Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pod Fodder (Volume One Hundred And Nineteen)

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1. Everyone To The Anderson - Danzig High Flyer (Unlabel)
This is a track from the Brighton trio's debut album, the cunningly titled "The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse" which will be released on 13th June

Chimera Cover Art

2. The Glass Canoe - Broka (Self Released)
I've been meaning to include a track from this album in a Fodder for several weeks now but what with one thing and another it hasn't happened... until now. This is the first track on an album called "Chimera" which can be downloaded in full for everyone's favourite price from their Bandcamp page. or you can check it out further down this page.

Goto80 - Cherry

3. Goto80 - Makedir (Self Released)
I do love this kind of thing. Goto80 is a Swedish Bloke who likes doing strange things to computers. His latest work "Cherry" is available now although I suspect you will have to go HERE to find a copy.

//remixes Cover Art

4. //Orangenoise - I Know Everything (Area Man Remix) (Self Released)
This is a track form yet another release you can find on Bandcamp. It's a remix of a track which originally appeared on the Karachi band's "Veracious E.P." which was released back in January and can be downloaded from... you guessed it!

5. The Field Mice - Triangle (Sarah)
A complete classic. It occurred to me that a lot of people will never have heard this record so in an effort to put things to rights here we go. It's the first track on the London bands nineteen ninety mini-album "Skywriting"  which remains as far as I'm concerned the pinnacle of their powers.

Mirrors And Monuments

6. Circle Traps - Bo! Symbal (Opit Records)
This is one of five tracks on an E.P. recently released on Opit Records.

Prurient - Many Jewels Surround the Crown

7. Prurient - Many Jewels Surround The Crown (The District) (Hydra Head Records)
New single by Prurient. It's available as a seven inch and limited to just five hundred copies on clear vinyl.

phon.o, modeselektor, monkeytown, 50weapons, 010, anstam, dubstep, techno, basic channel
8. Phon.o - IL62 (50 Weapons)
This is one side of a split ten inch single featuring this treat on one side and a new track by Anstam on the other. Superb stuff.

In Love With Oblivion

9. Crystal Stilts - Shake The Shackles (Fortuna Pop)
Taken from the Brooklyn bands excellent new album "In Love With Oblivion" which is available now on Fortuna Pop.

MH-277 Golden Glow - Tender Is The Night

10. Golden Glow - On My Own (Mush)
Golden Glow is the brainchild of Manchester based artist Pierre Hall and is about to unleash his debut album on an unsuspecting world. "Tender Is The Night" is the name of the beast which will be released on Mush Records on 21st June. All the tracks on here were recorded on Pierre's four track which gives them a raw and honest sound which I love. I would seriously question the mental state of anyone who didn't like this this album.

Dylan Ettinger - Lion Of Judah image

11. Dylan Ettinger - Lion Of Judah (Not Not Fun)
I'd like to say this is a new single from Dylan Ettinger but the fact of the matter is it has already sold out. It was issued last month on Not Not Fun with a run of 360 seven inch singles. Well at least you can hear it here!

The Big Fear Cover Art

12. Quiet Lights - Simple Mechanics (Old Flame)
This is a track from the new Quiet Lights E.P. "The Big Fire" which will be released on Old Flame Records on 21st June.

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