Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Twenty Six)

Deep Pockets b/w Gimme Time Cover Art

1. Thick Shakes - Deep Pockets (Self Released)
The Boston band have returned with two brand new tracks which you can experience via their Bandcamp Page. This, in my humble opinion is the best of the two.

2. Pillars and Tongues - Thank You OK (Empty Cellar)
Taken from the Chicago bands third album "The Pass And Crossing" which was released last month .

Hash-Bar Loops

3. Deepchord - Merlot (Soma)
Taken from the album "Hash Bar Loops"

XCPR Cover Art
4. Hoop Dreams - XCPR (Captured Tracks)
This is one side of an excellent new 7" released by the equally superb Captured tracks who's t-shirt I sport at this very moment.

Missing Primary Picture!

5. Yu Miyashita - Simmetrical Snare (Mille Plateaux)
Electronic madness from the album "Noble Niche"

The Earth is a Man Cover Art

6. The Earth Is A Man - Dymaxion (Self Released)
This is the first track on an album which has actually been around since February. You can get hold of it from The Earth Is A Man Bandcamp site on one of those lovely pay what you want deals.

Enough Is Enough [7" VINYL]

7. The Nature Set - Enough Is Enough (Live Acoustic Version)
This is an acoustic version of a track which appears on The Nature Set's current four track seven inch E.P. which is available now on Elefant Records of Madrid. I'm not normally too keen on acoustic versions and I adamantly believe that J. Mascis started going down the pan as soon as he decided to put acoustic tracks on Dinosaur Jr records. I do like this track though and will trot off and purchase the record immediately... well quite soon anyway, these boiled eggs aren't going to eat themselves.

8. Otherness - Crystalline 
Very nice indeed.

Calypso Cover Art

9. Blackbird Blackbird - Calypso (Self Released)
This is a brand new track from Blackbird Blackbird which is the first new material I've heard since the impressive debut album "Summer Heart" which warmed my heart towards the end of last year.

Tweaker In The Park Cover Art

10. Hypocrite In A Hippy Cript - The Down (Gulcher)
From the album "Tweaker In The Park" which was released on June 7th on Gulcher Records.

My Photos by
11. Lost Fushi Trees - Take Them Home (Self Released)

Life Hard : I Try Cover Art
12. Pregnant - Natural Feelings (Mush)
This is certainly a record which has grown on me over the last week or so. It's an album by the seductivly named Pregnant called "Life Hard : I Try" and it really is a diverse bag of tunes. It was hard to decide which one would be best for this Fodder but I like the ending of this track so there it is. You will have to wait until September to get your hands on the full album but make a note now because you'll have to punish yourself severely if you miss this one. Yet another blistering goal from outside the area by the Mush boys!

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