Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Four)

The Hitchcock E.P. Cover Art

1. Cheap Jazz - The Trouble With Harry (Self Released)
Taken from "The Hitchcock EP" which can be downloaded in full further down this page.

Image of High Highs - High Highs EP (SPR006)

2.  High Highs - Open Season (Rocket Records)
This is a track from the New York trio's self titled debut EP which will be released on Rocket Records on 21st November. The band will play at Queens Head in London on 24th November for those of you who live somewhere near the capital. 

Era Of Diversion (Gein & Black6 Remix)

3. Evol Intent vs Gein - Battle (Original Mix) (Evol Intent Recordings)
The first thing you'll notice about this is the brilliant sleeve. It belongs to a four track EP called "The Sausage Party" which is available now from the Evol Intent Recordings website.

"Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now" [ft. Dan Treacy]

4. Acid House Kings - Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now (feat Dan Treacy) (Labrador)
New single from the Swedish popsters featuring former Television Personality Dan Treacy on vocals. The original version (without Dan Treacy) appeared as the closing track on the Acid House Kings "Music Sounds Better With You" LP which was released on Labrador Records earlier in the year.

Resistance Is Beautiful

5. BV Dub - Gone Tomorrow (Darla)
Taken from the new album "Resistance Is Beautiful" which is available now on Darla Records.

6. The Family Cat - From The City To The Sea (Bad Girl)
Taken from the 1990 album "Tell 'em We're Surfin'"

The Perfect Provider Remixes EP
7. Enabl.ed - The Perfect Provider (James Thompson's Nimh Mix) (Concrete Plastic)

spacebarred Cover Art

8. The Falling Spikes - Burning Ships (Self Released)
I've seen The Fallen Spikes countless times in my hometown of |York both supporting and headlining and often considered that they are seriously underrated as I believe this three track EP proves. This is the first track and is sure to sustain a regular place in my ipod for at least a month. You can download the EP in full from The Falling Spikes bandcamp page.

Nuh Skin Up

9. Keith Hudson & The Soul Syndicate - Bad Things Dub (Pressure Sounds)
Taken from the album "Nuh Skin Up" which was originally released in 1979 on the Joint International label and re-issued on CD in 2007 with a few extra tracks and a much worse sleeve as you can see above. The original sleeve is plain white and not entirely dissimilar the The Fall's "Total's Turns" album from around the same time.

Xhin - Cutlass

10. Xhin - Vent (Pfirter Remix) (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
This is superb. It's one of four tracks on the new Xhin EP "Cutlass" which precedes the new album "Sword" which I think should be on top of your Christmas list.

Stranded Cover Art

11. Para Siempre - Bancroft (Self Released)
Taken from the "Stranded EP" which can be downloaded from the Para Siempre Bandcamp page.


12. The Morning Clouds - Ends (Lefse)
Taken from The Morning Clouds debut EP "Wasted Youth Blues" which is available now on Lefse Records.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cheap Jazz - The Hitchcock EP

The Hitchcock E.P. Cover Art

This is the first "proper" EP from Midlands based Cheap Jazz. Information on the band is seductively scarce but from what I can make out there should be a full length LP any time now. 

1. The Trouble With Harry 
2. Rear Window
3. Rope
4. Frenzy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Three)

Download Zip File

Shadow EP

1. Ringo Deathstarr - Shadow (SPC ECO Remix) (Club AC30)
This is the SPC ECO remix of the title track from the new Ringo Deathstarr EP which features three new tracks plus a cover of Just You which originally appeared on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. The Shadow EP will be released on Club AC30 on 7th November. The band are currently finishing off their new album and if it's anywhere near as good as their last effort "Colour Trip" then a treat is to be had by all.


2. Weekend - Hazel (Slumberland)
This is one which has been sat in my inbox for ages. I love this track which comes from a five track EP entitled "Red" which was released last month on Slumberland Records.

3. Levellers 5 - Big Friday (Probe Plus)
I just stumbled across this one while sorting some old records out which had been discovered in a box in the back of a cupboard which must have been there since we moved into the house ten years ago. I had almost forgotten about Levellers 5. If memory serves (which makes the following statements almost certainly unreliable) they came from Liverpool and recorded three Peel Sessions the first one of which was a bit of a classic and I remember having it on cassette but what has become of that cassette? I think this was the bands debut single and preceded an album called "Springtime" which I have also found and played and enjoyed, especially the title track which is a bit of an epic and if I remember will feature in a future Fodder. Levellers 5 continued plying their trade for several years under the name Calvin Party. Perhaps they thought they might get confused with another (far less exciting) band. 

Cover art - Driphouse: Spectrum 008

4. Driphouse - In Peru (Spectrum Spools)
A track from Darren Ho's latest work "Spectrum 008" which is available now on Spectrum Tools.

Zig Zaj

5. Boom Bip - Pele (Lex)
This is a track from the new Boom Bip album "Zig Zaj" which I meant to put in last weeks Fodder but forgot.

Breadhead [7" VINYL]

6. Sic Alps - Can't You See (Drag City)
Taken from the Breadhead EP which was released back in August on Drag City.

Asleep In The Downlights

7. Hammock - Sinking Inside Yourself (Hammock)
Taken from the new four track EP "Asleep In The Downlights" which will be available from next week in a whole range of colours. The vinyl will be available in Reddish Brown, Blue, Violet with Black, Fire Orange with Black and Clear with Black Swirl. Now it's not often you get a choice like that but be warned there are only 75 copies of each colour so you might want to pop over to their Bandcamp Page and sort yourself out with the flavor of your choice pronto!

8. Floating Points - Danger

Life Sux

9. Wavves - Poor Lenore (Ghost Ramp)
Taken from the "Life Sux" EP which also features collaborations with Fucked Up and Best Coast. This however is not one of those tracks.

Fool Redeemer
10. Picastro + Nadja - Skullduggery (Alien 8)
Taken from the album "Fool Redeemer" which is available now on Alien 8.

Image of Turf War - Years of Living Dangerously CD

11. Turf War - For The Last Time (Old Flame)
New single from the Atlanta band who have just released their debut LP "Years Of Living Dangerously" on Old Flame Records.

Transcending Spheres

12. Quiet Evenings - Finality (Preservation)
Always nice to end a Fodder with some moments of beauty, nine of them to be exact but who's counting. This  track is taken from the debut album by Georgia based duo Grant and Rachel Evans and if you like this track there are another six on here which are just as good. The album is called "Transcending  Spheres" and comes in this wonderful sleeve which is part of a limited edition CD series called Circa. This is the fourth release in the series and as such is limited to just 300 copies. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Romantic States - A Shell Is Born

A Shell Is Born Cover Art

This is the second album from the Baltimore outfit.
Very nice indeed!

1. Light Speed Light Sleep
2. Snowed In
3. Adult Education
4. Still Petals
5. Sewer Girls
6. Ring Of Fire
7. Run
8. Say It's Now
9. Rolling Hills
10. Trapper 
11. A Shell Is Born

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty Two)

90 Bisodol (Crimond)

1. Half Man Half Biscuit - Tommy Walsh's Eco House (Probe Plus)
The Biscuit are back three years since their last outing "CSI Ambleside". In fact they seem to have got into the habit of releasing a new record every three years. I'm looking forward to 2014's effort already, assuming of course that we have not all being consumed by giant badgers or hate consumed locusts by then. 
 This then is the Wirrel's finest twelfth album since they battered us all with their debut "Back In The DSS" in 1985. Well some of you anyway. I was only twelve years old at the time and at that stage hadn't had the opportunity to experience music with even the slightest hint of attitude so a couple of years I had some catching up to do. The new album "90 Bisodol (Crimond) was released last week on the seemingly eternal Probe Plus Records. 
 As usual the witty bastards only have a very scarce touring schedule and in fact only two gigs planned for any time before February.

17th December - Manchester, HMV Ritz 
26th January - Bilston, The Robin 2 

2. Four Tet - Locked (Text)
This is a track from the new Four Tet twelve inch which is available on the bands own Text label now although I have been told that stocks may already be dwindling.

3. Tennis System - Arcane 
An excellent track from the L.A. band's debut album "Teenagers " which will be released on 15th October.

4. Bubblegum Lemonade - Have You Seen Faith? (Demo)
At last a brand new track from the Glasgow popsters. Hopefully this will mean a third album is not a million miles away.

The Ship`s Piano

6. Darren Hayman - The Ships Piano (Fortuna Pop)
This is the title track from Darren Hayman's new album which will be released on Fortuna Pop next week.

The Ship's Piano is an album of subtle, drifting piano ballads written by Darren Hayman while he was recuperating from a fractured skull. In Darren's own words:

“In November 2009, I had this thing happen to me, where I ended up in hospital with a fractured skull. For a few months I felt constantly dizzy and was diagnosed with some deafness in one ear. Sharp, loud noises bothered me greatly. I was told to rest and do nothing; but who knows how to do that?
“Music always helps when I’m ill, so I started to make the simplest, quietest music to help me recuperate. I tried to make the music that I wanted to hear, which is perhaps what we should always do, but in this case there was a direct therapeutic need.
“I avoided any jagged edges. I kept imagining the sounds I wanted as round and smooth, like well-worn pebbles.
“Lyrically, I also found myself eschewing conceptual and metaphoric character-led songs. I started to write the simplest and most direct words in the first person, something I have avoided for a few years.
“If you are a songwriter and something bad happens to you, people say, “You can write a song about it at least.” They mean well, but the big events in life have to seep out gradually with me and not in urgent, confessional bursts. The songs on this record are pleas for calm. As I get older I find I prefer small, quiet things.
“All the songs were written on my ship’s piano. ‘Ship’s Piano’ is a colloquial term given to small-scale pianos that were used on boats. Mine was built in France in 1933 and folds away to resemble a sideboard. I wrote a song where I imagine its history. It’s called ‘The Ship’s Piano’.”

Emanations Cover Art

6. Kösmonaut - Monad (Self Released)

This is a track from one of two new releases by Texas based Patrick R. Park otherwise known as Kösmonaut. This track comes from a very tidy five track EP called "Emanations", in addition to this there is also a new album entitled "The Voyage Of Time" which according to the website has almost sold out on CD but to be honest I don't think this sort of music sounds particularly good on CD anyway. Vinyl is obviously the first choice but I would rather just have the digital files than the CD. I know that sounds a bit mad but it's just the way my tiny brain works. Anyway pop over to the Kosmonaut Bandcamp and have a gander (strange English slang meaning "would you like to take a look old boy?")

Inner Star

7. Deep Cut - Cruel Reminder (Club AC30
Taken from the fantastic album "Disorientation" which is available now on Club AC30.
I just can't get enough of this track and in fact the whole album which has seen some hammer on the i-pod over the last week. I bet this lot sound great live.
In The Pit Of The Stomach

8. We Were Promised Jetpacks - Medicine (Fatcat)
Taken from the new album "In The Pit Of The Stomach" which was released last week on Fatcat.

9. AFX - Quex-RD (?)
Interesting to see this one crop up again. It's a mysterious twelve inch single which AFX (Aphex Twin) share with the equally bonkers Autechre. It was originally issued as a white label in the early/mid 1990s as I recall. Not sure why it's been re-issued or indeed who is responsible for it but it does allow the chance to hear this fine track once more. This is actually a remix of St Etienne's "Like A Motorway" although if you didn't know that you would never realise.

A Shell Is Born Cover Art
10. Romantic States - Trapper (Self Released)
Taken from "A Shell Is Born" which is Romantic States debut full length which follows a string of singles and an EP all of which can be downloaded from the Romantic States Bandcamp thingy.

Release Artwork

11. For Abel - Yorkshire (Flowers In The Dustbin)
A track from the new single which will be released on 5th November on Flowers In The Dustbin.

12. Depth Charge - Bounty Killer II (DC Recordings)
It turn's out that I somehow missed quite a lot of J. Saul Kane's work as Depth Charge and that is something I'm striving to correct. This clearly is Bounty Killer II which came after the mighty Bounty Killer which as well as being a classic twelve inch which everyone should own also appears on the "Nine Deadly Sins" album of 1995. There is also a Bounty Killer III which I'm chasing as we speak and will hopefully have in my hands by next week.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Oaky (doting, in late summer)" is an alternate version of a song "Oaky (doting)"that appears on the album The Pass and Crossings, and also, in a few significant ways, an entirely new song.  Developed over the course of two seasons of performing and writing, this song is a reflection on and reference to that most recent Pillars and Tongues full-length release, and also a representation of ongoing explorations, variations on themes and variations of contexts.

The track is being offered as a special free download single, released in coincidence withPillars and Tongues' September / October 2011 tour with A Hawk and a Hacksaw andDark Dark Dark.  Although the track is only being offered in digital format, it is accompanied by a "b-side" which is entitled "Live Song" and which was recorded during a live performance in May 2011.  

1. Oaky (Doting In Late Summer)
2. Live Song

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Spacemen 3 - 1986 Demos

1. Come Down Easy
2. Ecstasy Intro
3. That's Just Fine

Monday, October 03, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Thirty One)

Download Zip File

What You Do With What You Have

1. Blawan - What You Do With What You Have (R&S)
Blawan follows up his superb "Bhola EP" with this little nugget. Out this week on the legendary R&S.

A Silent Planet

2. Teen Daze - I Fell Into The Light (Waaga)
Taken from the six track mini album "A Silent Planet" which is available now on Waaga Records.

zOMG!! Cover Art

3. Cheapshot - Roopy (Self Released)
Taken from the zOMG!! EP which can be downloaded in full from Cheapshit's Bandcamp page for a price of your choosing.

4. Corduroi - Monks Muse (Mush)
Taken from the six track EP "Anything For Now".
"Anything For Now is a small but loaded taste of Corduroi’s whimsical, intricate, and synthesized electro-pop. This six-track EP is a brew of manipulated vocals and chopped samples of an endless world of instruments, which have been mixed and stirred to produce arrangements on par with the very best electronic producers. "Crustacean" kicks things off with gorgeously chopped synth pads and a playful melody. “Like Gentle Giants” channels a lush dreamscape with an acoustic guitar that seems to morph into electric piano, minimal feel, and soft vocals. "Monk's Muse" twists and chops the synths and vocals until you're not sure which way you're spinning. “All Ways” is a fanciful R&B reworking that uses elements of forty years worth of electronic production and sound design. “Bangarangarang” and "My Dear" both fuse the past with the future, as the album's closer relishes in deep-house bleeps and female vocal samples, while never mistaking that the year is 2011. Corduroi's elaborate compositional mind is on full display with Anything For Now, and is a sign of a producer already locking in his own voice."

Can't Be Found (Falling Down) Cover Art

5. The Sunshine Factory - Can't Be Found (Falling Down) (Self Released)

Nowhere Floating [Single] Cover Art

6. Honey - Nowhere Floating (Self Released)
It seems like ages I've been waiting for some new stuff from this Scottish band  who curdled my custard earlier in the year with their stunning debut "Taste It And See EP" which included the superb "Summertone" and can still be downloaded in full HERE. Well now they're back with a new song and the promise of more to follow later in the year. I would really like to see Honey live and if it was not for the fact that all of their gigs take place in their home town of Glasgow which is quite a distance from York I would be doing just that.

You can catch them at,

9th October - The Captains Rest
21st October - Club 520
4th November - Stairway

Perhaps we should encourage them to record one of these shows for this site?


7. Braids - Peach Wedding (Fat Possum)
This is just awsome. It's the Braids side of a seven inch single which they share with Purity Ring whose contribution "Belispeak" is also fine. The record will be available from Fat Possum from 10th October.

Complete Control Cover Art

8. Iowa - Complete Control (Self Released)
This is the first new material from the Melbourne band since last years "Lose Yourself" single which also featured in these pages. It's the first taste of Iowa's debut album which I for one look forward to with itchy feet.

9. Handbook - Been A While Since You Spoke (Bad Panda)
"Handbook is hip-hop producer from York, UK woking basically on instrumental beats with influences that include a long list like: Flying Lotus, Actress, Upsetters, Aphex Twin, Miles Davis, DJ Shadow, Madlib, Onra, Architeq, J Dilla, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Teebs, Ackryte, Repeat Pattern, FREE THE ROBOTS.
Mixing a glassy wind chime with hearp plucking and some kind of flute tone, the York native creates a mystifying and serene track."

10. Oreaganomics - Blanket On The Edge Of Town 
This is a track from what every man and his dog have been waiting for... an Oreaganomics album. It's called "Hand Turkey Pt1" and will be the first in a trilogy of records which according to the e-mail "focuses on the decent into yuppie-dom". I must admit I didn't think there were any yuppies left now. I thought they all set fire to themselves years ago. "Hand Turkey Pt 1" will apparently materialise sometime next month.

The Coldroom Sessions

11. The Workhouse - The Whistler (Hungry Audio)
I must confess I thought The Workhouse had given up the ghost long ago but in time honoured fashion I am what is known as bloody wrong. This track comes from the former Oxford band's (they now ply their trade out of London) new album "The Coldroom Sessions" which was released last week on Hungry Audio.

12. The Would Be's - Damn Mistake (Decoy)
This is the third and final track from The Would Be's third single for Decoy Records "The Wonderful EP" which was issued in 1991 and only last month found it's way as far as my record collection. I'm still looking for the other two releases which were released some time after this, the titles of which escape me for the moment. There must be someone out there who owns these records and is prepared to at least send me some mp3's. Come on, you know you want to.