Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Oaky (doting, in late summer)" is an alternate version of a song "Oaky (doting)"that appears on the album The Pass and Crossings, and also, in a few significant ways, an entirely new song.  Developed over the course of two seasons of performing and writing, this song is a reflection on and reference to that most recent Pillars and Tongues full-length release, and also a representation of ongoing explorations, variations on themes and variations of contexts.

The track is being offered as a special free download single, released in coincidence withPillars and Tongues' September / October 2011 tour with A Hawk and a Hacksaw andDark Dark Dark.  Although the track is only being offered in digital format, it is accompanied by a "b-side" which is entitled "Live Song" and which was recorded during a live performance in May 2011.  

1. Oaky (Doting In Late Summer)
2. Live Song

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