Sunday, May 08, 2011

No Joy, Live on KEXP, 6th May 2011

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As I'm sure you're aware No Joy have already given us one of the most blistering albums of the year in the shape of their spine shaking monster "Ghost Blonde"a dose of which my ears still scream out for on a daily basis. So then this is the encore if you like. One of those promotional things bands do when they go on a radio station and play a few tracks. Often these events are ruined by cringe worthy DJ's talking out of their rear ends but on this occasion the presenter hardly says anything which is actually a bit of a shame because she has a rather cute voice. Anyway the set No Joy perform is pretty excellent consisting of versions of three tracks from "Ghost Blonde" and another entitled "He Cried". The band are currently on tour with Vivian Girls (I have a recording of one of their shows as well) and if they come anywhere near you then you must pay homage.  

Ghost Blonde
You Girls Smoke Cigarettes
Maggie Says
He Cried

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  1. 'He Cried' is a Shangri-Las cover. There are 3 live No Joy sets on my blog, 2 from just recently and one from January. We dig them out west.