Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Twenty Eight)

1. Shoot The Image - Loveless 
We start this week with a track from the Toronto band's debut album "Cranes In The City" which may have been around for a month or so but as usual has only just got as far as me. The only thing which I find slightly riling about this album is the fact that it would sound even better if the production was a bit less polished. Still, you can't have everything.

Bermuda Drain

2. Prurient - There Are Still Secrets (Hydra Head)
Taken from the album "Bermuda Drain" which is released this very week on Hydra Head.


3. I Break Horses - Wired (Bella Union)
I Break Horses are a Swedish duo consisting of Maria Linden and Fredrik Balk. For the last three years or so they have been recording bits and bats which have ultimately come together to become an item of untold beauty called "Hearts". It has nine tracks on it including the title track which was released as a twelve inch single last month and annoyingly I don't own a copy of it although I know it can be acquired through Bella Union for a measly £6.99 which is going to have to be paid because I'm not sure how much longer I can sustain life without hearing the Tom Rowlands remix.


4. Milk Maid - Dead Wrong (Fat Cat)
It's about time Manchester produced something new to shout about. Going back twenty odd years if your band was from Manchester (or surrounding area) then you were guaranteed to be splendid, although it has to be said a lot of the bands which got caught up in that particular scene were... how can I put this... less than brilliant and in some cases worse than a Eurovision nightmare (if you're American and don't know what Eurovision is then you have had a luck escape my friend. It's an annual competition see which country can produce the most embarrassing song and then vote for whichever other country is your best friend regardless as to how cringworthy their entry may have been and try to win the title of European Clown, or something like that.) but a lot of truly great music did come out of Manchester during that time. You're probably already familiar with Milk Maid as their debut album "Yukka", released a month or so ago has been mentioned in all the right places and is indeed a tremendous debut effort. Listening to records like this make me wish I could play some kind of instrument apart from the power tools I like to play with and record in the shed. It's only a matter of time before I cut my finger off and have a recording which includes a piecing high pitched scream followed by something like "oh bugger".

Photo of trunks

5. Trunks - Derby 
Taken from the French band's new album "On The Roof" which will enter the world on 29th September. I think this is the same band which gave us the fantastic "Twist On The Fourth Chimes" sometime last year (although on further ivestigation it turns out it was actually 2006) which still occasionally pops up on my i-pod.

Cob Dominos

6. The Lovely Eggs - Fuck It (Cherryade)
Another track from the Lancashire bands superb "Cob Dominos" album which I expect to be riding high in a lot of the end of year lists.

Water People 7"
Grouper - Water People / Moving Machine - album cover
7. Grouper - Water People (Yellowelectric)
This is a track from the new Grouper seven inch single which is available this week. Liz Harris (for it is she) really does have an additivity haunting voice.

BINS (Remix collection) Cover Art

8. Alright The Captain - Rostovs Pet Badger (Modular Pet Remix)

9. Westkust - Turn Out Dead (Demo)

Sunporch [VINYL]

10. Walls - Sunporch (Kompakt)

Darren Cover Art

11. Allo Darlin' - Darren (Self Released)
This is a bit of a treat. It's the new single by Sheffield popsters Allo Darlin' who you might remember gave us a pretty special debut album not so long back. This is their first new material since then and you might deduce from the fact that Darren Hayman's face is on the front of this record that he has something to do with it. The other track on here is a version of "Wu Tang Clan" from when Darren Hayman and John Morrison were trading as The French. The whole thing is available from Allo Darlin's Bandcamp Page as both a download and also as picture vinyl which is limited to just one thousand copies.

Keep Warm... with the Warm Digits

12. Warm Digits - Weapons Destruction (Distraction)
This is a track from the debut album by Warm Digits who are a duo based in the north of England, Manchester and Newcastle to be exact. I have to say I particularly like the sleeve of this record, it puts me in mind of some old Spacemen 3 records which is no bad thing because on certain points on this record there are sounds which would feel perfectly at home on a Spacemen 3 record. So ten tracks of what the press release describes as Krautophonic Blizzard-Wave which sounds jolly exciting doesn't it?
"Keep Warm with the Warm Digits" is relesed on 5th September as double gatefold vinyl album which is limited to just five hundred copies and of course the very unlimited digital download. I think you'll be hearing more from this record in the not too distant future.

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