Monday, June 06, 2011

The Fall - York, Barbican, 22nd December 1994

I remember this gig well. It was a superb night in one of my favourite Fall periods. In fact it's probably the largest venue I've seen the band in. The Barbican in York has recently re-opened and started hosting bands again although the most exciting so far has been Morrissey, not that I've got anything against the quiff but I would much rather see more current artists in York's largest venue. This performance is fantastic and I still have my ticket stub kicking around somewhere in the house although the likelihood of ever seeing it again is slim. 
By the way this recording should be listened to at excruciating volume.

Mark E Smith
Brix Smith
Craig Scanlon
Steve Hanley
Dave Bush
Karl Burns 
Simon Wolstencroft

The Aphid 
Behind The Counter
Don't Call Me Darling 
Ladybird (Green Grass)
15 Ways 
Pearl City 
Free Range
Middle Class Revolt
The Joke
Life Just Bounces 
Glam Racket
Feeling Numb 
Big New Prinz 
Deadbeat Descendant 

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