Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pod Fodder Volume One Hundred And Twenty Two

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1. Lily Of The Valley - Balloon (Happy Prince)
Taken from the album "Aquatree" which is available now on Happy Prince Records.

2. Lost Boy - Hemorrhages 1&2/DF's Mansion (Bad Panda)
Two new tracks from Brooklyn resident Davey Jones AKA Lost Boy who has put out around three hundred songs and numerous CD-R's over the last eleven years. He will be touring the east coast of the USA and Canada with Twin Sister this summer.

Drag Cover Art

3. Love Culture - Vicious (Self Released)
This is a track from an E.P. which was released back in January by Ohio band Love Culture. It's the bands second release and the CD version comes as a double pack which also contains their first E.P. "Aquamarine" but if digital is your bag you can download the "Drag E.P" from their Bandcamp page.

Goethe Head Soup Cover Art

4. Crystal Swells - Patent Trolls (Self Released)
Another release from January which slipped through the net is a six track E.P. from Vancouver band Crystal Swells. It was, and probably still is available as a limited edition cassette which can be purchased from... wait for it... yep it's that Bandcamp thing again.

Better Days

5. Fonda - Better Days (Self Released)
This is the title track from Fonda's first release since 1993.

Photo Preview

6. The Julian Day - The Wailing Wall (Self Released)

7. Youth Lagoon - July (Juno Beach Records)
This really is superb. The album is called "The Year Of Hibernation" and is the debut full length by Trevor Powers or Youth Lagoon as he is coming to be known. I'm not sure what is actually happening with the album at the moment. It was scheduled to be released on 5th July on Juno Beach Records but for one reason or another Juno Beach have decided to quit. I'm sure Trevor will have something lined up because "The Year Of Hibernation" is a work of art and really does need to be released. I'll keep an eye and let you know of any developments.

Jangle the Keys of the Kingdom Cover Art

8. Orange Blossom Flyover - Jangle The Keys Of The Kingdom (Hand Rolled Gold)
This is a track from a forthcoming vinyl release on Hand Rolled Gold which Orange Blossom Flyover will share with Gospels.

Perfectly Crystal (Mirrors' Un Autre Monde remix)

9. Asobi Seksu - Perfectly Crystal (Xiu Xiu Remix) (Polyvinyl)

Into An Animal Together Cover Art

10. Graham Repuski - Funny Girls (Shorter Recordings)
This is actually the longest track on this CD. It's the new album by Graham Repulski. "Into Animal Together" will be released on 19th July on Shorter Recordings which is just as well as most tracks on here clock in at just over a minute. It's one of those records that you just have to keep listening to from start to finish because you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. What treats the next track might bring, or just an unhealthy addiction to Graham's rather disconcerting voice. He always sounds like he's just got home from a particularly satisfying session of mutilating small animals.

silvery and starless Cover Art

11. Astrobrite - Silvery And Starless (BLVD)
This is the first fruit from the new album "All The Stars Will Fall" which will be released on 1st July.

Wind Shear Cover Art

12. Waskerley Way - Wind Shear (Self Released)
This is superb. It's the first track on a new E.P. by the wonderfully named Waskerley Way. You can download the E.P. in full from the now obligatory Bandcamp page along with some older releases. 

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