Monday, August 29, 2011

Dexter Gilmore - Sodden Sunburst

Sodden SunBurst Cover Art

1. Sword d\a/ncer
2. Vane
3. WEB bait
4. Lets phuk
5. !!JUICE!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Ivory Splinters - The Bellows

The Bellows Cover Art

I can tell you absolutely nothing about this record apart from this is the debut release from the Washington band. It was recorded at the end of last year and.... well that's about it really. Sounds great though, enjoy.

1. Does The Sun Still Rise In The East
2. Horror Music LLC
3. Nineteen Early Sixties
4. Trans Lunar
5. Clay Hawks
6. Mystery Fences

Friday, August 05, 2011

Magicks - Triangles EP

Triangles Cover Art

This is a particularly interesting EP which made it's way to me earlier this week. It' the first noise I've heard from Jason Magicks (is he really called Magicks?) and the six tracks on this EP leave me yearning for more. This is what the press release had to say...

"Magicks is creating music as one person, based on techniques Jason Magicks has learned as an audio engineer.  Blending layers to create a more complex sound as a whole.

Mixing music with theatrics, Jason doesn’t adhere to the typical makeup of a band. With his solo project, Magicks, he does not want to sacrifice the musical layers. Instead, he combines electronic and DJ  equipment with guitar, bass and a microphone to create atmospheric sounds.  
Slightly improv/theme based, a Magicks set is unique from night to night."

Upcoming Shows (more to come!):

Wed, 10 Aug - Austin, TX - Club 1808

Sun, 21 Aug - Los Angeles, CA - Club Libertine

Download Zip File

1.  Cycles of Sine Waves Peaking Through Valleys
2.  Angry Tiger :(
3.  Rabbit Tiger and Rat
4.  Treesong
5.  Said the Cat to Me
6.  Caution Ceases Certain [cuz catlike curiosity controls]