Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Twenty Four)

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Breath Me In (Intro)

1. David Vangel - Breath Me In (Intro) (Equinox)
Taken from the debut album "Breadth Control" which is available now on Equinox Records.

2. Charles Albright - I Am The Counter Culture (Drop Out) (Permanent)
This is Permanent Records twenty sixth release and definitly one of their best. It's a seven inch single, limited to just 300 copies each one lovingly hand numbered and available now from the Permanent Records website for $5.99. This is actually the b-side... or to be more accurate the double a-side. The other track is called "Weight" and is also very good but not quite as spine crushingly loud as this track.

reconfiguration / bad parenting Cover Art

3. Trench Party - Bad Parenting (Self Released)
One of two new tracks by Jake Cook otherwise known as Trench Party. Both can be downloaded free from the Trench Party Bandcamp page from where you can also download a couple of older releases.

4. John Roman - War Drums (Plant)
This is a track from John Roman's debut release for Plant Music. It's called the "Sala E.P." and is more than worth a spin. If only some of the bars I occasionally frequent would play something like this instead of all the usual shit that seems to be played everywhere. Sorry I'm banging on a bit but due to a mixture of alcohol and careless cycling I've broken a finger and am rather grumpy. Baaa

5. Moonbell - Figurine (Self Released)
I may have featured this track before but it's well worth another listen. It's the title track on a four track E.P. by yet another San Francsco band who need more attention. The E.P. is available for a modest fee from their Bandcamp.

Grass Widow - Milo Minute image

6. Grass Widow - Milo Minute (HLR)
This is the lead track on the new Grass Widow seven inch single which is going to be the first in a series of releases on HLR. The b-side contains two cover versions. "Time Keeps Time" originally recorded by Neo Boys and a version of Wire's "Mannequin".

7. Sandwell District - Grey Cut Out (Sandwell Version) (Sandwell District)
Taken from the album "Feed Forward Versions" which oddly enough is an album full of remixes of tracks from "Feed Forward" which was released earlier in the year.

Colour Trip

8. Ringo Deathstarr - So High (Club AC30)
Taken from the superb album "Colour Trip" which is still all over my i-pod. You might have noticed the Ringo Deathstarr live recording further down the page which is also excellent. Their debut album "Sparkler" will be re-issued on Club AC30 in July. It was originally issued a couple of years ago in Japan and although it's well worth having it's not a patch on "Colour Trip".

Winter Autumn Summer Spring

9. Shirley Lee - Maidenhead (Missing Page)
This is a track from Shirley Lee's second solo album "Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring" which is available now on Missing Page.

male bonding endless now

10. Male Bonding - Bones (Sub Pop)
"Bones" is our first taste of the second Male Bonding album "Endless Now" which will be released on 30th August on Sub Pop.


11. Sebadoh - Shit Soup (Sub Pop)
While we're on the subject of Sub Pop records may I draw your attention to the recently re-issued "Bakesale". It was originally released in 1994 and was the fifth Sebadoh album, in many peoples opinion their best work to date and it turned out probably their best work period. Anyway it has been re-vamped by Sub Pop as a forty track double album which considering the original housed fifteen tracks is some going. The first disc is the re-mastered album which apparently sounds better but I still prefer the original vinyl and the second disk is full of b-sides, E.P. tracks and rarities from the period which is all well and good but really the first fifteen tracks are all you need here. 

Downward Spiral Dial Tone

12. Alaska In Winter - Downward Spiral Dial Tone (Self Released)
Taken from the new E.P. "Suicide Prevention Hotline".

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ringo Deathstarr - The Casbah, San Diego, 2011

This is just superb and may I give a massive "Cheers Fella" to the brilliant Big Crashing Beat blog who brought this recording into the world. Apart from being a great performance from Ringo Deathstar, a band I've being desperate to see since their second album "Colour Trip" fell into my lap a couple of months ago. I'm sure they will visit the UK eventually but until such a time this will just have to do. The quality of the recording is also remarkable and I just love the echo effect on the vocals. Perhaps we should campaign for a law that dictates all bands must use such an effect or have your guitarists hands cut off. The majority of the tracks on here are from "Colour Trip" which was released on Club AC30 in April and the remainder from "Sparkler" which was the first Ringo Deathstarr album originally released only in Japan but to be re-issued on 25th July on Club AC30. I have to admit that "Colour Trip" is far superior but you probably need both. Now stop reading this tripe and download the link.

1. Intro/Tambourine Girl
2. Imagine Hearts
3. Two Girls
4. So High
5. Kaleidoscope
6. Summertime
7. You Don't Listen
8. Chloe
9. Down On You 
10. Starrsha
11. Sweet Girl

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pod Fodder Volume One Hundred And Twenty Three

Muscle Memory 
1. Dananananaykroyd - Muscle Memory (Pizza College)
Excellent new single (I say new it's been around a few weeks) from the band with the most often mis-spelled name in history. It's the first single from the Glasgow band's new album "There Is A Way" which is also now available and currently sits in the rather huge pile of stuff to be listened to. In fact I might just stick it on tonight while Nix is workinmg and I'm trying not to drink my wine too fast.

2. Amon Tobin - Surge (16 Bit Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Make sure you play this nice and loud. It's the 16 Bit remix of the new Amon Tobin single which really is quite awesome. You might remember a while back I was raving on about a 16 Bit single which involved chainsaws and plenty of them. Well this remix also uses similar sounds. It's been said before that there simply aren't enough power tools in music these days. "Surge" will be released on Ninja Tune on 4th July...talking of which...

3. Galaxy 500 - 4th Of July (Rough Trade)
Yeah I know, just couldn't resist it.

 Fireflies (Radio Edit) Cover Art

4. The Spiracles - Fireflies (Saint Marie)
This is the radio edit of the title track from the new E.P. which was released last week. The Spiracles is a new project by Luis Rodriguez who also plies his trade with Resplandor who produced a teriffic debut album last year (or possibly the year before).


5. Necro Deathmort - Devastating Vector (Distraction Records)
Another release to hit the world on 4th July is the second album by Necro Deathmort. It's called "Music Of Bleak Origin" although as you can tell from this track it's more nasty than that. There are only going to be 1000 CD's made available and they are well worth tracking down, apart from the excellent noise it makes the sleeve folds out into a massive piece of art so dark it would create a vortex if stuck on your wall.

Fine for Now

6. The Vickers - They Need To Dance (Flake)
Taken fro the album "Fine For Now" which was released here in the UK back in February but will be released in Japan next month on Flake Records.

7. Trash Talk - Thorns (Ghost Ramp)
This is the Trash Talk contribution to a split seven inch single which they share with Wavves. As far as I know there are only 500 copies pressed and I'm not sure how you can get hold of one as the Ghost Ramp website hasn't been updated since last month.

8. Magnum - Grooveworks (Nightshifters)
Ecxellent new track from Daniel Enrique aka Magnum. The "Grooveworks E.P." also features remixes by Panteros666, Lucid, Randomer and Hostage.

Taste It And See Cover Art

9. Honey - Summertone (Self Released)
This is probably the most played track on my i-pod at the moment. It's the lead track on the Glasgow band's debut E.P. "Taste It And See" which can be downloaded in full further down this page.

Honey have a few dates coming up all of which unfortunately happen in Glasgow.

25th June - Glasgow, Maggie Mays
4th August - Glasgow, Bloc
19th August - Glasgow, The Classic Grand
10th September - Glasgow, The Bay

10. Scumbag Philosopher - God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead (Words On Music)
New single from the excellent Scumbag Philosopher who have recently been supporting The Fall on tour. "God Is Dead Si I Listen To Radiohead" is the first track to be lifted from their debut album "It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing".

2nd July - Manchester, Roadhouse
27th August - Peterborough, Blyth Power Ashed @ The Fen, Farcet Fen

11. Moon Wiring Club - Antiques Roadshow (Blank Workshop)
Taken from the new album "Somewhere A Fox Is Getting Married".

12. Be My Delay - You And Me And The Sunshine (Boring Machines)
This is a track I've been meaning to post for weeks. It's the opening track on a new release on Boring machines by Italian band Be My Delay. I know this track ends rather abruptly but that's just what it does.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pod Fodder Volume One Hundred And Twenty Two

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1. Lily Of The Valley - Balloon (Happy Prince)
Taken from the album "Aquatree" which is available now on Happy Prince Records.

2. Lost Boy - Hemorrhages 1&2/DF's Mansion (Bad Panda)
Two new tracks from Brooklyn resident Davey Jones AKA Lost Boy who has put out around three hundred songs and numerous CD-R's over the last eleven years. He will be touring the east coast of the USA and Canada with Twin Sister this summer.

Drag Cover Art

3. Love Culture - Vicious (Self Released)
This is a track from an E.P. which was released back in January by Ohio band Love Culture. It's the bands second release and the CD version comes as a double pack which also contains their first E.P. "Aquamarine" but if digital is your bag you can download the "Drag E.P" from their Bandcamp page.

Goethe Head Soup Cover Art

4. Crystal Swells - Patent Trolls (Self Released)
Another release from January which slipped through the net is a six track E.P. from Vancouver band Crystal Swells. It was, and probably still is available as a limited edition cassette which can be purchased from... wait for it... yep it's that Bandcamp thing again.

Better Days

5. Fonda - Better Days (Self Released)
This is the title track from Fonda's first release since 1993.

Photo Preview

6. The Julian Day - The Wailing Wall (Self Released)

7. Youth Lagoon - July (Juno Beach Records)
This really is superb. The album is called "The Year Of Hibernation" and is the debut full length by Trevor Powers or Youth Lagoon as he is coming to be known. I'm not sure what is actually happening with the album at the moment. It was scheduled to be released on 5th July on Juno Beach Records but for one reason or another Juno Beach have decided to quit. I'm sure Trevor will have something lined up because "The Year Of Hibernation" is a work of art and really does need to be released. I'll keep an eye and let you know of any developments.

Jangle the Keys of the Kingdom Cover Art

8. Orange Blossom Flyover - Jangle The Keys Of The Kingdom (Hand Rolled Gold)
This is a track from a forthcoming vinyl release on Hand Rolled Gold which Orange Blossom Flyover will share with Gospels.

Perfectly Crystal (Mirrors' Un Autre Monde remix)

9. Asobi Seksu - Perfectly Crystal (Xiu Xiu Remix) (Polyvinyl)

Into An Animal Together Cover Art

10. Graham Repuski - Funny Girls (Shorter Recordings)
This is actually the longest track on this CD. It's the new album by Graham Repulski. "Into Animal Together" will be released on 19th July on Shorter Recordings which is just as well as most tracks on here clock in at just over a minute. It's one of those records that you just have to keep listening to from start to finish because you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. What treats the next track might bring, or just an unhealthy addiction to Graham's rather disconcerting voice. He always sounds like he's just got home from a particularly satisfying session of mutilating small animals.

silvery and starless Cover Art

11. Astrobrite - Silvery And Starless (BLVD)
This is the first fruit from the new album "All The Stars Will Fall" which will be released on 1st July.

Wind Shear Cover Art

12. Waskerley Way - Wind Shear (Self Released)
This is superb. It's the first track on a new E.P. by the wonderfully named Waskerley Way. You can download the E.P. in full from the now obligatory Bandcamp page along with some older releases. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

With Hidden Noise - Married To The Sea

Married to the Sea Cover Art

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This is the debut release by Charlie Berger AKA Hidden Noise.

1. Salt Waltz
2. The Fourth Wall
3. Don't You Know
4. Keep Calm And Carry On
5. Idea Factory
6. College Park
7. Porcelain Elephant
8. Lullabyebye
9. The Absentee
10. Don't Let Go
11. An Ocean
12. The Other Korea
13. Silver Birches

Monday, June 06, 2011

The Fall - York, Barbican, 22nd December 1994

I remember this gig well. It was a superb night in one of my favourite Fall periods. In fact it's probably the largest venue I've seen the band in. The Barbican in York has recently re-opened and started hosting bands again although the most exciting so far has been Morrissey, not that I've got anything against the quiff but I would much rather see more current artists in York's largest venue. This performance is fantastic and I still have my ticket stub kicking around somewhere in the house although the likelihood of ever seeing it again is slim. 
By the way this recording should be listened to at excruciating volume.

Mark E Smith
Brix Smith
Craig Scanlon
Steve Hanley
Dave Bush
Karl Burns 
Simon Wolstencroft

The Aphid 
Behind The Counter
Don't Call Me Darling 
Ladybird (Green Grass)
15 Ways 
Pearl City 
Free Range
Middle Class Revolt
The Joke
Life Just Bounces 
Glam Racket
Feeling Numb 
Big New Prinz 
Deadbeat Descendant 

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Honey - Taste It And See

Taste It And See Cover Art

This is the new and possibly first E.P. by a superb Glasgow band about whom I know absolutely nothing.
Hopefully this will be the first of many releases and Honey won't just disappear into the ether. 

Nick Donelly - Vocals/Guitar
Gary Waugh - Guitar/Vocals
David Sloey - Bass/Vocals
Alan Duncan - Drums 

1. Summertone
2. Tang
3. When You Hit The Floor
4. Counting Seasons

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Twenty One)

1. Bad Banana - Cry About It (Puzzle Pieces)
This is one of my favourite records of the week. It's a seven inch single by Bad Banana which features four wonderful tracks of which this is the first. I'm not sure how easy it is to find a copy of this but it's well worth the effort.

Summer Stars Cover Art

2. Universe - Summer Stars (Self Released)
This is a new track from Universe which the band have kindly made available through their Bandcamp Page.

Go With Me

3. Seapony - Blue Star (Hardly Art)
This record has just about made my week. It's the new and to my knowledge first album by Seattle band Seapony who delighted us last year with their "Dreaming" single and now have a full album of treasures for us to fornicate over. It's called "Go With Me" and is available as of this week on Hardly Art Records.

4. Eels On Heels - Blank Skin (Self Released)
What a fantastic sound. This is the original version of the title track from the new E.P. which features remixes by Skeletonkids, We Have Band, Populous, Low Owl and Aaron. Gripping stuff.

In Vogue Spirit

5. Wet Hair - Echo Lady (De Stijl)
Taken from the album "In Vogue Spirit" which as you can see has a brilliant sleeve that looks even better after a bottle of wine. This is the first track on the album which for some reason I was't too keen on after the first listen but something made me pick it up again and it sounded like a different record. Yes the possibility exists that Nix has been playing tricks on me again, or maybe I'm just going a bit potty!

6. From Oceans To Autumn - The Flood (Silber)
This is a track from a new single by From Oceans To Autumn which has been made available by our good friends at Silber Records.

Hymns for the Careless Cover Art

7. Tiny Birds - Seaside Town (In The Winter) (Self Released)
This is brilliant. Tiny Birds come from London and have created a work of art in the form of their debut release. "Hymns For The Careless" which has really cheered me up ttis week. I always get a bit moody at the end of the football season with the knowlege that I'm going to have to wait a couple of months before I can watch York City underachieve again. This record might just help me through. You can download the whole thing for free from their Bandcamp Page but for the princely sum of five english pounds you could be the proud owner of beautiful hand crafted fold out CD which features exclusive designs by Tim Lamm.

8. Colours - Sundown (Beko)
Excellent new single on the Beko Digital Singles label which releases a new single every week. This week it's the turn of Australian band Colours.

Phantom Cover Art

9. Big Troubles - Phantom (Shaking Through)
A new track from the New Jersey band who gave us their superb debut album "Worry" last year. The band are currently on tour around the UK.

31st May - London, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
1st June - London, The City Arts & Music Project (with Ducktails)
2nd June - Sheffield, The Harley (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
3rd June - Glasgow, Captains Rest
4th June - Aberdeen, The Tunnels (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
5th June - Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete's (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
6th June - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
7th June - Dublin, Workmans Club (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
8th June - Manchester - The Deaf Institute (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
9th June - Cambridge, Portland Arms (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
11th June - Amsterdam, De Nieuwe Anita (With Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
12th June - Brussels, Ancienne Belgique (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
16th June - Lisbon, ZDB (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)
17th June - Guimaraes, Centro Cultural Vila Flor (with Julian Lynch & Ducktails)

10. Teen Daze - Surface (Waaga)
Taken from the forthcoming "Silent Planet" E.P. which will be released on 9th August on Waaga.


11. Fair Oh's - Summer Lake (Lefse)
This is a track from the London bands debut album "Everything Is Dancing" which will be released on Lefse Records on 26th July.

12. King Post Kitsch - Don't You Touch My Fucking Honeytone (Song By Toad)
This is the title track from a seven inch single on Song By Toad Record which features four new tracks by Glasgow band King Post Kitsch.