient single which is available on twelve inch vinyl and cassette. They say there will be a CD version eventually but if I were them I wouldn't bother.

imagen foto

10. The Primitives - The Witch (Halloween Mix) (Elefant)
The first taste of the new Primitives album which will be released on Elefant early next year. This track was originally recorded by German psychedelic pop duo Adam and Eve in 1967.

Spanking Machine

11. Babes In Toyland - He's My Thing (Twin Tone)
Taken from the 1990 album "Spanking Machine"


12. Total Control - Nervous Harvest (Castle Face)
One of four tracks contributed to a split LP which the Melbourne band share with The Oh Sees. Only available on vinyl ,although there's sure to be a downloadable version knocking about somewhere. This is the first material I've heard from Total Control who released their debut album "Henge Beat" a couple of months ago on Iron Lung records. I've now bought a copy of that and look forward to hearing it because the four tracks on this LP are brill.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Five)


1. Asobi Seksu - Never Understand (Polyvinyl)
This is one of two tracks on the new Asobi Seksu single. As you will notice it's a cover version of The Jesus And Mary Chain classic and done very well in my opinion. The other track is a version of "Little House Of Savages" which was originally done by The Walkmen on their 2004 album "Bows and Arrows" oddly enough I prefer either of these two tracks to anything that was on the recent Asobi Seksu album "Fluorescence".

2. Jiony - Waiting For The Sun (Bad Panda)
This is the title track from a new three track EP by Jiony which can be downloaded for free from the Bad Panda Records website

Boombox Supernova Cover Art

3. Astrobrite - Your Radio Body (Self Released)
Taken from the new album Boombox Supernova.

90 Bisodol (Crimond)

4. Half Man Half Biscuit - Descent Of The Stiperstones (Probe Plus)
I can't get enough of this record at the moment. It's the new album by the legendary Half Man Half Biscuit "90 Bisodol (Crimond)" which is available now on Probe Plus.

Ersatz G.B.

5. The Fall - Greenway (Cherry Red)
This is the one we've all been waiting for. An annual event which never fails to send shivers down my spine. I am of course referring to the release of a new Fall album. This years work is entitled " Ersatz GB" and takes a bit more listening to than last years excellent "Our Future Your Clutter" which still turns up regularly in my house. I particularly care for this track which see's Mark do hi impression of a Darlek on the intro. Ersatz GB will be released on Cherry Red on 14th November.

6. Metamonto - H2NS (Ho Hum)
I'd love to tell you all about this four track EP but in time honored fashion I've lost the e-mail and have can't remember a thing about it. Sounds great though.

Shadow EP [10" VINYL]

7. Ringo Deathstarr - Prisms (Club AC30)
This is a track from the new Ringo Deathstarr EP "Shadow" which is released on Club AC30 this week and is  set to whet the appetite for the new album which will be released in February.

You Always Loved Violence

8. The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Different Again (Squirrel)
Probably the most played album in my house at the moment is that of The Blanche Hudson Weekend who have had singles featured on this site over the last couple of years. Only now though do we get the pleasure of their debut album and what a pleasure it is. I must have heard it twenty times now and still strange things happen in my trousers. The record is called "You Always Loved Violence" and is available now on Squirrel Records of Leeds.

The Big More

9. The Joy Formidable - Cradle (Fang Island Remix) (Atlantic)
Taken from "The Big More EP" which will hopefully be the last release before the band return to the studio to work on some new stuff.

House Music Cover Art

10. Wounded Knee - Whither Wither (Jerry Loves Records)
This is a track from a yellow cassette entitled "House Music" which is clearly the last thing it actually is. To celebrate the release of the yellow cassette Wounded Knee will be playing a show upstairs at Isobar in Edinburgh on 18th November. Tickets can be obtained from their Bandcamp Page where if you should buy one you will receive a download of a Wounded Knee show recorded in Glasgow back in February. Probably worth the ticket price just for that if you ask me!

Tiger Trap - Supercrush

11. Tiger Trap - Supercrush (K)
I just happened upon this record again earlier in the week. It's the a-side of a seven inch single released in 1993 and still sounds good.

Housing Cover Art

12. Japanese Ash - Conny (Self Released)
Some moments of loveliness to end this weeks Fodder. This is a track from a four track EP which you can download from Bandcamp for whatever you deem it worth to pay.