Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspiral Carpets - Birmingham 1989

Keep the circle around - The Inspiral Carpets Webshrine

This is great. A good recording of The Carpets at the peak of their powers. I only ever got to see them once, somewhere in Leeds. I think it was probably at the university in 1990 and they were tremendous that night. This is a slightly earlier recording and demonstrates perfectly why they were on the cusp of a deal with Mute Records and a place on the cover of all the music papers worth reading. Most of the tracks on this recording appeared the following year on their debut album "Life" which marked the end of the bands early period and included the brilliant "Sun Don't Shine" which is sadly missing from this set. If you want to hear more early Carpets their 1987 demo tape is still active HERE. I have a feeling Mr Vincent will enjoy this set.

1. Intro
2. Directing Traffic 
3. Real Thing
4. So Far
5. Find Out Why
6. This Is How It Feels
7. Besides Me
8. Butterfly
9. Move
10. Joe
11. Song For A Family
12. Many Happy Returns
13. Out Of Time
14. Sackville
15. Commercial Rain

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