Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Twenty Nine)

1. Purling Hiss - Almost Washed My Hair (Permanent)
This is the first track on the debut album by the magnificent Purling Hiss. It was actually released some time ago but sold quickly and became pretty much impossible to find without resorting to bribery or committing firearms offences. Thankfully the nice people at Permanent Records have found a solution to this problem and have pressed up another three hundred copies which can be purchased directly from the Permanent website. This is the first track on the album in its full nine minute glory.

Greater Inventions

2. For Abel - On TV (Flowers In The Dustbin)
A couple of years ago I was banging on about this new band from Scotland called Nacional. They produced a couple of top singles and then vanished into the pits of time, or so I thought. As luck would have it they never went anywhere at all. They simply changed their name to For Abel and earlier this year released their debut album "Greater Inventions" which I have just purchased this very morning. For Abel will release a new single on November the fifth. It's a new version of  "Yorkshire" which back in their Nacional days was their stand out track and featured on Mr Vincents "North Of The Border" playlist back in 2008 (three years later and still he ponders his next one). This track will be the b-side of the single which also features a bloody bangin' remix of "Yorkshire" which celebrates as the "JMX RMX" and needs to be heard.

17th September - Glasgow, The Bay
27th September - Glasgow, Pin Up Nights @ The Flying Duck

Cover art - Regis: In A Syrian Tongue

3. Regis - Blood Witness (Blackest Ever Black)
Taken from the new twelve inch EP on Blackest Ever Black.

4. Avon Ladies - Hang 'Em High (Katorga Works)
This is a track from a new seven inch single on Katorga Works. I think the first pressing has now sold out but panic not for a re-press is either imminent or it's already happened. Either way this fine item can be ordered from the Katorga Works website.

5. R.M. Hendrix - Ivorine and Chai (Our Sanguine Holiday Mix)
Excellent version of a track which appears alongside four others on R.M. Hendrix latest EP "

Septemberish 7" Cover Art

6. The Parish Church Of Little Clifton - It's Okay, Roseanne (Bad Panda)
 "The Parish of Little Clifton, 19 y.o. from Canada, started as acoustic folk project, turned on electronic-based music, trying to keep the organic elements of real instruments by using samples. He previously release an EP on Cultus Vibes (Teen Daze's label) and Septembersh 7'' is a taste of the LP (Portia) that will be released this fall and will feature Teen Daze, Manitoulin (HAHA) and Bank Heist.  Dreamy balearic sound lovers (Air France-Southern Shores&friends), don't miss it. "


7. Hecq - With Angels (Hymen)
Superb stuff from the new album "Avenger" which was released on Hymen last week.

Marion Cover Art
8. Sea Dweller - Marion (Self Released)

9. The Would Be's - My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark (Decoy)
Released back in 1991 this is a track from the third EP by the Irish band and until last week I never had a copy of it. There were two more couple singles, "Show Off" issued on Danceline Records in 2003 and "Some Other Planet" on Wood Records in 2001. If anyone reading this has either of these records please get in touch as I doubt I'll rest easy until I've at least heard them.

Darren Cover Art

10. Allo Darlin' - Wu Tang Clan (Self Released)
This is the b-side of the current Allo Darlin' single which is available as a very nice seven inch picture disc. There are only one thousand in existence so if you want one you will need to hurry over to Allo Darlin's Bandcamp Page where you will need to part with a mere four quid. This track was written by Darren Hayman and John Morrison back when they were plying their trade as The French and appeared on the bands only album "Local Information" which was released on Too Pure back in 2003. 
Allo Darlin' will be playing at The Scala in London on 3rd November to celebrate fifteen years of the Fortuna Pop label.

Teenagers Cover Art

11. Tennis System - Hey, We Tried 
Taken from the Washington DC bands debut album "Teenagers".

Death March (Single) Cover Art

12. Lucy Dreams - Death March (Self Released)
This is the first taste of the Atlanta band's new album "Vivian" which is scheduled for release next week. 

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